New Back to the Future Movie Scheduled for 2016 , Focuses on Martial Law Years

HOLLYWOOD, California — Universal Studios announced today that the next chapter in the highly anticipated Back to the Future movie franchise will arrive in theaters on February 2016.

Director Robert Zemeckis made the official announcement on the eve of “Back to the Future Day” in front of thousands of fans.

“I am very excited to announce that Doc Brown and Marty McFly will embark on a new adventure,” said Zemeckis. “They will travel back in time to the Philippines when then President Ferdinand Marcos was in power and martial law was in effect.”

He added, “The movie will be very dark in terms of its subject matter as viewers in the Philippines tend to take a movie seriously only when there are blood and gore, actors are cursing and people dying.”

“This movie is for all those gullible Filipinos who believe everything they read on the internet.”

BACKTOTHEFUTURE4movieUniversal Studios decided to greenlit the project after seeing a bunch of revisionists online trying to erase the horrors of what really happened during those dark times the Philippines was under the rule of the ruthless dictator.

The movie will prove that all the sugar-coated facts about the Marcos regime being circulated online are false, including but not limited to “peace” and “order”, quotable quotes supposedly coming out of a dictator’s mouth, prosperity and 1:1 Peso to Dollar exchange rate.

“Youth these days would rather watch a movie than read up on books concerning the history of their country,” said Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale. “So just in time for the Philippine national elections in May, we would like to educate the voters and remind them why it will be a bad idea to vote into office another scion of the Marcos family.”

“Especially into a position where he is just an EDSA-Singko-waiting-to-happen, disqualification-of-a-president or death-due-to-stage-4-cancer away from the presidency,” he added.

Zemeckis also promises an end credit scene where he will show what presidential aspirant Miriam Defensor Santiago was doing then before and during the Martial Law years.

“Be sure to stay put well after the credits roll where we show you how some people can be hypocrites and why the Marcoses indeed owe us an apology,” he revealed.


4 thoughts on “New Back to the Future Movie Scheduled for 2016 , Focuses on Martial Law Years

  1. The line between fact and fiction is so blur in the internet it’s hard to believe which is which. Just like this article, I’m sure that some people will take this seriously despite being a satire.

    Tawanan na lang natin sila.

  2. U forgot to mention what it’s like to be killed for talking abt the marcos himself, how happy the citizens will be seeing their taxes on Imelda’s gold tissue papers to wipe her ass, the great economy where people won’t have to work as they couldn’t get a job and how its like enjoying free housing made of trees and leaves because u couldn’t afford a brick house

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