Wives of Anti-Divorce Senators to File Annulment Case Against Their Self-Serving Husbands

Le divorceMANILA, Philippines — Saying that the reason they are in favor of legalizing divorce in the Philippines is to use it against their husbands in the first place; members of the Association of Women with Abhorrently Stupid and Self-Serving Senators as their Asawas (AWASSSSA) plan to file annulment against their lawmaker husbands for publicly opposing the divorce law.

Lettina Bopez, president of AWASSSSA and wife for Senator Perge Susmeña made the formal announcement after his husband was quoted as saying that he cannot favor a divorce law because his wife might use it against him.

Hindi ba sya nahihiya sa pinagsasabi nya?” said Bopez. “Napaka selfish naman ni Perge para isipin lang ang kapakanan nya at hindi ang higit  na nakararami,  kung saan ang buhay ay nagdurusa sa kamay ng kanilang mga asawa.” 

She added, “Dahil dito ay naisipan kong ipa-annul nalang ang kasal namin kung hindi rin lang maipapasa ang divorce law.

Other members of the group whose husbands are also not in favor of legalizing divorce, will also file annulment against their law-making significant others.

Louise Chaco Atenara, whose husband, Senator Bobong Marcus, was quoted as saying, “No. I love my wife. I do not want to divorce her,” in justifying his reason for not supporting divorce legalization, will also follow suit.

“Duh, your job as a senator is to represent your constituents and not yourself,” said Atenara. “There are men in this country who profess their love to their wife by beating them to a bloody pulp or by having an extra-marital affair!”

She added, “Oh God, please allow ‘self-serving bastard’ or “chauvinist” as a grounds for annulment.”

Helen Gagamboa, wife of Senator Sito Totto who is also against the law; chimed in, saying: “At least I can always cite ‘mental illness’ or ‘intellectual incapacity’ as my grounds for annulment.”

Meanwhile, Jose Bangeles, husband of Senator Nancy Biday and the only male member of AWASSSSA, said that he would stick by his wife even though she’s against the divorce law.

“As much as I want this law to be passed, I am supporting Nancy on her decision regarding this issue,” said Bangeles. “Because nobody else know how to strengthen and empower a Filipino family more than my wife, her father, her mother, her brother as well as her sister.”

Stay tuned for further developments.


4 thoughts on “Wives of Anti-Divorce Senators to File Annulment Case Against Their Self-Serving Husbands

  1. Hey there SWN, I’ve been reading your articles for years now as a constant source of humor and I really liked it since back then. But I’ve been wondering if you have multiples writers here because sometimes there are articles that just felt immature like that Time Machine Jeep and about Jinggoy with his growing nose in reference to Pinocchio which felt more like a rant rather than a satire as if it was written by a college student instead, but the recent articles are really great. Anyways, keep up the good work

    • Hello there Picatsu001, and thank you for the patronage to this blog.

      To answer your question, no, SWN does not have multiple writers (ouch). Blame those articles on “off days” or maybe caffeine deficiency. hahaha

      Thanks again! 😀

      • Oh, back then it felt like it, I really liked the one about a boy’s letter defending the church in their stand against the RH bill, it was satire at its best. Also the one about the internet censorship, expecally the part where one guys was texting his wife and the police was checking it out, that one was hilarious. Thanks again for your blog, keep up the great job :3

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