Roxas Overtakes Binay in Recent “Mocked Pols” Survey

mar-roxas-philstar-interviewMANILA, Philippines — Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas overtook Vice President Jejomar Binay and took the top spot in Pulse Asia’s “Mocked Pols” survey released on Tuesday.

According to the survey conducted from March 1–4, almost 72 percent of Filipinos with an internet connection and a social media account would mock Roxas whenever the former Interior and Local Government Secretary would do anything such as lifting a finger or blink an eye.

Poll respondents were asked who among the listed politicians they would ridicule or jeer whenever they were in proximity of an internet connection. They were allowed to pick one name only.

Binay came in second with 21 percent, despite being hurled various corruption allegations in recent months. Two senatorial candidates were statistically tied at third place. These were Manny Pacquiao at 2 percent and Alma Moreno at 4 percent.

Only one percent of respondents said that they would rather utilize their crappy internet connection for other purposes, such as playing Clash of Clans, engage in a lively and informative debate with other netizens, type ‘amen’ whenever they see a photo of a sick child on Facebook or upload a recent video of a counter-flowing vehicle captured using their dash cam to Top Gear; than to ridicule or poke fun at politicians.

Meanwhile, LP spokesman Rep. Garry Butierrez said the Pulse Asia survey showed that the administration bet is on the right track in the campaign.

“You know what they say about bad publicity,” Butierrez said. “It doesn’t exist!”

“We’re very confident that in the remaining three months, as long as we stick to the message, we’ll top any ‘mocked pol’ survey from here on out,” he added pertaining to the “Daang Matuwid” campaign. “It definitely echoes the voice of the people who trust and admire the current administration for doing a bang up job, and in turn expresses their sentiments via mean-spirited memes or strongly-worded Facebook rants.”


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