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jack en poy (noun) – A practice our ancestors used in determining important life-changing decisions. It has since been replaced with a coin flip due to the probability of a tie wasting our ancestor’s time when both of them produced rock three times in a row.

Janine Tugononed (verb) – The process of getting dumped by your girlfriend for a much hotter man on national TV.

jeepney (noun

  1. Popular means of transportation in the Philippines not for its law-abiding drivers, safety and certainly not for its environmental contributions.
  2. Form of mass transportation for the ordinary Filipino, that becomes newsworthy when taken by a celebrity.
    (see also, MRT, LRT)

Jollibee (noun) – Third word a baby learns to say right after “mama” and “papa”  and usually pronounced as “jabee”.

journalist (noun– Someone who is insensitive enough to ask grieving parents how they feel about the death of their loved one(s).

Juan Dela Cruz (noun) – Literal translation of America’s ‘John Doe’ in Filipino.

justice (noun) – Something that an aggrieved party cries for and is eventually awarded, albeit oftentimes delayed and might as well have been denied if the famous legal maxim is to be followed.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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