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Facebook (noun) – Social networking service where users click the “Like” or “Share” buttons to pray for someone in need, instead of, I don’t know, actually praying for them.

fair (adjective) – Term used in whitening product advertisements to describe what it can do to your skin; and to avoid being accused of racism or avoid insulting the sentiments of a certain demographic.

fansign (noun) – A picture of a celebrity with a blank piece of paper that fans are free to edit or insert their names into, to boost their self esteem.

father (noun)

  1.  Head of the family. Commonly responsible for impregnating wife 3 to 4 times in a span of 4 years. 
  2. What an altar boy usually says when undressing. Usually followed by “please, don’t” or “wag po“.

faulty electrical wiring (noun) – one of two causes of fire that the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) seems  to only know. (see lit candle)

February (noun) – Second month of the year where men express their love to their partner by buying overpriced flowers bought from vendors. Vendors who are sure that these men will still buy their flowers no matter how absurd their asking price is.

feng shui (noun) – A Chinese geomantic practice famous in the Philippines during Chinese New Year, that tells you to buy these, that, those and this, for your luck to improve in the coming year.

fire prevention month (noun) – Event held for the entire month of March, where firefighters compete for the fastest response time to burning homes that Filipinos deliberately set on fire, one after the other.

fish ball (noun) – Staple Filipino street food that is impervious to inflation ever since it was discovered by our ancestors in the year 1852.

Flashback Friday (noun– Last chance of the week for people who forgot to upload their old photos the day before, when it was Throwback Thursday. (see Throwback Thursday)

flying cockroach (noun) – definitive litmus test to separate the men from the boys.

football (noun) – A sport that is gaining popularity in the Philippines due to the increasing number of hunky half-Filipino players being recruited into the national pool.

footbridge (noun) – A structure erected by the local government for its thrill-seeking citizens to evade or ignore.

fruit cake (noun) – Moon cake of Filipinos that is oftentimes given as gifts, passed-on to others, thrown away or sometimes actually being eaten.

fruit juice (noun) – Liquid obtained from mixing water and a powder said to be extracted from real fruits and contains real fruit flavor.

fun run (noun) – A heavily sponsored fund raising athletic event where participants pay to enter in order to show off their various running attires, gears and accessories. Running is surprisingly optional.

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3 thoughts on “F

  1. faulty electrical wiring (noun) – one of two causes of fire that the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) seems to only know. (see lit candle)

    — nowadays, it’s more of gas explosion (LPG) i think they got tired of the electrical wiring routine.

  2. Forgery (noun)….the most convenient and smartest response when public officials are caught ‘ red-handed’ stealing people’s money!…..also in flagrante delicto!……..(synonymous with, “Huli ka!…..”Palusot ka pa!”…..”Tangna ka nasa kaldero na kamay mo!….).

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