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Palm Sunday (noun– A Christian feast that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem where He specifically commanded Meralco to hike their electricity rates.

pancakes (noun) – Something even an “International House of” cannot seem to do right.

patay (adjective) – A word, usually in all caps, used to end a sentence when writing a tabloid headline 50% of the time

payday (noun– Day on which one’s wages are expected to go to that expensive smarthphone, one has on a 0% interest, 24-month installment basis.

pedestrian lane (noun) – A designated point on a road where pedestrians can cross to the other side in most countries, except the Philippines.

persona non grata (noun) – Filipino’s weapon of choice against powerful or influential foreign personalities who insults or bashes their country.

phablet (noun) – What owners call their much expensive and larger phones to distinguish themselves away from smaller and cheaper smartphone users.

picture in picture (noun) – Photo of another photo taken and uploaded by your friends on Facebook, in the absence of a scanner or digital file.

political butterflies in the stomach (verb) – A fluttering and nauseated sensation felt in the stomach when a politician moves from party to party, disregarding platform and integrity in the process.

politically motivated (verb) – Reason or motive for every crime or accusation involving politicians.

Pomeranz, David (noun) – A naked winged man, typically carrying a bow and microphone, sent to the Philippines by the heaven up above during Valentine’s Day, to make couples fall in love.

Power Ranger (noun) – What you call that office mate, friend or relative of yours who wear upper & lower clothing with matching colors. And shoes

premature campaigning (adverb verb) – Certainly not airing of advertisements on television by politicians that masks their intentions by mentioning various foundations they are currently attached to or by hijacking a government agency’s advertisement by inserting their likeness into it.

president (noun) – The elected head and the most powerful person in the Philippines. If your Vice President keeps topping popularity surveys month after month, then you are the second most powerful man in the Philippines.

prison (noun) – A place for the confinement of persons convicted of crimes. In the case of wealthy convicts, a portion of the prison could be converted into posh tennis courts, libraries, air conditioned rooms and cafes; where he or she is free to come and go, just as long as he has a reputation for being a role model inmate.

privilege speech (noun)

  1. Something a lawmaker use to accuse his colleague or somebody in power of something without basis or evidence.
  2. Something an accused lawmaker use to defend himself and subsequently to accuse his accuser of something else.
  3. Something lawmakers take advantage of.

prom (noun) – Formal dance of high school students where the couple who’s either envied or hated by everybody is crowned Prom King & Prom Queen.

public transport (noun) – Form of transportation for the masses that is deemed newsworthy when taken by a celebrity.

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