Bimby Bites Pet Dog In Retaliation for Earlier Attack

MANILA, Philippines — After being bitten by their pet dog, Prada, Kris Aquino’s youngest son, James “Bimby” Yap Jr., decided to get his revenge by biting the canine back.


On Instagram, Kris posted a photo of Prada, saying that he will also have his anti-rabies shots taken Friday, January 16.

“Prada is drinking his third can of Esbilac, which is an imported dog’s milk, tonight.  Napagod from barking and crying. It was hard to tape tonight because Prada called me crying and sounding so wawa (pitiful), Bimby was being too ‘vengeful’ daw and deliberately bit Prada’s tail,” Kris wrote on her Instagram account along with a photo of a sad Prada.

“Our veterinarian said to be safe, Prada will need anti-rabies shot tomorrow even if the possibility of Prada getting rabies from Bimby due to the dog biting my son in the first place, is very small.

Bimby is complete with all his immunization and was just given anti-rabies shot just this Monday.

“I asked Prada if he wanted us to find a new home for Bimby, but he just barked; which I think roughly translated to the dog saying, ‘NO, we love Bimby, he’s our baby. He deserves another chance. He’ll learn his lesson. Bimby is part of our family.'”



26 thoughts on “Bimby Bites Pet Dog In Retaliation for Earlier Attack

  1. Tsktsktsk, nagiging confident na si Bimby from all his movies lately na akala niya he can do anything within his mother’s house and of all the people he could choose to bite, he chose Prada, wrong move kid.

  2. Why this is even news is astonishing. We have more important matters to tend to. I’ve no care if Kris’ son does whatever to the kid and neither should any of you. This is news for their friends and family not something the whole fucking Philippines needs to know about.

  3. funny how slow some people are when it comes to satirical articles such as these
    hindi po ito totoo, parody/satire po ito

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