Purisima Banned From Restaurants to Avoid Confusion When Ordering Food

purisimaMANILA, Philippines — The Restaurant Association of the Philippines (RAP) announced today that they are banning former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Alan Purisima from entering any restaurants in the Philippines.

“Effective immediately, we are banning Mr. Purisima from entering any of the 300,000 dining establishments nationwide under our organization in order to avoid another confusing incident from happening again,” said Kenny McSanders, President of RAP.

According to the press release, on January 19, 2015, the then suspended PNP chief went into a restaurant and got into an altercation with a waiter after he was given the wrong menu item that he wanted.

“Mr. Purisima told the staff that he hasn’t given any order yet and was just giving an advice,” explained McSanders. “However, the staff, which we will not name, insisted that Purisima clearly stated that he wanted ‘burgers with fries’.”

“We all know the saying that ‘the customer is always right’, but in this case, he was definitely wrong,” he added.

The same incident happened again multiple times at different establishments where Purisima was given the wrong item after being mistaken as to ordering food.

“Clearly, something is wrong with this customer,” McSanders added. “That is why we decided to ban him in order to avoid further confusions in the future.”

To his defense, Purisima said that, “If ever I uttered words to that effect, it was in the form of an advice, not an order.”

“These dining establishments knows very well that they can’t and should not follow orders from a customer who is under preventive suspension as ordered by the Ombudsman.”

Stay tuned for further developments.


68 thoughts on “Purisima Banned From Restaurants to Avoid Confusion When Ordering Food

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  2. That’s stupid!!! Why are u going to give an advise to a waiter?? Why??!!!! Such an idiot. Serves you right to be banned!

  3. Pwede pati si Noy kasi di rin niya alam na siya nag order kay Puri para umorder o magbigay ng advice. Baka mapintasan pa kayo ni Kris i unfollow kayo! Sabagay kung di pumasok yung tatlo baka lumakas pa business niyo! Seriously, that’s what society should do so these jokers will know that though the power might be can tolerate them, we can’t. Or if the justice system will not punish them, civil society will. Hindi masama ang idea na yan! Tayo na ang magdisiplina kung walang magdisiplina!

  4. Lol, he should be banned from online shops too. I bet he’ll make it in every online shop’s list of “Joy Reservers”.

  5. Kenny Roger’s, Ronald McDonald’s and Harland “Colonel” Sanders nagka anak. Si Kenny McSanders. Though sila ang nag ban kay Gen. Alan. Ang bansang Amreica pa din ang merong coordination dahil merong puting paikot ikoy na object sa lugar ng Maguindanao noong putukan. (Ito ay ayon kay Mayor Mangunadatu).

    So why ban him when Kenny McSanders and Gen. Alan are “close”?

  6. Been wondering about other flip ‘satirical’ sites, the worst would be pinoytrending. It’s like The Onion made for jejemon who surfs the internet using MyPhones

  7. hay naku mga corrupt nga naman pag katapos magnakaw sa bayan nagtatangatangahan at nagbabaliw baliwan kunwari may sira ang utak kunwari may sakit para maawa mga tao sakanila.

  8. If only I’m allowed to swing a bat on each of your stupid audience, this place will be a bloody mess LOL. Cool writeup though!

  9. this made me laugh so bad hahahaha….specially nung may nag comment na pwede iclassify as joy reserver sa mga online shops ahahahaahah!

  10. Imagine that?!?!?! It’s surprisingly unbelievable that the KING OF DENIAL did not come from showbiz but the PNP, the former chief at that.. He is himself the lies that he is saying in the senate inquiry. If he was not forced to resign due to the Mamasapano tragedy, he should have been kicked out from service. A blessing in disguise for the filipino people for they may no longer suffer from the stupidity of such a fool, specially for the members of the PNP both rank and file and their families for they may no longer be gambled as collateral ammunition for this stupid’s thirst for credit and fame. If the Mamasapano operation turned out successful, this fool would have been one of those who would grab the limelight of the credit.

  11. lol!
    meanwhile, people who cannot clearly identify this as SATIRE should be banned from this website as well

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