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baby leash (noun) – A strap or cord a mommy dog attaches to her baby dog when they go for a walk in the park or the mall to make them look more human.

ballot secrecy folder (noun – Just your ordinary legal sized folder but probably much more expensive due to the presence of a logo at the front.

ballpen (noun) – An instrument used for writing that your classmate or office mate fails to return after borrowing it. Always.

Bb. Pilipinas (noun– Pageant wherein the winner will be signed to host a TV network’s Sunday variety show after losing in the international level.

bicycle (noun) – Two-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedals that is really good for the environment but probably not so much for your lungs.

blogger (noun) – Foremost authority when it comes to everyday tasks such as putting clothes on, eating, travelling, putting on makeup and hoarding freebies.

blood money (noun) – huge sum of money paid in order to bring back to the country a convicted killer or drug smuggler.

bomb joke (noun– A thing that someone, probably a jackass, still says inside an airplane, thinking that it’s funny and amusing in this day & age.

bomb threat (noun– A prank call to force everyone out of a building that does not necessarily involve any kind of bomb or explosive. 

boxer (noun) – What Filipino children answers when asked what they aspire to be when they grow up. Gone are the days when kids wanted to be a singer, an actor, a politician or spread the word of the Lord; because apparently they can be all that with just being a boxer.

bribery (noun) – punishable crime of offering a paltry sum of money to persuade or influence a person’s view or conduct that would otherwise be not punishable if a huge denomination was offered in the first place.

burping (verb) – Act of noisily releasing air from the stomach through the mouth that is not considered rude or offensive when done in public, just as long as you say ‘excuse me’ afterwards.

business process outsourcing (BPO) industry (noun) – Dream industry to work in for Filipino students who are having a hard time training to become a boxer. (see boxer)

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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