Miss Universe PH’s Blood-Soaked Gown in Top 5 of National Costume Competition

maxine_fiMANILA, Philippines — Maxine Medina, the Philippines’ representative to the 65th Annual Miss Universe pageant is among the favorites to win the Best National Costume award after showcasing her crimson red blood-soaked costume during the National Costume revelation show yesterday.

Medina, 26, along with 85 other contestants unveiled their majestic national costumes with Medina’s ensemble shocking the audience.

Miss Philippines’ costume, titled “My Gahd” was inspired by President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs, a national epidemic and concern. Her costume was among the top five, along with those from Kazakhstan,  Dominican Republic, Denmark and Sweden.

The costume, which was said to contain almost 3,000 liters of blood, was created by eight renowned Filipino designers, including Renato Khang, Tina Lee, Ynah M. Bush, Vina Real, Fino Gutan, Saul Vage, Dina Lumaban and Josefina Tai.

“We wanted to show the whole world how proud we are as a nation of our President’s achievements in his war against drugs,” said famed designer Vina Real. “What better way than to splash the blood of those drug addicts front and center for the whole world to see.”

Medina, who didn’t smile one bit while parading her costume explained that the war on drugs was no smiling matter.

Hindi po talaga ako ngumiti para po malaman ng buong mundo kung gaano ka lubha ang problema ng ating bansa (I intentionally didn’t smile so that the whole world will know how grave our country’s problems are),” Medina said, adding that the insane amount of blood used made the costume very heavy and hard to walk gracefully.

She added, “Napakabigat po ng pakiramdam habang suot yung damit (It felt really, really heavy), literally and figuratively.

“On one hand, talagang mabigat sya, biruin mo 3,000 litrong dugo ang nilagay nila (it was really heavy, imagine they used 3,000 liters of blood),” explained Medina. “On the other, parang biglang may malaki at mabigat na burden na pinatong sa akin na hindi ko sure kung nararamdaman ba ng ating mahal na Pangulo (I immediately felt like a heavy burden was given to me emotionally, that I can’t help but wonder if our President feels the same).

Judges were left in awe as blood coming from Medina’s gown dripped non-stop on stage as she tried her best to gracefully showcase her national costume. At one point during the show, Medina accidentally splashed a bit of blood at one of the judges after she made her final turn a little bit too swiftly.

Medina was quick to apologize to the judge who shrugged off the incident, saying that getting blood on one’s face pales in comparison to the blood on the President’s hand while the death toll of the war on drugs continued to soar.

The winner for the Best National Costume award will be announced during the grand coronation night at the SM MOA Arena on January 30, 2017.


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