Duterte Adds ‘Miss Sexy Knees’ Special Award to Miss Universe 2017

miss-u-logoMANILA, Philippines — The Department of Tourism (DOT) has formally announced the addition of a special award personally requested by President Rodrigo Duterte for the Miss Universe pageant on January 30, 2017.

“We are proud to announce the addition of a special award suggested by none other than the President himself,” DOT Undersecretary Kat De Castro said during a pres conference. “His excellency himself will award one lucky contestant the ‘Miss Sexy Knees’ special award during the coronation night.”

The Miss Sexy Knees award is the latest among other Miss Universe special awards including Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic and Miss National Costume.

“As one of the judges, Mr. Duterte will have front row seats to ogle at the legs and knees of our beautiful contestants as he decides who among them has the most sexiest knees.” said Teo, adding that Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez also expressed interest in judging the special award as they are both avid ‘patella connoisseurs‘.

She added, “Our president wanted to be more active with his involvement in this pageant, so aside from the courtesy call we scheduled with him, he suggested the addition of the said award.”

The Miss Universe pageant will have a welcome party attended by at least 10 candidates this Saturday, December 10.




4 thoughts on “Duterte Adds ‘Miss Sexy Knees’ Special Award to Miss Universe 2017

  1. How can the Department ofTourism go sooooooooooo LOW !! This additional category is just a form of DISRESPECT and KABASTUSAN to the max. Gusto lang maka boso. Noon arawlaro ito o KAPILYUHAN ng mga batang estudiyante. Pero,HINDI ko akalain daladala pa nila ngayon 70 PLUS YEARSOLD !! na sila.  Kat de Castro… babae ka rin WHY do you have to give into your boss WHIM ? Into your own decent mind TAMA BA ITO?How will the judging be? What”s the mechanics of the contest?PLEASE EXPLAIN……

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