‘Draaahgs’ Named Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries

duterte_angryMANILA, Philippines — Oxford Dictionaries has declared ‘draaahgs’ as its 2016 international word of the year, citing Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs campaign as the driving factor for doing so.

It is defined as a substance taken for its narcotic or stimulant effects, often illegally. 

Oxford Dictionaries’s word of the year is intended to “reflect the passing year in language”, with ‘draaahgs’ being the only thing that the Philippine president is capable of thinking and saying, as well as the sixteen (16) million Filipinos that elected him into office.

The increase in usage of ‘draaahgs’ saw the term eventually emerge ahead of the pack. “We first saw the frequency really spike this year in July after Duterte’s inauguration. Given that usage of the term hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs becomes one of the defining words of our time,” predicted Oxford Dictionaries president Casper Grathwohl.

Contenders for the title had included the adjective “biased”, often spelled incorrectly as “bias” and defined as “unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something”. Other words in the running were presstitute, yellowtard, ka-DDS, Yolanda and Leila De Lima.

“I’ve never seen a country so obsessed with the usage of such words in their regular conversations,” added Grathwohl. “Even a conversation about controversial gifts received by a police general could be rebutted with the word “Yolanda”.

But according to Grathwohl, both Yolanda and Leila De Lima, although popular words, could not be included in the selection process as proper nouns are strictly forbidden.

He added, “We could’ve been happier if it was ‘Marcos Not A Hero’ or ‘Never Again‘ be in the running, but misinformed people would rather spurt nonsense words such as bayaran,  obosendisente, nanlaban or the Filipino word for the color yellow.”

‘Draaahgs’ has now been included in OxfordDictionaries.com, and editors will monitor its future usage to see if it will be included in future editions of the Oxford English Dictionary.

“But not to the extent that they will concoct ridiculous stories or scenarios to justify the killings behind the usage of such,” clarified Grathwohl.


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