Kris Aquino Unfollows Everyone on Instagram

kris_IGMANILA, Philippines — Sensing that majority, if not ALL of the people she follows on Instagram probably has nothing positive to say about her brother; presidential sister and actress/tv host Kris Aquino spent the entire afternoon yesterday unfollowing everyone on the photo sharing social network service.

This after she reportedly unfollowed a few celebrity friends after they posted negative reactions apparently about President Benigno Aquino III these past few days.

At first akala ko na mangilan-ngilan lang silang bumabatikos sa brother ko,” said Kris Aquino. “But gosh! Upon double checking, halos lahat pala sila hindi agree sa ginawa ni Noynoy. The Nerve!

Kris admits that unfollowing everybody on Instagram was hard to do, but “it’s a hard decision a presidential sister has to make”.

Pinili kong iunfollow silang lahat, and I mean lahat. Kahit na I know na mahihirapan ako, itinuloy ko pa rin” an almost teary-eyed Kris said. “Kahit na mas madali nalang sana na intindihin ko ang mga nararamdaman ng mga bumoto sa kapatid ko, mas pinili ko itong mahirap na hakbang.

But when asked if it was too much for her to unfollow each and every person on Instagram, the Queen of All Media answered with an emphatic, NO.

Dapat lang yun noh!” she said confidently. “There are other measures naman to express outrage besides social media.”kris_tshirt

Pwede ka naman, magpagupit ng buhok, magpainterview on live tv, umiyak ka pa kung gusto mo,” she explained. “Or if you have too much time on your hands OR if epal ka lang talaga, I guess puwede kang magpaprint ng statement shirts.

Wag lang sa Edsa ha,” she clarified. “Ang ironic naman nun kung magrally ang taumbayan against the son of the couple who was brought to prominence by people expressing their outrage on Edsa.

As of this writing, Kris Aquino’s is currently following no one on her Instagram account.

Stay tuned for further developments and activities surrounding her social media accounts.


27 thoughts on “Kris Aquino Unfollows Everyone on Instagram

  1. For someone who has publicized her encounter with a sexually transmitted disease due to an affair, this is not surprising at all.

      • Just check out Kris Aquino’s IG and you’ll know that what is LEGIT. Did she unfollow everyone? Of course, not. Pero satirical post nga ito at iyong iba, kung makapg-comment, halatang hindi nila narirealize aling ang totoo at hindi, malamang di rin nila gets yung purpose ng post na ito.

  2. Ganyan nman ehh..kinokonsensya yung mga tao..porke, mga magulang niya yung nag-save ng democracy sa bansa(which is true) pero wg nman sanang gamiting dahilan o ipanakip butas sa mismong kasalanan to rule the conscience of everybody..(just sharing my thoughts)
    and besides, hindi nman niya masisisi yung mga taong nagpost ng hindi maganda after what lng sila qng ano ang totoo at nagpahayg ng sariling opinyon.

  3. Kris initial reaction was to follow her emotion that lead to unfollowing Juday. But afterwards advisers may have doused her out and made her think rationally. Unfollowing Juday would irriate Juday’s Millions Class C, D and E followers. The same followers that made kris who she is today. So even with heavy heart she has to follow her rationale mind – she may need it in her future political ambition. She made amend to Juday but not to most she unfollowed. Kasi walang impact eto sa kanya popularity. Wa-is pero buking hehe.

  4. Pinaglalaban netong babaeng to? Normal lang na may bumatikos sa kapatid niyang panot kasi sya ang presidente at leader ng bansa malamang siya lang mapupuna dito. Kong ayaw niyang may bumabatikos sa kapatid niya or ayaw niyang nasasaktan dahil dun pakisabi nlng kamo na mag resign nlng siya. PERIOD! hindi ung may pauso ka pang i-unfollow ung mga followers mo sa instagram. Baket? sa ginawa ba nya may maitutulong ba un sa kapatid niya? or sa pilipinas? WALA NMN DIBA?!

  5. Mukhang tanga lang. Pag aari ba nila ang EDSA?! Social media is the easiest way to reach NoyNoy Panot, what the hell is her problem with people posting what they thought about our Panot president. If i know nanalo lang si Noypanot sa daya.

    • That is true kaya nga hindi naman siya binoto (thank u kay Binay)ng talagang masa dahil sa dayaan sa comelec, kaya ganyan ang economy ng bansa,bahala kayo sa buhay nyo..nakikinig lang ako sa mga boss ko na negosyante

    • Hey No Name, read the comments of some carefully. They are not commenting on the satirical video, they are commenting on the article where Kris unfollowed everyone on Instagram. Others are just expressing their disgust on Kris Aquino’s double faced, controlling, illusion of grandeur, centre of the world personality. Hey No Name, just focus on your thoughts about the article and don’t be critical of others.

  6. Your brother is the president and he would and should be upheld to the greatest standard because he is the most powerful man in the country. The exercise of this power influences the lives of all Filipinos. Stop giving excuses for his incompetence and immaturity. You are just trivializing the concerns of the people. Please do the country a favor and shut your pie hole!

  7. Naku tama na ang drama. Nagbibilang na lang ng araw utol mo sa Malacañang..The quicker he move out the better for the Filipinos.

  8. You guys do know that it happens all the time now, right? it’s a great way for celebrities to attract even more attention: Kris got thousand of new followers thanks to a huge number of articles about this matter. Selena Gomez, Bom and Seungri – they all recently got their accounts even more promoted. I heard they might have used since it’s the fastest such service in existence capable of 5k unfollows per day. Anyhow it’s one way to get a bit more famous in social media.

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