Andanar: SONA 2017 to Feature Creative Close Captioning

MANILA, Philippines — Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) secretary Martin Andanar announced today that this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) will feature the country’s first ever “creative close captioning” for those who find it hard to follow President Rodrigo Duterte’s jokes and high level of sarcasm.

“Our office is proud to announce this much sought after feature and we think this is the best time to launch it,” Andanar said during a brief press conference at Malacañang. “There is now no reason for the President’s statement to be taken out of context.”

The creative close caption will be available to everyone watching this year’s SONA and if proven to be successful, will be a mainstay feature of every Duterte speeches moving forward.

“Now, everyone will know when Tatay Digong is showcasing the immense depth of his sarcasm when telling rapist to perform a heinous crime on beauty pageant contestants,” he added.

Aside from the close captions, a creative interpreter will also be visible for hearing-impaired viewers who are not accustomed to Duterte’s Cebuano subculture.

“These features will act as a conduit for those people who goes up in arms every time the President curses somebody or says something controversial,” Andanar said. “Come on! Nobody takes the president’s remarks seriously as gospel and act on it, do they?”

If unsuccessful, PCOO Asec. Margaux Uson is toying with the idea of of a live interpretive dance feature for next year’s SONA.


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