Group Buying Site Offers New Bilibid Prison Luxury Accommodations Deal

MANILA, Philippines — A popular group buying site wasted no time as it offers an unbeatable promo just days after a few of the high profile inmates of the New Bilibid Prison, vacated their luxurious “cells” and was transferred to the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) custody.

“We are proud to announce a special introductory offer to one of the luxurious and elegant places currently available in the country right now,” said Vice President of Communications for WagasCashPinoy, Billy Cayodian. “It’s a deal that is very hard to pass up, so you better click that buy button quickly.”

“No need to bribe or threaten Bureau of Correction (BuCor) or NBP officials in order to enjoy these amazing amenities,” he added. “Now you can enjoy singing to your heart’s content drinking and doing drugs, all while making love to a sex doll inside the Jacuzzi equipped with an LCD TV.

“Or you can just make a music video and upload it to your own YouTube channel, using one of the suites’ WiFi internet connection and doing drugs while waiting for it to finish.”

For more info on the latest offer, head to WagasCashPinoy’s website or view it below:



One thought on “Group Buying Site Offers New Bilibid Prison Luxury Accommodations Deal

  1. Perfect for the upcoming holidays! :p

    BTW na-miss out nyo yung CashCashPinoy home link (sa may baba nung Get free updates & offers)

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