PNoy Stunt Double to Issue Formal Public Apology


Actors patiently wait for their turn during the audition to play as the president.

MANILA, Philippines — The Palace has issued a casting call for actors who share a striking resemblance with President Benigno Aquino III , to place in a dramatic speech scene that will be shot inside Malacañang.

Presidential casting director Rica Randang is looking for attractive male talents, ages 50 – 55 to play the role of the president for the planned public apology to be aired on national TV soon.

“Actors auditioning for the role must definitely look a lot like President Aquino, comfortable in a Barong Tagalog, able to deliver a prepared speech eloquently, convey genuine emotions as well as being able to shed a tear or two on cue.” said Randang. “Oh, and being able to cough uncontrollably during the performance is definitely a plus.”

Randang added, “We have stated before that the President has no plans to apologize over the Mamasapano operation. But if push comes to shove and that is what the majority of Filipinos really want, then I guess a look-alike actor will have to do that”

Malacañang is being cautious that an actual televised apology from the President might be used to further criticize him.

“That is why a stunt double in this scenario is definitely needed,” she said. “An actor can avoid those embarrassing caught-on-camera moments when the President was seen smiling, because an actor will be able to stay in character unless someone shouts ‘cut’ .”

An actor can also show a huge spectrum of emotions unlike the president, especially in front of a camera, that’s vital to viewers’ appreciation on what they are watching, according to Randang.

She also understands that oftentimes a simple ‘sorry’ is not enough to appease viewers.

“That is why if a scene calls for a teardrop, we expect the stunt double to do just that,” she added. “Or dramatically collapse right there on the podium if the tears does not work.”

Stay tuned for further developments.


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