Bong Revilla Asks Sandiganbayan’s Permission to Clean Jolo’s Gun

bongMANILA, Philippines — Detained Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. on Monday asked the Sandiganbayan to allow him to clean his son, Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla’s gun in order to avoid another “accident” from happening.

In a two-page urgent motion submitted on Monday and heard the same day, Revilla asked for “compassion” from the anti-graft court.

“Sen. Revilla most respectfully pleas for compassion and understanding, and beseeches this Honorable Court to allow him to visit his son’s house, and spend time cleaning his gun for him for at least three hours, as soon as possible, subject to the terms and conditions which this Honorable Court may impose,” the motion said.

“Because of his current detention, Sen. Revilla does not know, and is anxious to know, the true condition and status of Jolo’s gun,” the motion said, adding the senator is “distraught” over the incident.

Natakot lang po ang aking client na baka daw po madumi pa rin yung baril at magtangkang linisin ulit ni Jolo,” said the family’s spokesman, Atty. Doraymond Fortune. “Kaya hinihiling nya sa korte na payagan syang linisin ang baril ng anak nya para hindi na maulit ang nangyaring aksidente.

They were quick to point out that what happened was an accident and not an attempted suicide.

Fortune added, “Jolo accidentally pulled the trigger while cleaning his gun that was loaded and was pointed at him,”

If ever granted, Revilla will also ask the Sandiganbayan’s permission to clean the guns of his co-accused’s family members as well.

Mahirap na baka magtangka rin silang maglinis ng kanilang mga baril dahil sa mga kinakaharap naming kaso, maganda na yung nakaka siguro tayong lahat,” the senator was heard saying.


Need Help Cleaning Your Gun?

If the feelings in this article are familiar to you, please ask for help. The rest of your life — a good and better life — is waiting to begin. You may call the following hotlines to speak to a patient, listening ear:

Manila Lifeline Centre: Call 02-896-9191 or 0917-854-9191.

The Natasha Goulbourn Foundation: Call 02-804-HOPE (4673) or 0917-558-HOPE (4673). You may also use their toll-free number for all Globe and TM subscribers, at 2919. Visit their website at



4 thoughts on “Bong Revilla Asks Sandiganbayan’s Permission to Clean Jolo’s Gun

  1. Satire or not, one has to draw a line. Not a Revilla clan lover here but, their family just went through a traumatic experience where they nearly lost a son. A tragedy is not exactly a proper topic for satire, SWN could have done better.

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