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Earth Hour (noun) – Annual event where one can feel good about doing something for the environment, even for just an hour. After that, who cares?!

e-cigarette (noun)

  • Type of cigarette invented in order to continue to annoy the crap out of the general public as well as to get even with traditional smokers by exhaling flavored secondhand smoke into their faces.
  • What traditional cigarette smokers switch to, to increase their chances of getting cancer.

election (noun) – An event that showcase democracy and freedom of expression. Candidates are free to express lies, empty promises and do whatever they have to do to win the votes of the Filipinos.

electricity (noun) – Used in households for lighting and powering appliances, and something that is monopolized in Metro Manila.

elevator (noun) – An electrical platform housed in a shaft for raising and lowering lazy people to and from the second floor.

endangered species (noun)– Any species the Chinese has hunted to the brink of extinction for purportedly to be of having medicinal purposes.

engagement ring (noun– Jewelry given by a man, usually on bended knee, to a woman when asking her if she wants a much expensive wedding ring.

expiry date (noun) – date on which one should reluctantly try & taste food or drink for sour or bitter taste and check for any visible molds.

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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