Rodrigo Duterte’s Puppies Win Big at Westminster Dog Show

“Bebot”, a Chihuahua, shows off his winning form.

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alongside his puppy, “Bebot” recently won the top prize at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Westminster is the most prestigious of dog shows that draws the cream of the crop from each of more than 200 breeds of Tuta (puppies). Dogs can only compete at Westminster if they’ve already been recorded publicly sucking up to their masters.

Bebot, a chihuahua, was up against 250 competitors around the country. The Best Puppy in Show award is given based on the canine’s performance and how it shows loyalty and obedience to its handler, the local club said.

“It’s been very surreal,” Bebot said via a dog whisperer. “I always knew that we will be generously rewarded for all our efforts, but a Best Puppy in Show award is definitely off the charts.”

“I was just ecstatic to make the finals, let alone win,” he added. “All those times sucking up to my master finally paid off. Woof!”

Other puppies who didn’t win the coveted award had to settle for minor prizes.

Quietano, a Labrador Retriever, took home an award for Best Senate Puppy — not an easy task in a pool of 15 puppies from among 24 different breeds. Koko, one of Quietano’s littermates, competed and didn’t receive an award. Both are Duterte’s puppies from a 2015 litter, and two dogs from Duterte’s 2017 litter were also at Westminster. Bigote, a Shih Tzu, did not receive an award, but Pacman, a Mastiff took Best in Trying award after tumbling around and embarrassing himself during the competition.

“Most of the time, we’re happy for the winner,” Koko said. “But of course, we want to win.”

But perhaps the best surprise of the competition came when Bebot’s master, Rodrigo Duterte, was given a special award for 中国最好的小狗 (Best Chinese Puppy). The special award was presented and sponsored by China Road and Bridge Corp. (CRBC).


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