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ICC sticker (noun) – Magic artifact engraved in various devices that provides invulnerability and divine protection to the device and its user. (submitted by Don Ronald Giron)

in aid of legislation (adverb) – Commonly used reason by politicians in our country to be able to get ample air time in news channels especially when election is fast approaching. Guests of such proceeding oftentimes gets sick and unable to attend three consecutive sessions due to the nature of intense questioning that are lawmakers are known for.

Independence Day (noun) – National holiday when Filipinos show their patriotism by buying replicas of the Philippine flag off the streets.

Informal Settlers (noun) – Sugar-coated term the government use to call squatters, so as not to hurt their self-entitled-law-breaking-disregard-for-others feelings.

Instagram (noun) – Social media photo sharing service where friends can freely abuse the character ” # ” in describing their pictures.

intensive care unit or ICU (noun) – Hospital unit where everything is much more expensive as compared to regular wards or rooms in a hospital. Nurses and doctors are on a much higher state of alert with the welfare of patients as compared to less-paying or charity-relying patients.

in the world (adverb) – A kind of list that may or may not make Filipinos proud. Lists that have made Filipinos proud includes “Best Tourist Destination in the World” and “Most Emotional Country in the World”. Conversely, “Most Corrupt Government in the World” and Dirtiest Airports in the World” elicited negative responses.

investigation (noun– Pretending to investigate something or someone and dragging it out for the longest time until the public loses interest.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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