Malacañang Reminds Netizens About Tweets That May Hurt AlDub Fans’ Feelings

valteManila, Philippines — Malacañang reminded netizens today about the importance of being clear and concise when composing their tweets, so as not to confuse and possibly hurt the feelings of millions of AlDub fans.

This after a tweet about “kababawan” from actress Lea Salonga was misinterpreted as to pertaining to the successful and accidental pairing of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, commonly referred to as “AlDub”.

Salonga later clarified that her post was not aimed particularly at the couple.

“We would like to issue this reminder to everyone active on social media to exercise caution when posting anything negative on the internet,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said during a press briefing. “Kindly refrain from posting vague tweets that might be mistaken as to attacking the cultural significance of the AlDub phenomenon.”

“It is normal to rant on social media about the horrendous mass transit & metro traffic, crappy internet or unruly shoppers rushing in an elevator without waiting for others to exit first,” she added. “But please make sure to incorporate hashtags to properly put your tirade in context, so as not to confuse netizens responsible for making the 25 million tweets about AlDub trend worldwide.”

Valte said that hashtags such as #TrafficIsASignOfProgress, #PHInternet, #StopLumadKillings and #HoyAtePalabasinMoMunaAkoBakaMoIpagsiksikanAngSariliMoPapasokNgElevator were created to avoid confusion on the wild landscape of social media littered with self-righteous, know-it-all, butt-hurt netizens possessing the are-you-talking-about-me mentality.

“Before you press that tweet button saying ‘Nakakasawa na‘, remember that a simple hashtag such as #AdoboNanaman, could spell the difference between telling the world about the repetitive nature of the meals being served at your office canteen and receiving tweets from rabid AlDub fans labeling you as self-righteous or a paid biased troll.”

She added, “One minute you could be innocently eating your boring lunch, the next you could become a viral internet sensation, albeit a hated one at that.”

As for tweets that might be mistaken for Pastillas girl, the deputy presidential spokesman believes that any post that may or may not be pertaining to It’s Showtime’s answer to Maine Mendoza, will definitely help with publicity the show badly needs.


9 thoughts on “Malacañang Reminds Netizens About Tweets That May Hurt AlDub Fans’ Feelings

  1. WE are really disappointed ikaw ba naman in LIVE viewing in PUBLIC hahalikan ka ni VICE then si KARYLLE may asawa na para lang ba sa RATINGS para mapag usapan lang ang SHOWTIME… sabi nga ni VICE BAD PUBLICITY is GOOD PUBLICITY.. ngayun naghahanap pa ng MR PASTILLAS in PUBLIC VIEWING… wala natayung PAKIALAM sa BUHAY Niya.. Marami pa namang mga ONLINE KABATAAN na nanunuod sa SHOWTIME… ANUNG LESSON AT VALUES ang MATUTUNAN ng mga KABATAAN ang MAINSPIRED sila na MAG HANAP ng LALAKI… This is not GODS WILL.. VERY IMMORAL LESSONS.. and konting RESPECT naman po sa mga ONLINE Kabataan, sa Mga Magulang, Maging Gay&Lesbian Society… Hindi PO ganyan ang Kulturang PILIPINO… Lalo na MOBILE INTERNET natayo…. This is Calling the Religuous Community, Human Rights, Women Advocate and Organization … STAND OUT to this CONCERN to the benefits of All FILIPINOS.. “To God Be The Glory”

  2. Yes i agree..we really need to pray for our nation because now a days marami ng mga pangyayari na hndi kaaya ayang tignan..the days now are very evil…

  3. This is so stupid, of course the people in our government have something to say about Aldub but keep silent about issues that matter. Bravo!

  4. Next Article: “Malacañang Reminds SWN to use #Satire, #SatiricalArticle or #HoyAteHindiLahatNgNakasulatSaInternetAyTotoongBalita hashtags on Articles That May Hurt Pinoy Pride Fanatics’ Feelings”

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