Journalist Apologizes Again For Blocking Everyone’s View During ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Screening

MANILA, Philippines — Broadcast journalist Boris Bigornia issued another public apology for her unusual behavior during a recent screening of the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ movie.

Bigornia released a statement on Facebook after reports about her alleged misbehavior during the movie screening held yesterday, April 22, went viral.

avengers“Today, I am breaking my silence to air my side and to set the record straight about the complaints about my behavior while watching ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ last Wednesday,” she wrote.

“When Nick Fury came out during the movie, many among the audience gasped and applauded. But unlike them, my daughter and I rushed to the front or the mosh pit to get an up close and personal look at our favorite Marvel character, which is typical in all movie screenings that we have attended. We stayed there till the end of the movie, because we wanted to savor every moment of Samuel L Jackson’s limited screen time. We apologize to the rest of the moviegoers if our actions caused any inconvenience or upset them in any way. It was certainly not our intention to do so.”

“However, it is not true that I made harsh statements when everyone inside the theater complained that our actions were interrupting their viewing experience. Knowing the pain of a vertically challenged person being seated behind a tall person while watching a movie, I would never have uttered such an insensitive statement.

“After the movie, my children and I were happily waiting for the post-credits scene, na wala naman pala, when they all came and confronted us. When one of them said hurtful words to my children, I had to step in. My maternal instincts took over. Parang naging si Hulk ako. That argument should not have taken place.Next time, I promise to be mild-mannered, like Bruce Banner.”

Two Sides to a Story

Moviegoers who were in attendance aired their grievances on social media regarding the incident.

One said that Boris and daughter Kikki rushed forward and started waving and screaming in front of the giant screen when the character of Samuel L. Jackson first appeared.

“I paid good money to be able to get reserved seating to this movie,” said Elmer Capacio. “‘Seating’ being the operative word, since everyone was glued to their seats, except them.”

Capacio’s son, who was seated beside him was eager to join Bigornia and her daughter up front, since he was also fond of Nick Fury. But the elder Capacio reminded his son and said, “Anak, hindi porke’t ginawa ng iba, tama na ito at gagayahin mo na din.”

Ramon Ching, another moviegoer narrated that Bigornia even suggested other movies to the offended moviegoers when she said, “Next time, manuod nalang kayo ng ‘Sana Maulit Muli‘, or better yet ‘Weyt A Minit, Kapeng Mainit‘!

At kung mas concerned ka pa na makikita ng ibang tao sa Youtube ang pinag-gagagawa mo, aba’y dapat naisip mo na yun bago ka pa nagtatalon dyan sa harap ng sinehan kasama ang anak mo,” said Ching, referring to Digornia’s reaction when everyone started recording the incident on their smartphones.

Public figure ka eh, set a good example for others, lalo na ‘media’ ka pa naman,” he added. “Kung ang inosenteng pag holding hands nga lang ng dalawang nananahimik at nag-iibigang lalake sa tren nagviral, ikaw pa kayang ‘Muta ng Masa na kung umasta eh akala mo kung sino na.


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