Pilot: It Was Me Who Talked to Duterte

MANILA, Philippines — The pilot of the Tokyo-Manila flight that President Duterte and his entourage took revealed today that it was him all along who spoke to the president concerning his colorful vocabulary.

“Yes, it was me,” Pilot-In Command Capt. Jean-Luc Piccard said. “I thought that it was a long shot and I never imagined it to work.”

“Everybody was asleep and snoring when I decided to try something drastic,” narrated the pilot. “I started talking on the microphone and told him that he needs to stop.”

According to Capt. Piccard, he forgot to properly introduced himself with a “this is your captain speaking” spiel before addressing the president but he never intended to impersonate the almighty God. “It was only the president who assumed that he was talking to God.”

Capt. Piccard also pointed out that any sane person would assume that it was the pilot speaking inside an airplane full of sleeping passengers instead of a higher being.

“I mean, who in their right mind would also believe that God would really be so insensitive and bring the whole plane down, risking the lives of other innocent people on-board?!?!” Capt. Piccard hysterically asked. “Shouldn’t he rerevalidate his hunch with his cabinet first  before believing it and promising never to cuss again?”

“I mean, how hard was it to wake Andanar up and asked him whether or not he heard my voice too?” he said, adding that if only he knew that Duterte would take it at face value, he would’ve been more specific in telling him that it was the extra judicial killings that must stop.

Capt. Piccard also believes that it would only be a matter of time before President Duterte would go back to his cursing ways now that he has come clean.

“I mean, even without my revelation today, you don’t actually think he’d stick to his promise right?” he added. “Well, at least he didn’t curse when he got back from Japan.”


101 thoughts on “Pilot: It Was Me Who Talked to Duterte

  1. All the while it was a joke on the pilot since he never thought that GOD would use him for His purpose. Wouldn’t he have thought it too that what he really wanted was the EJK to stop but it was not actually the fault of the gov’t nor the police bcoz it was just an exacted retaliation and defence on their part! But what should be stop is Duterte’s cursing! As for us christians who still are supporting him, it does not go well on our belief and obedience to God.

      • Funny thing is that I did hear the Capt. speak to PDDR but I was at home in the bedroom on my bed. The is Capt. Piccard on the USS ENTERPRISE then I realized StarTrek Movie was on my TV!

      • What has transpired between and among men were infusion from the unseen which was intended for a good purpose. Believe it or not – mystery abounds among ourselves and haunts us. Believe in yourself and follow the GOLDEN RULE. Thank you.

    • Pilot in command Capt. Jean-Luc Piccard? Jean-Luc Picard is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. Same name? Legit story?

    • Funny thing is that I did hear the Capt. speak to PDDR but I was at home in the bedroom on my bed. The is Capt. Piccard on the USS ENTERPRISE then I realized StarTrek Movie was on my TV!

    • To all who will this article, be reminded that this is a satire or fictional news. At least check the About page of this website.

      • Too late. The pompous ‘tards have all pontificated in social media about the conversation between the 2 gods as if it were dogma and even quoted verses from the Good Book. “I told you, god chose for us this fucking president. Now god told him to zip his filthy mouth. ”

        Alleluia. The fool suddenly is a changed man. No more cursing. Yet will still kill 40,000 more. Fuck him.
        Fuck god. too.

    • I do think this is again a fake invention of the unidentified author designed to discredit our good President. The author even identified himself as the Star Trek Pilot character, Capt. Jean Luc Piccard to give this crazy blog a sense of being original and truth. I hope people will stop discrediting our good President by doing this shenanigans. I do hope to, whoever is doing this, May God, the real God punish you for your evil doings. SHAME ON YOU. YOU SURELY WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

    • Well, it is done, and our president believe in His heart that the one he heard is from.God. actually maybe it is who God touch the heart of the pilot to say something about cursing. We know that God God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He can do whatever He wants to say to.us. He is God. Maybe it meant to be said, and oir beloved president believe of what he heard. Truly God put him in a position to be a leader of our country. And God doesnt want him to curse all the time. I lnoe its not.good to.joke but sometimes we cannot.control our mind and our mouth to say something. Not unless we really think before.we.say something that might hurt someone. Thats why it is better to.have a self control of our rage.only, only God can.control all.of us. In my opinion I am happy of.what the pilot says and I am.not favor also to make a job especially our president believes that comes from God. Maybe it will happen for a purpose , imagine our president believe in his heart that God is the one who talk to him. He didnt curse since he come back.from.japan.
      Only our president can tell something whether he will accept it by heart or he will.get mad. Lets just pray for our president s protectuon and let God control to his mouth, we have to continue to pray for.him, its not easy in his part as well.to.run a country that is too stressful. I cannot blame our president to curse because of his rage to all bad guys, he is just only human that loves so.much to.our fellow filipino. We are lucky to have a president like him willing to sacrifice his.life for.the of our future. Lets pray for him thay God will control and touch his life. We love you mr. President dont worry God is always with you. Maybe God use the pilot to say something, maybe it is intended to be heard. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT HIS FAMILY AND ALL. WHO SUPPORT HIM AND GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES.

      • For some it’s satirical article, but for me God talk to presduterte to calm down always in his speech, but God uses this pilot to communicate to him, coz it touches his heart. Hopefully he will remain faithful to his promise.

      • It must be the food Duterte had eaten in Japan! One can hallucinate especially if the delicacy “pogo” fish was prepared to make his mouth numb so that he cannot blurt out curses! Or he did not eat any dish of that sort but just the natural functioning of his brain that manifest a short circuit!

    • he was just bothered by his own conscience….because wether you believe it or not…killing is a sin..with thousands of lives being murdered due to war against drugs…hindi na kakayanin yan ng Diyos…may consequence na yan na napakabigat..hindi lahat ng pinatay ay tunay na adik o pusher…kaya yon, nakarma…utak ay nalilito na..

      • genesis 6:7:11 the lord said ” i will wipe mankind, whom i have created, from the face of the earth men and animals and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air for i am grieved that i have made them” now the arth was corrupt in god’s sight and was full of violence.

      • It is a satire indeed and an obvious propaganda to make the president think that his War on Drugs is wrong ! Hindi karma yan katulad ng sinasabi nitong si Ley ! Eh mas dapat maunang nakarma ang administrasyong Aquino sa dami ng namamatay na magsasaka at mga katutubo , mga inosenteng tao na pinapatay ng riding in tandems . Karapatan ng tao ang magkaroon ng ligtas na kapaligiran at pamayanan. Yan ang tungkulin ng estado to protect the citizen , to make the Armed Forces the protector of the people. By violating the law , engaging in drug trade , the people who violated the laws of the land become the enemy of the state. Anong isinisigaw nyong karapatan ng mga kriminal na sumisira ng kinabukasan ng mga kabataan? Pangangalagaan ang mga addicts , pushers , drug lords and drug protectors? Hindi naman sila ang tinutukoy ng saligang batas na dapat bigyan ng protection ng estado. The welfare of the people is the supreme law. It is for the welfare of the law abiding citizens , the productive , the assets of the country to be protected. Hindi dapat pangalagaan ang mga krimininal. Dapat talga silang lipulin !

    • Jonathan… Im also a Christian.. but I am against EJK, I believe those who are killed by this duterte administration should have given a chance to change… that’s the purpose why Jesus Christ came to this world to save the lost.. to give chance those who have sinned.. they should not be killed… nobody can take away our lives only Him and not this barbaric Durterte. I believe everybody has the rights to defend themselves. The problem with this war on drugs is those cops have given the power to kill even inocent people were victims. These problems on drugs can be resolved with more humane way. Killing them would never ever be the right solution of stopping drugs in the Philippines. If he is really serious about it, those suppliers or druglords of these illegal drugs should be chased.. have you noticed majority of those who were killed are living in slam area? Have you heard a drug lord living in that kind of place? They are already rich people and living in extravagance mansion.. where are they now? Have you heard even a single druglord has been killed? Think about it…. Im too sad for those Christians who are supporting these evil killings in the Philippines.

      • Kindly understand the marching orders of the president to the police, in this context we will be able to fully realize the misunderstanding about EJK which critics of Duterte want to use to accomplish their purpose , that is, to discredit him as president. The president did not order the police just to kill pushers, he said, ” if they are armed, if they resist or offer violent reactions and your (police) lives are in danger, shoot them.” Why? Because the president prefers to see the criminals on the ground rather than the policemen. These criminals die because they fight, were not some of our policemen died in the operation? Many of these killed were in ;the slum areas because many of them live there. The poor are most susceptible to become victims or addicts because they will do anything to sustain their addiction.

    • I do not believe this article. And Pres. Duterte said inaudible meaning God spoke to him inner not everyone to hear. I believe it was the Holy Spirit that spoke to him. And it is not in the culture of a Japanese to do that… and a Pilot pa. The person who made this story up is making our president out to be insane.. and this is another propaganda to destroy our president.. hay mga walang magawa.

      • That’s exactly what may be happening in the brain of Duterte! His personality assessment published by a certain Dayan, enumerated all the characteristics of Duterte and was presented in a court of law during the divorce proceeding with his ex-wife! Duterte has a dangerous and unstable mind that can destroy this country and its people!

      • Kaya kayo madaling mauto ni digong dahil mga satirical article pinapatulan nyo pa. Mag isip isip naman kayo paminsan minsan please lang. sayang yung utak eh…

    • A true God fearing person and follower of christ teachings doesnt support a killer as well as EJK. Cussing is not a good word but it can never kill a person.

  2. This story is written by someone with ulterior motive simply aimed to malign our beloved President Digong whose love of our country transcends any imaginable scenario except that he is fiercely determined to give clean government to his people free from the illegal drug menace which characterized the kind of administration of BS Aquino where everything was taken for granted as long as his greed of power to rule the country under his thumb will come in to play for the rest of his life. The fictional story about the pilot whose name is found to be a character in Star Trek is full of disrespect to a head of state and who does he think he is to say something as if he is so powerful to have done it literally to our President Digong. And he said he was doing it without even introducing himself over the microphone that he was the “pilot in command” and all he did was bullshit because it was none of his business to say something to dictate and interfere with what our President is doing because he really does not know what is in the mind of our President and for him to think that he knows better that Pres. Digong is very insulting for him to do because that is beyond his duty and obligation as a “command pilot” of the trip. That pilot should be ashamed of himself of what he did if what is said in the story is true.

    • D_BystandeR, your beloved president is doing all his best to destroy himself and the whole country as well. C’mon, don’t play dumb. That’s no longer funny at all, especially after all the shaming he had been doing for this country. Wake up before it too, too late!

    • On the contrary if the satire story is all about praising the President, his followers don’t complain about it and even share it. Well…

    • he has to clean himself first..hindi sya anak ng Diyos na ipinadala sa sanlibutan para tubusin tayo from drugs…universal problem yan dapat makipagalyansa sya sa lahat ng mga leaders sa mundo para sugpuin ang drugs hindi yong papatay na lang ng kahit sino basta may nagreport na tulak yan, tulak yon na walang pagtatanong kung totoo ba o hindi…kaya nagkapalpak sya sa kanyang 3-6 months na time frame.

  3. Funny thing is that I did hear the Capt. speak to PDDR but I was at home in the bedroom on my bed. The is Capt. Piccard on the USS ENTERPRISE then I realized StarTrek Movie was on my TV!

  4. I don’t think that President Duterte believed that it was God talking to him then. I think it was more like, “Yeah, right. Maybe I should really limit my cursing.” He was in a good mood after his successful trip so I guess he must have thought about it that way. I bet he was humoring everyone with a straight face by saying that. (I guess the pilot wants to be in the news, too.)

    • ang issue na yan ay galing mismo kay duterte..he is the one using God..the truth is nakonsensya na sya…kasi nagmamalinis sya ..ang Diyos nagsalita sa kanya ng dahil lang sa pagmumura? what about the killings? mas malaking kasalanan pala ang pagmumura kaysa pagpatay? kaya sya kinausap ng Diyos? weeeee….

      • mura pud kag kinsay limpyuha noh, hilum uy kung makaestorya ka wagas ahh,,unsa wala pud kay sala? maka sasa pud ka dohh, tan awa sa na inyong kaugalingon ug inyong palibot kung wa bay langaw ky sure na na na limpyu jud ka

  5. This indeed is a revelation !, Who among the world Leaders after receiving message from the Almighty that said he will no longer become foulmouthed and yet continue to say after awhile that still 20,000 to 30,000 more will die IF WHAT HE WANTS WILL NOT BE MET ? This is horrifying ! Such revelation or deception is not from God but from devil !

  6. Ididn’t know that Starship Enterprise landed in Manila!
    Maybe Scottie beamed the President down to prevent sensationalism 😂😊😂

  7. Capt Jean Luc Piccard… aba eh putng ina… idol pa naman kita sa Star Trek Next Generation, huwag mong panindigan na isa kang mamang kalbo na mahilig magpatawa. Meron perya para duon mo gawin yan. Mag maneho ka na lang eroplano. Dyan ka magaling. Man up. Sinung inutil ang manglo-long shot kay Tatay Digong habang tulog? Istorbo ka. Nagpapahinga yung tao eh… wag kang manhid. That is the man’s character… no amount of creepy tactics will change him. Mabuhay ka Tatay Digong. Ikaw ang bayani para sa akin!

  8. to those who don’t know him enough as leader, Duterte has a way of making fools of his detractors.

    Of course it is God who wants to make him a better person for his people, those that belong to the devil wanted him otherwise.

  9. Kulang talaga din tong karamihan sa pinoy eh. Satirical nga eh. Pauso! Kayo nmn react ng react; pinagtawanan lng kau ng writer.

  10. Seriously people??? You believe this news? Hanggang ngayon ba hindi nyo alam ang salita SATIRICAL???? this website is a satirical website publishing satirical news. For fin only. Not true stories. Fake. Abay nako!

  11. Ang bobo nung mga relidiots at dutertards na naniniwala talaga sa article na to. Buset! ang tatanga nyo!! taas kamay talaga kami sa katangahan nyo.

  12. Apparently, it takes quite a learning curve for some to understand that this is a for-fun-only satirical page… Read the self-identification statement of the website on the right side, people. LOL

  13. The latest regarding this issue, according to Duterte, “I was just joking.” Duterte is again mocking God and Christians.

    Duterte made the remark in a speech before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines of Greater Manila.
    “Hindi naman ako bar topnotcher pero hindi naman ako ganun ka g***. Anak ng,” Duterte said.
    “Kasi sabi ko nga, ang paborito ko sa Davao, magbiro ng kung anu-ano, tapos sabihin, ha?Ganun-ganun, tapos bawiin ko, eh maniwala ka pala. Ka ugok mo eh,” he added.
    – See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/587584/news/nation/duterte-on-god-telling-him-not-to-curse-i-was-only-joking#sthash.sULPTSxu.dpuf

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