Team Pacquiao Blames Netizens for Loss to Floyd Mayweather

LAS VEGAS, USA — Only hours after blaming an injured shoulder for the loss to Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao’s camp aimed their sights on social media, particularly the netizens; blaming the latter for not supporting Pacquiao enough for him to win the fight.

pacmay“As much as we would like to thank the Filipinos for tweeting their message of support for Manny, in the end, it was just not enough,” said an anonymous source inside the Pacquiao camp.

According to him, Pacquiao was very very confused before the fight as to which hashtag carried the most supporting power to motivate him throughout the match.

“I thought Manny united Filipinos, but how come they couldn’t agree on just one hashtag?” he added. “Kailangan talaga tig-isa ang bawat media organization?

Nahirapan syang subaybayan yung lampas isang dosenang hashtags na may tweet ng pagsuporta para sa kanya,” he said, adding that switching from #SugodManny to #GoMAnny and to #PusongManny made the Filipino boxing icon lose focus on the match.

Aside from being confused with hashtags, Team Pacquiao also cites the paltry sum of punches that netizens have contributed on ABS-CBN’s “Punch Ng Bayan“.

punch count

Isang Bayan for Pacman #OneForPacman

“Come on! Is that the best Filipinos can do? Only 126,852,898 friggin’ virtual punches?” he added, referring to the number of clicks on a virtual punching bag netizens were able “contribute” to show their support for Manny Pacquiao. “A couple of thousand clicks more would’ve guaranteed a victory for Manny!”

Pipindot ka nalang ng mouse, hindi mo pa todohin?” said another member of Team Pacquiao who was assigned to monitor the webpage and update the boxer for every “punch” “contributed”.

Akala yata ng mga netizens eh kalokohan lang ang pag-ambag ng suntok para kay Manny. Ayan tuloy natalo sya!

Aside from the shoulder injury and social media, Team Pacquiao also blamed pay-per-view and live streaming providers for their crappy service.

Magsisimula palang yung laban, buffering na. Tapos after 5 minutes na buffering round two na! Tapos mamaya kalagitnaan na ng round 5,” narrated another member of Team Pacquiao. “Yung iba nga totally walang signal, tapos nagimbita pa sila ng bisita para sabay-sabay silang magdadasal.”

Sa ganitong pangyayari, hindi magiging accurate ang pagdarasal ng mg fans kasi either delayed or ‘no signal’ ang napapanuod nila,” he added. “Kaya dito delayed din or hindi accurate and blessing ng panginoon at kaya natalo si Manny.

As of press time, members of Team Pacquiao are being gracious in defeat and would refrain from making further excuses until they can come up with another excuse, or two.


20 thoughts on “Team Pacquiao Blames Netizens for Loss to Floyd Mayweather

  1. Haha. Patawa ang gumawa nito. Madami dw mxado hashtag kaya nd mkapg focus c manny, d alam kung anu babasahin. Bakit nagttweet ba xa habang nagboboxing. Ang bobo lang ng article. Leche!

  2. malinaw naman na nakasulat sa right side ng page “So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website”… dami tanga dito!

  3. Hey there, good job ulet dude, bute ung tinira mo is ung paninisi ng camp ni Pakman at hindi ung “Pagtakbo” daw ni Mayweather. Tanung ko lang, how do you cope with the idiotic backlash of the illiterate readers and bypassers ng article mo? Kase medyo nakakaoffend kapag binabasa ko e pero parang kung ako ung gumawa tapos ganun comments parang nakaktawa din :3

  4. Ang bobobo naman ng mga wisemen dito na di naka gets na satire ang page at article. Maka takbo na nga lang…

  5. I don’t care if this is a satirical article you are spreading rumors. And fuck you feeling matalino na mga gago hindi lahat alam ang word na satirical so many people would believe its true! And yes and didnt know satirical until i read it from the comments and before you bash me that you’re so bobo di alam yung word na satirical, fuck you we live in the Philippines and guess what’s the national language in the Philippines? Filipino!

    • Guess what, you can read english, and I hope you can understand it too. Obviously naman napakastupid kung sisisihin ng kampo ni pakman ung social media and yet hindi ka naghinala? Next time, try to question what you read on the internet instead of believing everything they tell you, it’ll save your dignity and from shame.

  6. You should drop “satirical”, since Filipinos don’t seem to understand the concept. Just call yourself a “joke-joke lang” news outlet.

    That, or add a Bisaya laugh track to the end of every article. That seems to work.

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