GSIS Building Chosen as Venue for Pacquiao’s Comeback Bout

15Senate-GSISMANILA, Philippines — In order to appease critics on his apparent absenteeism, Senator Manny Pacquiao and his promoter, Bob Arum announced today that his comeback fight in November will be held where the Senate of the Philippines holds its office, the GSIS Building.

Bob Arum has talked in the past about a larger venue in order to maximize profits for a Pacquiao Comeback event and thinks that the GSIS Building in Pasay City is a great choice.

“In order for Manny to serve his constituents better and to avoid him missing any days of work when training, we have decided this place to be the best compromise,” Arum said.

A boxing ring will be constructed near the senator’s office, so that he would be forced to read and write bills in between sparring sessions. Pacquiao will also be able to deliver privilege speeches in-between rounds during his November bout.

Arum added, “I explained to Manny that the scenario is very different now that he is a senator, that he can’t just not show up for work.”

Pacquiao was hesitant at first, saying that the itch to be absent for a job you were elected to do was very high, but Arum eventually talked sense into him.

“I told him now that he’s a senator, more eyes are on him unlike when he was the representative of Saranggani,” Arum said. “He eventually sighed and agreed.

Para wala nang masabi ang mga iba dyan, napag-desisyunan na namin na dito nalang sa Senado gaganapin ang laban ko,” said an obviously irked Pacquiao. “Kaya nga magaabsent para hindi papasok sa opisina, tapos dito din pala ang bagsak ko.

He added, “Ngayong dito na gaganapin sa Senado, tiyak na magagampanan ko na ang mga tungkulin ng isang masipag na senador na binoto ng 15 million na botante.

Before ending the interview, Pacquiao half-jokingly told Arum, “Sa susunod sa Malacañang naman ha.”


8 thoughts on “GSIS Building Chosen as Venue for Pacquiao’s Comeback Bout

  1. Pacquiao even shared, “Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air” (1 Corinthians 9:26) to point out that he’s really serious about training inside the Senate. 😀

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