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mall (mol) noun – A large commercial building found all throughout the country, owned and operated by families that can be counted in one hand, where thieves and robbers feel safe and secure doing their “shopping”.

manhunt (verb) – An organized search for a fugitive who may end up either evading arrest, caught, surrendering, or run for public office. Or dead.

Manila Day (noun) – Commemorates the day in the year 1571 when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi was splashed with urine on his way to founding of the city.

Mavericks (noun) – One of six National Basketball Association (NBA) teams Filipinos are only familiar with. (see CelticsHeatLakersSpurs & Thunder)

men’s magazine (mens ma-ga-zin) noun – A type of monthly publication in the Philippines where a female celebrity is featured in various provocative poses, so as to promote an upcoming project, a rebirth of her career, or to just flaunt her body to make other female celebrities which are not as well-endowed, jealous.

Mercury Drug (noun– Sister company of CD-R King with similar slow and crappy customer service to serve Filipino’s health and technology needs.

mermaid swimming (verb) – A non-fictional activity of a fictional creature offered as a non-fictional lesson for a non-fictional amount of money.

monopod (noun) – Device invented by a person who always wanted to be in the photo but ended up holding the camera instead.

mooncake (noun) – Pastry invented, produced and sold by Chinese to be given as a gift during the made-up Chinese event, that is the Mid Autumn Festival

motorcycle (noun) – A four to five-seater vehicle for the whole family that is gaining popularity in the Philippines due to non-functioning brakes present in all models that gives the rider the  ability to weave in and out of traffic effortlessly.

multi-level marketing (noun) – The business of selling ‘weight loss programs’ to people who don’t want to lose weight.

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One thought on “M

  1. Mature Role – an excuse of a “young” actress that used to play “pa-tweetums” role so that she can pose on a men’s magazine or do bed scenes in a movie.

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