SWN Deathmatch: 2016 Presidential Candidates

Get to know the 2016 presidential candidates with SWN’s handy infographic.


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29 thoughts on “SWN Deathmatch: 2016 Presidential Candidates

    • I’m sorry, I can’t just ignore this. I am not a Lapid fan nor voted for him last election, but did you know that in a very short period of time, he was able to file a total of 239 measures, placing fifth among the most prolific members of the upper chamber. And with this, he earned his new name as the “Silent but deadly Senator”?

      Before you open your mouth next time, do your research first.

  1. I find it funny that you have to scream SATIRICAL at everybody commenting. But I guess it’s because it’s my first time.

  2. Reblogged this on Deuts.NET and commented:
    It’s election season once again. It’s time to check out the presidential candidates’ platforms, background, motivations, etc.

    This post may be satirical, but the infographic holds a lot of truth about the candidates.

  3. Mas accurate ‘to kung ang time machine ni Roxas ay babalik sa 2004. The year he was elected as No. 1 Senator. Mas mataas pa kay Bong Revilla na No. 2 lang nun. After 11 years, ano kayang nangyare Mar?

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  5. What the hell is this.. Came to this blog post to learn more about Philippine politics. This is literally just a table of some blogger talking shit about every single President candidate. Literally… Just talking shit.

    Are these facts even accurate? If they are, are you meaning to tell me that none of these candidates are truly fit to run Philippines as a country and actually make it a better place. Is it so much so that numerous people are treating it like a joke, laughing, and reblogging this?

    I’ve heard from some people that presidential elections in the Philippines are just popularity contests for the rich and popular.. I’ve heard from some people that there are good number of people in the Philippines who are quick to think negatively and don’t like to support other Filipinos.. I know this blog post is a joke, but alot of people support this post and agree that it’s true. Everything I’ve read in this post and in the comments completely supports everything I’ve heard.. And honestly to me, it’s just disappointing.

    I love the Philippines and am proud to be a Filipina. I don’t currently reside in the Philippines, but I love to visit and I try my best to immerse myself in my culture within my community. That’s why I genuinely want to learn more about the upcoming presidential election. I’m gonna do more research elsewhere and hope to gain some deeper insight.

    Please, no one bother commenting that “I have no sense of humor” lol I know this blog post is a joke and it’s beside the point. With utmost sincerity, I hope the majority of the Philippines don’t have the same negative perspective as this table. If anyone has anything to say, I kindly ask to please shed some light on Filipino politics. Is it as corrupt as they say and is this table the common oppinion of the people residing in Philippines?

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