Japan Declares Korina Sanchez Persona Non Grata


A teary-eyed Prime Mister Shinzo Abe, during the announcement, declaring Korina Sanchez, persona non grata.

TOKYO, Japan — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared earlier Monday, Filipino broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, ペルソナノングラータ or persona non grata, for “wishing ill will against others.”

Abe, speaking in public after his meeting with officials of Japan Meteorological Agency regarding typhoon Hagupit (Ruby), said that for a public figure such as Sanchez, to say such things towards Japan; is an act “definitely unbecoming of a news anchor, let alone an Interior Ministry’s wife”.

“I am very saddened to hear reports of schadenfreude coming from a TV anchor, who just last year, was was put in her place by Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN,” said Abe. “That is why without a second thought, I am declaring wholeheartedly Ms. Korina Sanchez of the Philippines, as an unwelcome person anywhere in Japan.”

On the Wednesday, December 3, newscast of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, the network’s chief correspondent and veteran anchor said she hoped Typhoon Ruby (international name Hagupit) would hit Japan instead of the Philippines, and that Filipinos could still pray the typhoon away.

De Castro then remarks, “Sana ay hati na lang tayo.” (I wish we could split [the typhoon’s impact.])

Kalahati sa Pilipinas, kalahati sa Japan (Half to the Philippines, half to Japan),” De Castro said, to which Sanchez responded, “Puwede bang sa kanila na lang lahat?” (Can’t they just get all of it?)

De Castro said hopefully not, but Sanchez pressed on, saying, “Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila.” (Let them have it all. It seems they can handle it better).

(via Rappler)

Abe added, “As for former Vice President Noli De Castro, who only wished half of Hagupit on others, I am hereby declaring him, albeit half-heartedly, persona non grata as well.”


Screen grab from Rappler

Screen grab from Rappler

Netizens were up in arms upon hearing the comments made by Sanchez, majority of which posted and shared their sentiments on various social media sites.

ABG Neilsen and Kantor Media TNX also reported a huge spike in ratings for the newscast’s segment.

“I think these numbers speak for themselves and that it probably signifies viewers’ disdain for the quality of news reportage on our mainstream media,” said ABG Neilsen Spokesman Philo Farnsworth. “The ‘masa‘ viewers seems to be wising up.”

But Kantor Media TNX spokesman Charles Francis Jenkins disagrees with Farnsworth.

“If nothing else, these ‘masa‘ viewers agree and feel the same way as Ms. Sanchez,” said Jenkins. “And what all these numbers signify are just the viewers’ eagerness to watch the latest episode of Dream Dad.”

“Because at the end of the day, they (the masa) really don’t care about these small blunders being made by public figures,” he added. “All they care about is why ‘Yes Agnes‘ trended worldwide on Twitter.”

To which Farnsworth jested, “Ooooh, worldwide….”





1,522 thoughts on “Japan Declares Korina Sanchez Persona Non Grata

  1. She’s just “consistent”. She’s used to being rebuked by foriegn journalists and audience everytime there is an unfolding catastrophe. Remember how she almost had a fight with CNN’s Cooper last year when she disagreed with him over the extent of Yolanda’s effects.

      • korina should never again be seen or heard in Philippine televisiion and radio. What a stupid comment! i wish the community of nations will follow Japan’s declaration of her as a “persona non grata”. What a shame……. a disgrace…..

  2. Kantor Media TNX is a bayaran of ABIAS-CBN that give false high ratings for the ABIAS-CBN shows and programs. At saka yang trending trending na yan, di ako naniniwala sa ganyan kasi madali lang naman magmanipulate upang ang isang bagay ay maging trending.. Kaya nga may linyang “Salamat sa mga nagpatrending”.

      • apparently when they wrote their reply / comments they didn’t bother to read the BIG BOLD letters on top of the comment box —->”What did you think about this SATIRICAL article? Share your thoughts below.”….. Guilty rin ako before but I learned the hard way…….Read before you click…..Me masabi lang ika nga

  3. Pwede bang sabihin nalang nila sana na “Sana di ito papasok sa ating bansa”.. Keysa ipagdasal nila na Sana sa ibang bansa or sa Japan ito tatama.?

  4. I do not see the entire issue as a way of saying bad to things to japan What I understand is she only wanted not to have typhoon in Phil’s. What she really wanted to emphasize is that Japan can be able to survive disasters but not Philippines, I hope we check the entire perspective we know that it’s sounds like korina want the typhoon hit to japan but the main reason is far from what it sounds like we love japan and I just hope that we stop thingking to much of what is being said lets go to what it really means.

  5. akambe😛korina👎👎👎,not once but twice,or baka may pangatlo pa,isip muna kasi,bago dumaldal,mahirap kasi sobrang talino wala nman sa lugar.👊👊👊

  6. Filipino rin kami at nandito rin kami sa japan at higit sa lahat tao rin sila.. Kaya sana PRAY nalang tayo na mawala ang bagyo.. hindi yong itataboy nalang dito si Ruby (HAGUPIT)

  7. Why would you even pray that Japan should be hit by the typhoon instead of the Phil.? Why not pray that the typhoon wouldn’t cause casualties in both countries?

    And why pray? Praying to an imaginary friend doesn’t do anything

    and to those who are stupid to not understand what Korina just said, here’s an example:

    “Sana si Juan na lang ang masisante, wala naman siyang anak, mas kaya naman niya iyan”
    very selfish and crab mentality she is..

    Think before you click and speak especially if your a reporter. Slip of Tongue is not reversible. Choice din ang magkamali. Leave no room for error. Kung alam mo masama ang magiging resulta. Just keep quite.

  8. Kaya ang News dapat DI hinahaluan ng sariling opinyon. :/
    I hate TV patrol because the anchors are giving away comments.
    Reporter sila hindi host. kung gusto nila mag comment sa News dun sila sa KrisTV mag comment.

  9. Really for a public figure, you should think before you speak. Remember, in your industry, either good or bad, a publicity is still a publicity. You have spoken those words. Japan replies what they think is in appropriate for a public figure like to to say those.

  10. even if japan can handle disasters better than any country, a disaster is a disaster which can claim lives no matter how good your country can withstand such,, technology cannot spare lives

  11. Serves her right.. Di nya inisip na may mga Pilipino din sa Japan… Just like my husband who was sent over there just to serve for the country.

  12. Absolutely disgusting. This Sanchez chick is a hack not a journalist. Abs can has the lowest standards on earth if they employ such petty trash.

  13. Korina Sanchez pinapahamak mo ang mga pilipino.!! napahiya ka na nga last year tumira ka nanaman lupit mo buong bansa ang binastos mo pati ang mga pilipino kababayan mo.!!

    • bakit ganoon na ang korte ng face niya … retokada …. kapag wala na siyang make-up, mukha na siyang unggoy …. malapit na siyang maging katulad ni Donatella Versace

    • Dear Viewers and Friends,

      We are truly disgusted with this current situation with Ms. Korina Sanchez.
      We have escalated this matter to our legal department, and rest assured, we will be confronting all the staff concerned with this episode.
      We here, in ABS-CBN, do not condone what Ms. Sanchez believes and her opinions do not hold value.

      Please be patient, we are preparing cases for those involved.

      Our sincerest apologies to Japan and all affected.

      • For the chief executive of another country to complain about her, you don’t have to think twice to fire her. Not the first time. Always putting the Philippines in bad light.

    • Mali ginawa nya bansang japan binastos nya..tapus mg re-respond ang japan..hindi na inisip na may kababayan siya sa japan.!

  14. Tanga kasi ng mgq netqork ngaun e hinahayaan mag comment mgq reporter. Dapat kng anu lang blita un lang ang nirereport. Pati mga joke nila at side comments kasali e yan tuloy

  15. Yes. She could have just said otherwise just like hope that the supertyphoon change its path & or wish it just vanish into the ocean. Wishing someone else to suffer instead of urself is not a good example.

  16. For me this is the best part “Abe added, “As for former Vice President Noli De Castro, who only wished that half of Hagupit on others, I hereby half-heartedly declare him persona non grata as well.” Bwahaha bentang benta lols

  17. nakakahiya yang dalawang newscaster na yan..dapat ipetisyon na iban na forever sa news industry para hindi tularan..ikinahihiya kayo ng mga pinoy!

  18. This is the silly dialogue that you’d expect in a developing country, and a religious country at that. That said there isn’t anything terribly controversial about what she said. Christians would expect the burden of calamity to fall upon the most prepared for it. Filipinos are Christian, so they think they are morally superior. In her case, she’s alluding to the fact that the typhoon will kill thousands in the Philippines, and none in Japan. Better, if it must happen, for it to strike Japan. That said ‘God moves in mysterious ways’. haha. The problem with her comment is simply that it was unpopular for everyone – except honest people who’d care less what she thinks.

  19. Dudes, yung article dito ay isang SATIRE, AND ALL OF YOU ARE FIGHTING OVER NOTHING.

    “‘So, What’s News?’ is a SATIRICAL and FICTIONAL news website.”

  20. My family is a victim of typh0on yolanda, at isa ang lugar namin na natulungan ng mga japanese NGO tpoz babastusin lng nten. RESPETO and UTANG NA LO0B PO

  21. Dear Viewers and Friends,

    We are truly disgusted with this current situation with Ms. Korina Sanchez.
    We have escalated this matter to our legal department, and rest assured, we will be confronting all the staff concerned with this episode.
    We here, in ABS-CBN, do not condone what Ms. Sanchez believes and her opinions do not hold value.

    Please be patient, we are preparing cases for those involved.

    Our sincerest apologies to Japan and all affected.

  22. True enough that these words by Ms. Korina Sanchez and Mr. Noli de Castro are not edifying to the people of Japan…considering that we also have “kababayans” living in the aforementioned country. But it’s also a fact that at times we can really be that careless, regardless of the kind of persons we have become. I encourage everyone to forgive Korina and Noli on their comments as I believe that those were just mere opinions and that they didn’t really mean to hurt anyone. To those who are also disagreeing the decision of Prime Minister Abe to declare these two Philippine broadcast journalists as unwelcomed persons to anywhere in Japan…please do also forgive him as it is his call to come up with such decision on behalf of his fellow countrymen. As for everyone, let us continue bridging friendship between these two beautiful countries. Stop throwing in criticisms that would flare misunderstandings and hurt. Stay open-minded and be very forgiving to the flaws of other people so that we can also forgive our own flaws. And to the people of Japan, on behalf of the Filipinos, sincerely I would say…SORRY and please forgive us. Hoping that we’ll all stay safe and could easily cope with the devastation brought about by this typhoon “Hagupit” and whatever wrath it may bring (praying hard that it shall not). We may be experiencing “hagupit” (a Filipino word which also means hard-hit) from the said typhoon, but hopefully not from each other’s negative judgements. God bless us all.

  23. Ungrateful Korina! She didn’t know Japan helped us Filipinos after the typhoon Yolanda! They are the number one donor amongst all other countries. Think Korina! Use your dead brains. Wag ka nang magpakita sa ABS-CBN.

  24. And people be like on facebook, “oh yes she deserved it”, “that’s what you get for saying that” and other grateful terms about this and I was like “Oh yes people don’t really know how to read first and showing their true colors of being a judgmental one by believing only what’s on the title.” hahaha

      • only goes to show that “joke-like” remarks are unprofessional. especially insensitive ones. i understand that she wanted to lighten up a serious and alarming topic, she should have chosen her words carefully.

      • well it wouldnt sound good if i said you should all drown by the flood even though it’s a joke right? and please this typhoon is no laughing matter. many filipinos are suffering different struggles and money over a bad weather. please don’t make it worst.


    • Although i don’t believe that Japan president will waste even a sec of his on this issue, Korina was judged by the people based on what she said, not on the title of a blog or news in the internet. You sounds like Korina.

      • Agree…the leader of the 3rd largest economy in the world doesn’t have time for useless chit-chat like this.

    • khit joke man yun, mali prin un! khit mga bata alam na mali ang manira ng kapwa. sabihan ba nmn na sana japan lang binagyo? kahit biro yan, HINDI YAN MAGANDANG BIRO! amf buhay ang pinag-uusapan dito! kaya tama lng yang ginawa ni prime minsiter shinzo di lang man nag-iisip nung oras na un ang japan ang isa sa mga close ties ntin dito sa asia tapos sisiraan nya lng ng ganyan. MAG SORRY KA KORINA SA BUONG JAPAN AT SA MGA PINOY NA NANINIRAHAN DOON!

  25. so its like okay for other people in a first world country to experience such disaster? is that what this girl is trying to say? what a tactless person. I will you ill as well. People are still people no matter what country they reside, and when disaster befall them death is inconsolable no matter who you are.

      • Well, that part’s understandable – but about Japan declaring her persona non grata, we have to wait for an actual declaration from the nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

        Sadly, most people jumped the gun.

    • The Monching, I agree that this issue is indeed “satirical” so much like Korina and her “puny” words. The dictionary also defines “satirical” : (of a person or their behavior) sarcastic, critical, and mocking another’s weaknesses.

      So what you see here satisfies the very definition “satirical” which I don’t see something to be “appalled” about as you worded yourself. In hindsight, the very heart of the satire here is Korina as she makes media and being a media personality mediocre and worthy of mockery through her display of classless commentary and behavior unbecoming of a public personality and wife of a public servant who holds a high position in the government.

      The people whose posts you find here are product of the democracy and republic, the very essence of which gives you,TheMonching, the right and privilege to post your comments anytime you like. Unless you have something against democracy?

  26. kung sino man po ang wala pang nagagwang kasalan sa buhay niya o hindi pa nagkakamali sa ibang tao, pwede niyo na po patayin si korina!

  27. As a Filipino I personally say sorry for what happened… Japan is one of Philippines friendly neighbor country… They help us also when our country was under damage during by Yolanda… We must pray that may God save us and our neighbor country from such calamity… Peace..

  28. kahit saang anggulo ito tingnan, marapat at tama lang ang ginawa ng Punong Ministro ng Japan na ideklara si Korina Sanchez na ”persona non grata” dahil masama at hindi kanais nais na ipagdasal, naisin, umasa na sa ibang tao sana tumama ang nakaambang kalamidad. Para mo na ring sinabi na sana ikaw na lang ang mamatay at hindi ang mahal ko sa buhay. Maari sana niyang sabihin na sana ang kalamidad na ito ay huwag ng tumama pa sa tin at sa ibang bansa dahil gaanu man kaunlad ang bansa na tatamaan ng kalamidad na ito ay may buhay at ariarian pa ding madadamay. Humingi siya ng tawad, silang dalawa ni Kabayan sa sablay nilang nagawa , dapat public apology.

    • Kahit saang anggulo tignan, palapak ang pagkaintindi mo. Satire ang artikulong ito. Sa madaling sabi, pang katatawanan lang po. Reserba mo ang talino at kumentaryo mo sa ibang pagkakataon.

      • An intelligent woman, a news anchor, a wife of the president wanna-be should be careful with her words…satirical? Yan lang ba ang nais niyang ipabatid sa viewers niya? Tanga ba cya? Nagpapatawa? Asan ang sense of reonsibility niya bilang news anchor? Buti sana kung nagkukuwentuhan lang silang tatlo sa isang sulok e kaso nasa harap sila ng camera, hoy kung tao ka ni korina sabihin mo mas satirical ang mangarap silang maging first couple ng bansa!

      • lilipas din yan di yan satirical nga eh kung hindi kumpleto narinig mo eh talagang masama pero tuwing matapos ang tv patrol katuwaan time nga sila minsan pero totoo yan minsan sumobra na hayaan mo ang japan daming utang pa yan sa atin, nung hindi pa nila nabayaran during world war II atrocities nila. daming BOT projects sila sa pinas pero binabayaran pa rin natin yun baligtad nga plus sekreto at unti unti na nilang nahuhukay ang mga tagong yaman dito iniwan nila ng matatalo na sila sa gira ngayon mapakinabangan na nila in the guise of projects. ang nasa ulo ng pilipino ngayon paano magkapera sa darating na eleksyon ni balita nga tungkol kay purisima,binay parang bagyu lng na dumaan labas na si enrile,jinggoy sunod nyan si pareng bong then napoles at ang mangyari baligtaran yung mangyayari mga whistle blower naman makulong wlang pambili ng justice.

  29. Im sorry for Japan. And as for Korina, tao lang di siya nagkakamali, nakakapagsabi ng di maganda sa kapwa. Ganyan din naman tayo diba, we spoke ill to others din naman. Its just that hindi tao ang sinabihan niya kundi bansa. Let’s just hope na magkaayos sila.

      • oh f***, alam mo naman na iba ang culture ng Japan, aral aral, para kang si Korina eh, ang talino din.. hahaha

    • The issue here is not us, Elle. We are not here to preach but air our side regarding the issue at hand. Change is something that we want and need. It is given that we need to look deep within before we cast the first stone. Korina should have done that first before dishing out a word, shouldn’t she? 1) She holds a position of influence 2) She is a media/public personality which leverages her to speak and people listen eventually making her words true (or not) 3) She represents a media outfit whose influence spans a great deal in the Philippines and beyond.

    • The issue here is not us, Elle. We are not here to preach but air our side regarding the issue at hand. Change is something that we want and need. It is given that we need to look deep within before we cast the first stone. Korina should have done that first before dishing out a word, shouldn’t she? 1) She holds a position of influence 2) She is a media/public personality which leverages her to speak and people listen eventually making her words true (or not) 3) She represents a media outfit whose influence spans a great deal in the Philippines and beyond.

  30. Im a filipino, what she commented or reported, or wished last dec 3 about this typhoon hitting japan was a shameful mistake considerring her stature as veteran reporter. Japan is one of the biggests donor in the world whenever any country was hit by a disaster. Twice in a row for korina. I pity her. Hope that japan will still help us after this.

      • Satire ka ng Satire alam mo b un? eto pra tigilan mo yang kaka satire mo.

        SATIRE = The use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

        Where’s the HUMOUR? fuck you! SATIRE PA MORE!! ulol..!

      • “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.”

        Helping you guys out since pogilan is arguing with semantics and doesn’t check the label too much. It’s like taking a pill without knowing what it is in actuality. Before you berate poor old wang here about mental capacities, be sure to read the fine print, alright? Argumentum ad Hominem does not make you superior in every sense of the word.

      • Pogilan, lapit ka albularyo sa Baranggay ninyo baka sakali maayos pa utak mo. Satire ang artikulo, katatawanan ito, init ng ulo mo tindi pa ng putak mo sa isang satire na artikulo. Wahahaha

  31. kahit kailan napaka harsh talaga ng mga hapon. hindi ko kinakampihan si Korina.. pero kahit kailan masyado magparusa yung mga hapon. simula pa nung unang panahon, nang rape, pinatay karamihan ng pilipino, naglibing ng buhay.. hanggang ngayon padin naman.. Ang sinasabi ko lang, maliit o malaking bagay pinagtatanggol ng mga hapon yung bansa nila.. sana tayong mga pilipino ipagtanggol naten yung Pilipinas, hindi yung tayo pa mismo nagddown sa isat isa.. at hinahayaan na mas tama yung taga ibang bansa, at hayaan kung anung gusto nilang gawin saten..

    • Sana tayong Pilipino magaral at magbasa muna ng maigi bago mag comment. Satire po ang artikulong ito. Sayang drama mo, pang katatawanan lang ang artikulong ito.

    • That’s why people like you never be successful in life. Hindi maka move on sa nakaraan yung mga tao noon at ngayon magkaiba na. Pinagsisihan na ng Japan ung mga mistakes noon kahit sa ngayon alam rin nila yun mga nagawa ng Ancestors nila.

    • salita lng yun kay korina di nakakamatay yung sa kanila nung world war II samurai ang ginamit nila, hayaan mo sila daming utang pa yan sa pinas wla tayong dapat ikahiya na utang na loob kasi lahat na projects at donation nila sa pinas kung tutuusin “war reparation” pa yun.

  32. They’re effing simple minded people not thinking other human being.. Sure you’ve got a lot of guts saying it a televise show. You are making your own people in Japan in danger. You are such a disgrace in this country. Two of the best newscaster in the Philippines, but what a comment to say it in a televise show. Seriously get a new job.

  33. People, don’t believe everything you read over the internet this is clearly SATIRICAL news, the Prime minister of Japan would not meddle with these affairs because he has more IMPORTANT matters to attend. Dispell your ignorance and analyze every news you hear; its dangerous to be ignorant these days you might get yourselves in trouble.

    To the author of this post; this is no longer satirical news but LIBEL. Get your facts straight and stop making non sense and flase news. For the sake of your countrymen.

  34. Now here it is! I myself felt a bit disappointed when I heard the broadcasters said those statements.Although, we didn’t really know why they said that, this situation would be a lesson for them to be careful.This is something that contradicts with the mission of helping people all over the world through the kind of news they deliver. Do better comments next time.Be more sensitive!

    • Sir, just what exactly how you feel if we were to turn the table around, the recipient to the “joke” as you call the issue is the Philippines? I bet a dime you’d be the first to jump at the issue. Unfortunately, journalists/media personalities have no luxury of committing mistakes much less with the words they say. We have what we call responsible journalism. Journalists should breathe and live it. This is one “lapse” that journalists cannot have. Journalists should be fair yet maintain tact all the time. That requires a lot of practice. However, as they say you can teach people how to talk but you cannot teach them “class.” Clearly, character is something that you cannot buy.

      it might be too trivial if you don’t care or too indifferent to think of other people’s welfare. I am part Pinoy and part Japanese. Put yourself in our shoes.

  35. Dear Korina Sanchez, you have no ETHICS ever since you entered the mass media world. I hope you would retire NOW or face the judgement upon you.

  36. very gullible nyo talaga to take this article seriously, tsk tsk try to educate your self people, “So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.”

    • IKR!!!! hahahahhaha. i came here reading everything then i check which website it is. ang dami kong tawa. too many people so passionate about bashing on korina.

      • Well may point din naman kasi sila kung bakit nila binabash si korina kasi totoo naman yung patungkol sa sinabi ni korina about sa japan. ang hindi lang naman totoo e yung tungkol sa persona non-grata.

    • SIr, i think kaya ganyan mga reaksyon ng mga tao kasi totoo naman talaga ‘yung balita tungkol doon sa sinabi ni korina sanchez na sana sa japan na lang pumunta yung typhoon. Ang hindi lang totoo ay yung balita about persona non-grata.

  37. Both of them should resign or quit….for delicadeza…their remarks showed that they dont care about others and even to the filipinos..how many filipinos are in japan?coz de castro and roxaz dont know anything and dont know how to handle anything.

  38. Thats what you call bad karma…nun yolanda pa yan…napahiya na ki anderson cooper di pa nadala..kala nya ang galing nya..pareho cla bobo ng asawa nya..puro hangin laman ng utak..ang lakas ksi ng hangin talo pa bagyo..

  39. She should have thought of the people in Japan, not the credibility of the country’s disaster response plan. Well, the damage has been done and her careless comments branded her to be a persona non grata. I think all that’s left for her is to apologize to Japan.

  40. puru crab mentality mga pinoy. siguro nasabi lang ni korina yan kase nakikita naman niya o tayo na hindi at HINDI tlaga kya ng pinas agad bumangon, kya siguro sa Japan nalang sana ang sabi niya. wag puro satsat, magdasal nlang tayo magpapasko pa naman.

    • GAGO GAGA!!! You do not wish bad to anybody kahit na enemy mo. She should had commented “mag miracle na lang na mawala or go to the sea. “

  41. sana my limitasyon ang mga pinag uusapan nila through on air on tv.. kc di nmn tama ung ganun.. sana gamitin nu ang profesionalism as a news caster. nakakahiya k u..

  42. japanese people gained my utmost respect after my most recent visit to tokyo, having experienced how well they respect people regardless of race. as a filipino, i felt embarrassed for what our local broadcaster did. i wish we can all make it after this storm. keep safe everyone!

  43. Ingat na lang tayo sa pananalita natin para walang madamay at masaktan. Magpapasko na, kailangan nating magkaunawaan.

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  45. Kantor Media TNX? ABG Neilsen? HAHAHAHAHA. Halatang hindi totoo ang article na ito. mali mali ang detalye. Tse!

  46. I am somewhat feel ashamed that she is my fellow Filipino. I really don’t like her ever since. I feel bad for Mar Roxas tho, his image has been tarnished as well.

  47. theres no room for a broadcaster like Korina in this communication industry…baka nagmemenopaus na!!!kung tutuusin mas magaling pa na reporter si Karen Davila sa kanya e. walang ka moody moody..cool lang…at kung magbalita may dating…simply lng.hindi nambabastos…

  48. If we prayed not to be hit by hagupit,people of japan do so…if korina and de castro wishes our country to be spared from that disaster ,why not wish that the whole world will be spared from that disaster.it shows that these two illiterate anchors care only for themselves and wished others to suffer.they are only using our country as a front to justify their real image.


    • sa palagay mo bat maggalit ang iba ky korina…meron b ?lumbas nlng nmn yn mga galit ng iba Fil kykorina dhil jn s lately n mga cnbi nia ulol………isa ka rin plang uloL…………sana wish nlng kau n sana malusaw n lng yn bagyo n yn hindi ung mgWISH kau n ilihis s ibang lugar n meron din tao n mappahamak gets mo gago……..mgWISH Kau n g wlng npphamak Gets mo ulit ?GAGo!

    • Hahaha… Pagtatanggol mo pa.. Laki ng bayad siguro sayo teng…. Mali na nga..gusto mo pa ilusot…. Hindi pilipino ang sisihin mo teng.. Dapat si korina sisihin mo.. Propesyon na yan, dapat alam niya code of ethics nya… At masama naman talaga sinabi ni korin eh

      • Kulang sa pagiisip ng sinasabi yang babaeng yaan…walanh delikadesa sa pagsasalita…hindi dapat siyang maging tv host kasi 2nd na incident na yan dapat iterminate siya…hindi maganda sa image ng nasyon yan…

      • Bakit kasi nagkaroon bigla ng mga hirit after nila mag news..ibalit malang sa dati..after news bye na agad.

      • mas bobo ka kahit anu pa hindi siya dapat nag sasabih na specific na country at nag insist pa tlga siya na sana sa japan na lang eh tang ina sinu ba hindi magagalit dun. Pwede nman sabihin na sana sa iba na lnag tuma oh tapos dba? walang tatamaan kasi walang pinatutunguan ung sinabih ni korina.

      • Makabayantao ka pa naman,dapat kse ang idasal maglaho na lamang ang bagyo! Di talaga nagiisip si Korina at Noli!!! Ang hindi sa ngayon dito, eh BOBO sa pinaka BOBO!!!

      • ikaw ang bobo.. kasama ka ba nila korina mga binagyo yung mga utak,,, level 1million na kabobohan nyo eh kaya dumadami na kayo sa mundo eh…

      • Intindihin ninyu kung ano ang cnabi ni makabayantayo.. wag tira nang tira

    • baka naman ikaw yung bobo?
      unawain mo kasi.

      tandaan at pakatandaan,
      public figure si korina.
      news anchor.

      kailangan maingat sya sa pagsasalita, dahil marami syang pwedeng mauto (mapaniwala o mapasangayon) sa sasabihin nya.

      kagaya mo.
      subo lang nang subo gang mapasubo.

      kung ikaw lang naman ang nagsabi nun, anu ba naman ang pake namin sayo.

      • tanga tanga talaga tong si korina. newscaster pero di nag iisip ng epekto ng pinagsasabi. hindi satirical un, stupidity lang.

      • unang una, bago ka magwala jan, eh SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL page itong pinagpuputok ng tlog mo.
        pangalawa, napanood mo ba yung mismong segment nung pinaguusapan nila iyon? kung matalino ka, which in this case i don’t think so, ay nagbibiruan sila ni noli de castro.
        pangatlo, SIGURADO akong nakapagsalita ka na din nga ganyan sa talang buhay mo.
        pang apat, nainiwala akong chismoso ko, dahil hindi mo nga siguradong totoo yung nakasulat, banat ka ng banat. halatang walang laman yung utak mo.
        pang lima, bobo ka.


    • Mas makitid utak mo tanga! News anchor pa nman yang si korina.. sana sinabi nya nlang na mwala yung bagyo.. tanga ka talaga, pare pareho kayo ni korina selfish..

    • I agree with you! Sinabi ni Korina un na dun na lng kasi un nmn ung forecast.. Haysss kapwa Filipino natin tas tyu pa nag papalaki ng issue.

    • Eh makitid din nmn pala utak mo eh! Wala kang pinagkaiba kay Korina. Sana manlang hindi makakadamay ng ibang tao / ibang bansa ang bagyo. Sana naicip mo na mawala nlng ung bagyo. Hayz… tao nga nmn oh..

    • Bobo katalaga no? Double meaning? Marunong ka ba maka-intindi? Nag-aral ka ba? May galit kay Korina? Ha?! Eh ang bobo nya para sabihin na “sana tumama na lang sa Japan.”. Parehas kayong tanga ni Korina. Magsama kayo.

    • wala akong galit dyan kay korina o kay roxas, baka nga yan pa iboto ko kesa kay binay eh…. pero mas makitid naman utak ni korina sa ginawa niya.. Anchor xa,pero parang di xa nagiisip sa mga sinasabi nya. At strike two na yan ah, pangalawang beses na, di na nadala.

      paano kung may anchor sa japan na nagsabi na thank you at sa philippines tumama ang bagyo at hindi dito, di ba magagalit din tayo…-.-

    • ehhh isa karin palang tarantado ohh gaga bakit mo namans asabihin din na sa japan nalang mapunta tanga,…madami rin pilipino at pilipina dun nag tarabaho nako dun at nandun din ang asawa ko ngayun…isa karin palang isip butiki ehh..gagoooo

    • makitid nag utak ng mga Pilipino? baka ikaw ang makitid ang utak, tama ba naman na on national tv na ganoon ang sabihin nila? kung ibang bansa ang tamaan ng bagyo at sinabi nila na sana sa pilipinas nalang lahat, matutuwa ka? kaya ikaw ang makitid ang utak kasam ng mga news anchor na yan

    • What if one of the japanese anchor say the same thing to the philippines..what you think would be the reaction of the filipinos?


    • 1 word “bobo!” Paki ayos mo mga comment mo dahil kahit saan mo tignan mali ang linya na binitiwan nya/nila lalo na’t sa news pa sinabi. Kapareho mo lng na tanga at mapagmataas. Na sarili lng ang iniisip.

    • Tell me where is the good will when you say “Puwede bang sa kanila na lang lahat?” and pressed on saying “Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila.” WTF dude? Think before speaking. No matter how much you rationalize it or what kind of connotation in those words you may think of, just go to the fundamental meaning of those words asshole. And she did not even say sorry that she said her first words of letting Japan “have” the storm but she even strengthened her position of wishing Japan to have the storm. I don’t know what she was thinking but clearly shows her nature, I repeat it true nature.

    • Perfect satire -gets the message across and highlights the problems/shortcomings of media. The satirical article underscores one fact: that high-profile media personalities have been shooting themselves in the foot. I DO NOT THINK THEY do it with MALICE — BUT ONE THING IS OBVIOUS –THEY LACK WISDOM, PRUDENCE & CIRCUMSPECTION. The banter that went on — and shared nationwide — SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE OFF-CAMERA. (I’m almost sure may ganuon biruin among “commoners” in our society.) Even a simpleton knows that. banters like that should never be before tv cameras. Kaya–I am perplexed , dumbfounded that such an intelligent person and seasoned tv journalist as Korina is (and Noli) BLUNDERED so, and committed such a faux pas that only amateurs or tyros (professionals that are wet-behind-the-ears) ordinarily commit.

    • Kung di ka ba naman tanga. Public figure siya. Sa harap pa ng lahat ng mga pinoy na television viewers. Ilang milyong tao ang nakikinig. Nararapat lang na mag ingat ka sa mga sinasabi mo. Hindi mo masisisi ang mga taong kumukutya kasi sa umpisa palang dapat alam nya nang maraming nanunuod at kailangan siyang mag ingat sa kanyang mga pinagsasabi

    • Liliit ng utak natin mga tao noh? Do you guys think that whatever wish Korina made would’ve changed the course of the storm? Binibig-deal nyo kasi. Wala namang paki alam ung bagyo sa mga wishes nyo. It goes wherever nature dictates.

    • kaw pla makitid utak eh bakit kailangan mo sabihin na “sana” mapunta sa japan? hindi ba pdeng sana mag collapse nalang yung bagyo kelangan mo pa idamay yung ibang bansa, kung sabihin din kaya ng isa sa japan na mapunta saten yung bagyo galing sa kanila di kba maiinis? bobo ka pla eh

    • Sana nanahimik n lng siya. Hindi na lng siya sana nagsalita tungkol dyan. Kung iisipin mo mali talaga ang sinabi ni korina. Kahit sabihin mo pang makitid ang utak ng mga Pilipino pero mali talaga na sabihin ni korina na sana sa Japan na lng ang bagyo. Sana sinabi niya na sana doon na lng sa dagat dadaan ang bagyo at hindi tatama sa lupa.

  50. Parang joke yung pagka sabi pero pangit pa rin ang dating…you just don’t wish harm to other people be it Japanese,
    Filpino or any other nationality..bad timing to crack joke…

  51. I think it’s a big wrong for Ms. Sanchez to say that, even if she’s not on the national tv. wishing ill for others in order to spare oneself is not a good attitude. Besides, why should we wish omen for the country who helps us deeply. Japan and Philippines are allies

  52. Nakakahiya, Japan pa naman ang may malaking tulong nung yolanda, Japan pa naman ang tumutulong sa agawan ng Territoryo against China. ABS CBN Tangalin nyo na yan. Pwede KBP makialam na rin sa kahihiyang ito na galing lamang sa nagaambisyong maging unang ginang…. yuk…

    • Tama ka tangalin yan c korina kapal ng mukha nya japan pa nman laking n2long dyn s pinas Wlang utang Na loob…ipgpalgay nga nating dito sa japan ung Bagyo bakit Wla ba mga Pilipino d2 npkrami..siya nalang sana dnala n ruby ikasaya ko pa cgro…npakabastos n babae prang Wlang pngAralan.dapat tangalin yan..dapat lang di siya welcUm s japan nkkhiya siya!!!!!

    • agree aq jan tanggalin n c korina s TV PATROL mging responsable s pg ssalita ng live dhil mraming mnood ng tv specially mga bta,pti station dpat aware cla n ksma cla s nccra ang reputation ng iisang tao lng.

  53. It only shows what kind of a bitch korina sanches is. She”s ill educated. She doesn’t think right before making such statements. Her ego in media had consumed her to her downfall. Japan is the most friendliest country towards the Philippines and the biggest contributor of aid in so many ways. Maybe typhoon ruby would go directly to where miss korina lives. Remember the anderson cooper of CNNincident Ms Sanchez.

  54. Japan was one of the first to aid Philippines during typhoon Haiyan. In any manner, she should have not said that. For someone who stays in the comfort of her office during calamities, those words are reckless.

  55. paghilom mo tanan sabihin na natin mali si mam korina pero wala kayong karapatan hamakin siya. kung makareact kala ninyo malilinis kayo….ll


    • sino din namang bobong maniniwala kapag sinabi ni korina lumihis sa japan ay pupunta nga sa japan???? eh ikaw ang mukhang naniniwala kay korina eh, ahahahaha. nag mukukha ka din tanga jan.

  57. Mali tlga dun c korina..tao din nmn ung mga nsa japan db?sna cnbi nia nlng n mag dasal po taung lht pra s mga lugar n tatamaan ng bagyo..laki din nmn ng pkinabang ntn s japan db..ang daming mga pinoy at pinay n nag tatrabho dun..wag lng po mging selfish kc ang pangit lalo ka n korina..tsk tsk..

  58. Over reacted on what she said? Hello?? Remember last year when Hayan hit Tacloban? She said that Anderson Copper doesnt know what he was saying. Anderson Copper was on ground zero while she was just inside the comfort of the booth. She’s honestly not thinking what she was saying.

  59. Pangalawang beses na ni Ms. Sanchez yan nung una sa CNN news caster ngayon naman sa Japan. nakuha pa kasing mag joke sa napaka seryosong bagay. Kalamidad ang usupan tapos magbibiro, parang di professional.

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  61. the fact that korina sanchez said(even unintentionally) that the typhoon should hit japan instead is already wrong so sa mga taong nagagalit or gusto siyang pagtanggol, you guys are out of this why need to fight over the comments of others opinion lang po nila yun, makareact kayo wagas eh 😛 but i say mali ni korina yun sana hindi nalang siya nagsalita

    • Hala tama na yan. Simple jokes but not good. However Japan should not be sensitive. Di ba nila naalala kalupit nila sa mga Filipino. Yun ngang mga relatives ko halos naubos dahil sa mga hapon. Kay Korina mali pero pwede hingin public apology di agad ganoon. Sila brutal ang ginawa nila. Wag nating kalimutan na minsan nagsuffer mga Filipino dahil sa hapon. PRIME MINISTER ABE CAREFUL.

      • Tama noon pinahirapan tayo ng mga hapon. Pero hindi sila pinagbawal pumunta dito sa pinas. Kaya mga pilipinong makikitid ang utak wag kayong masyadong manghusga ng kapwa ninyo pilipino! Tsk tsk

  62. Sabe na ba magkaka problema pagkarning ko kay Korina last Wednesday. Ganda na na ng relation ng Pilipinas at Japan nagsalita pa sila ng ganun. Muntikan ko na matapunan ng baso tv ko pagkasalita niya para ihinto yung sinabi niya

  63. Really so bad bakit kailangan sabihin ang ganun?they are anchors and educated right?all I can say is suffer the consequence! Apology is very much needed!

  64. Im with Japan on this. If this is how Korina wants to build her reputation, she should be very ashamed of her acts specially knowing that shes from the Philippines.

  65. Both of them the TV anchor, they should not make Joke about the Typhoon,,, that is very unprofessional for her to make a joke out of this Hagupit, she should have known this.

  66. Kahit satire news lang eto still it may produce such an impact sa estado no Ms.Korina being a newscaster and considered as a public figure she should have remind herself of the code of ethics that she has vowed to abide in our point of view maling-mali talaga in binitawang salita may it be just a joke or not…..hope she will learn from this mistake.

  67. I see what you did here.. stop using my name for this nonsense news; stop it right away or we’ll send a snow storm to your country.

    (Believe this and your stupid..it has SATIRE writtern all over it)


  68. isipin na lng na isa sa laging handang tumulong ang bansang Japan tuwing may sakunang nangyayari sa Pilipinas…pano na lng kung matuloy na manalo si Mar Roxas 1st Lady si korina…alam na kung ano na ang mangyayari Pinas-Japan…6 yrs dedma ang Japan

    • Yes, my country is willing to help with your ignorance.

      PS Im the real prime minister, no joke.. peksman cross my heart!

  69. Hello… hope she will reform! Meron kc feedback dati sa live set-up… mga kasamahan sa media nakita talaga…may attitude yan eh… Hope and pray she will change. Habang may buhay…may pag-asa… change for the good or the other way round. Please naman sa mga veterans in media magpakita naman kayo ng good image and examples sa mga future journalists.

  70. naka take two na sya ha… sisikat nanaman sya sa pagiging maldita…….mas okay sana kung mag lay low muna sya nakaka hiya naman yung mga public vigures natin…face palm T_T

  71. I think i agree with you marsc, the management should not allow any anchor’s commentaries. Credibility is important in a news anchor but if they will have negative comments less credibility will implies.

  72. To the japanese ministry, i feel sorry and bad for the insolence of this naive news anchor. She should not wish for the typhoon not to hit us and redirect it way to japan. How i wish i can tie her in the sierra madre’s apex and then let her meet typhoons face to face. Japanese folks were the nicest living thing on earth that they do not deserve a curse from some dingy-tongued anchor.

    • Your apollogy is accepted but please do note that this news is satirical; our government unlike yours doesent give importance on entertainment news. But hey thanks anyway!

    • Dear Guatlo-san no need for such declarations, but its well noted. thanks for believing in this fairytale. Domo Arigatougozaimas!

  73. I’ts so embarrassing to say that you kORINA SANCHEZ is a Filipino like me.I can assure that every Filipino who lives outside the Philippines all over the world is praying hardly for the safetynes s of every Filipino in own country… But what we’ve got is an unhearted phrases from an anchor like you.Shame on you KORINA SANCHEZ.

  74. I know this comment won’t reach japan but as a Filipino, I want to say my sincere apologies on the behalf of ms korina and former vice pres noli for saying ill will against japan. These public figures represent the image of the Filipinos and I don’t want this image of the Philippines to Japan to be stained. So again, as a Filipino, I deeply apologize

    • But it did! Thank you for your apology; it is well noted and accepted. Because of your apology I declare a No Visa Policy for all kind-hearted filipinos! Fair enough?

      Dont believe everything you read. Its dangerous.

  75. Kahit naman cguro ako magagalit din sa cnbi ni Corina.
    Kse pra din isang tahanan yan. Ayaw masaktan ng Padre de Pamilya ang kahit isa sa myembro ng pamilya nya.

  76. Folks ano mararamdaman nyo kung sabihin ng japan na sana satin tumama yung bagyo na sakanila sana tatama?

    What would you guys feel if we stood their shoe? That a japanese anchor wished that the typhoon about to hit em hopes to be redirected into the philippines?

    There’s no forgiveness for what she did.

    For the information of japanese. Ms. Korina sanchez is the wife of the philippine’s department of internal and local government’s secretary mar roxas. And i think he must watch over his wife’s personality

    • give her a second chance…tao lang tayo…hindi po nya sinasadyang sabihin yun…wag nyong huhusgahan agad ang isang tao base sa mga maling nagawa nya…kung makapagsalita nman yung iba pa tungkol kay miss sanchez prang ang linis linis nman nila…be open minded nman….hayssst… i don’t understand people now a days… reality sucks…

    • sana wag nlng plakihin ang issue….sobrng laki ng kslanan ntin matuto t ung humingi ng apology….pra wlng mga Filipinong maapektuhn lalo kung nsa Japan….bka mgaya t u s hongkong ngkaroon t u ng discrimination….kya kung kinakailngn humingi ng sorry gwin n po pra wl ng madamay……at susunod po mging matalino at wag padalosdalos sa mga sinsabi….huwag gawing biro ang kalamidad bagkus ipagdasal natin naway lumihis at mawala upang walang maapektuhan sa loob man o sa labas ng bansa…….

  77. Korina means mas kayang kaya ng japan na mkabangon agad f evr s japan dumrtso ang bagyo,,kaysa sa pinas na lam nmn ntn na d agad tayu makkabngon s mga sakuna na tulad ng bagyo

  78. Hindi na lang natin ipagdasal na mawala na ang bagyo, para hindi na tayo kabahan at wala ng mapinsalang lugar or tahanan. Hindi yung hihilingin or sasabihin pa na sana lumipat/lumihis na sa Japan or kahit anong bansa yung bagyo. Baka nakakalimutan nya na malala din ang nangyari at pinagdaanan ng Japan at may namatay din syang mga kababayan nya doon.

    • Abnormal ka po, mas matindi ka pang representative sa pagiging S T U P I D kesa sa mga sinasabi mong Filipino leaders. Sige ipaglaban mo yang “Nolly” mo tanga.

    • No I don’t think they deserve Harakiri or otherwise known as Seppuku. Why? Because these suicidal methods was originally reserved for samurais to maintain their honor instead of befalling into the hands of the enemies. They obviously don’t deserve to maintain their honor, I mean anong honor pa ba? Yung nag grant sila ng ill will sa ibang tao? Walang honor dun. Hindi para sa kanila ang seppuku. :))

      • Haha….I don’t think they understand the meaning if the words.. These people deserve to die like animals and not heroes… I agree with you Anonymous

  79. To De Castro and Korina Sanchez, youre a bad example of bad journalism and characters in the Philippines. You lack sensitivity. You don’t makes jokes like that weather on air or not on air. I never like Korina Sanchez after I saw her violent tantrums to abs cbn studio crews a while back. She really have a bad attitude and manners people don’t see when watching her on tv.

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      • We can’t move on to the future if we want to keep going back in the past. War is like hell’s fury… we can’t simply go back to those details for a better relationship for a future. We are not in war with Japan right now… why would christians like us wish ill for another?

      • PAST IS PAST MOVE ONE Mr. doming panganiban… baka nakalimutan mo kung sino ang unang tumulong sa pinas nung nanganga ilangan tau… kung ang german soldier mdaming pinatay nung panahon ng holocaust that doesnt mean na hanggang ngaun makahitler pa dn sila. tama ba? either way mali tlga ung sinabi ni korina at ni de castro.. dahil kahit anung perspective pa yan d dapat mgsalita ng ganyan…

      • Stupid, this is a new generation of people and almost all the Japanese involved in world war 2 are dead by now.

  81. Mali talaga !!! Nasabi ay nasabi na ! Magsorry man kulang pa sa kahihiyan na nagawa. Kahit kanino man d dapat magbiro lalo nat maselang pangyayari .. bk isipin na lahat ng pilipino ay pangit ang paguugali .

    • @engkantadah I think it’s not right that you generalize ABS-CBN as a whole just because of the said event. Remember they garnered a lot of award not just national but also international. It’s so unfair of you to say such things that measures the credibility of the station. Yes Ms. Korina said something wrong but I guess it was not because she hated Japan or what but because she doesn’t want the phenomena to happen again knowing the places that could get hit are the places greatly damaged by the past catastrophe. This event should be a lesson to everybody henceforth to be cautious of the statements we let go.

  82. Ay giatay ka korina Kaya nman Ang baba ng tingin Sa sting mga Pilipino masama Ang mga imahin natin Sa tingin ng Taga isang Bansa ehhhh yay ayah ka nman day!!!! don’t say bad words or some that kind of joke Mali yong bansang binagga mo giaiatay ka Sa laki ng itinulong ng bansang Japan Sa Yolanda di mo ba naisip un kong maka wish ka wagas!! Kaya nman walang kaunlaran Ang bansang pilipinas eh Kaya pinamalas palagi! Sana mas Maganda kong nag wish ka sana wala nlng bagyo o kalamidad pa darating sang Bansa man…. Giaiatay ka ! Japan is nice country nice people Hindi Gaya jan Sa Pinas
    Ayusin nyo oi.

  83. that’s definitely not good to hear, wishing bad to others is an act of cursing someone. Better to say sana malusaw nalang yong bagyo and that no places will be harm. No people will be hurt. nanaging selfish kc un ganun act ng mga anchors. To think na dami nanood sa kanila regardless sa age. kaya as a public figure magiging maingat sana sila sa mga salita na binibitawan nila pra d na makasakit ng iba.

  84. Kahit sabihin nila na sariling opinion nila yun dapat hindi na nila ipinahayag. Recognized nga sila eh yung pag hiling ng masamang bagay sa ibang tao ginagawa nila. Hindi porket hiniling niya na wag na sa pilipinas tumama eh may malasakit na siya.

  85. They are wishing a serious disaster to redirect to Japan. Nice try Korina! Suspension or Permanent removal for you my dear. You are totally a disappointment for Abs-Cbn news and current affairs .

    • what is ABS CBN’s management disciplinary action here for the said anchors???? They should be meted a disciplinary action for their insensitive comments aired in national tv.

  86. anong silbi ang pagkapropesyonal ninyo kung ang lumalabas s bibig nyo ang nakakasakit ng tao,, may mga kapatid ako s japan at mga pamangkin, sana nlng sinabi nyo na lumihis s walang dadaanang tao ang bagyo kesa s mismong minsan nagbigay ng malaking tulong sa bansa mo!!! may pagaka taklesa kahit matalino pala!!!,

  87. Yan ba ang magiging future first lady ng pinas. dapat palitan na yan sa tv patrol. mas mahusay pa yung iba gaya ni karen davila or si ms.pinky webb. nasuspinde non nakaraan non kay bagyong yolanda. dapat tangalin na.

  88. No Visa Policy for Filipinos to Japan because you are all amazingly entertaining. You believe everything on the Net

    Effective tomorrow

    Xoxo PM S. Abe

    Noted by the Emperor of Japan

  89. Maraming nagsabi na di maganda mag wish ng masama para sa ibang tao/bansa,,,, 1 question lang,,, ano kaya ang wini wish nila for korina & mar (na dinamay pa),,, masama din d ba,,, hate nyo c korina pero ginagaya nyo!!! Dasal na lng tayo!!!

  90. That bitch is a total disgrace to our country….. If you can’t say anything good, shut your mouth then Korina. We, the Filipinos, Japanese and other nations doesn’t need such remarks from you…

  91. People commenting here, especially the Filipinos wishing for Korina’s family to die, are as stupid as they could be, reacting like this news is real. I guess they didn’t even bother to think about searching the web what does “satirical” mean.

  92. i feel ashame and sorry a fellow filipino wished ill will against an ally of our country and one of the first country to always in aid in cases of calamities like this.koeina and noli should issue a public and written apologies and be slapped by a sunction equal to their actuations to serve as s lesson by ABS CBN company.korina is becoming a liability to mar in his quest to presidency of the republic.

  93. Korina this message is for you read this very well i will say it in tagalog.Hindi mo dapat sinabi yun about typhoon issue hindi mo inisip lahat nang hinihiling nyung tulong galing nang japan ay natutulungan ang pilipinas .You need to resign as a newscaster no need to listen or viewed your telenews from philippine. Go to hell Ms.Korina

  94. Such words should never have come out from anyone’s mouth – the more from the mouth of these two anchor figures! This is too bad – if you don’t have something good to say, you might as well zip your mouth! Please naman, wag naman kayo sobrang magaling! Just do your job correctly – Pilipino kayo, Pilipino din kami, somehow sadly affected ang lahat ng Pinoy sa buong mundo, whether we like it or not. Whatever bad wishes you have, just have it in your minds, safer and surely wouldn’t harm anyone. Olds teach the young ones this way.. what do you two teach yours? Gosh, nakakalungkot at sobrang nakakahiya. Walang depensa sa nasabi nyo, Please agree you did BIG TIME WRONG!!!

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  96. My God. What kind of a first lady korina sanchez would be if mar roxas got elected as president of the Philippines? They both have attitude! She’s tackless, He’s arrogant.

  97. I was right the moment I heard Corina joked, I said why such a bad wish for Japan to be hit by the typhoon. Its better to scrap the comment part of TV patrol. We don’t need their comments

  98. First of all that Korina should study before saying something. Japan always suffers with long time typhoon every year and this year we already had 22 typhoons and we used to call our country the Typhoon Ginza. But we learned from our experienced and every time there’s calamity, the government will give budget for every damaged areas to fix every damaged. And the irrigation system here is always checked not have another damage. How about the Philippines, your politicians grew up with the flood problems and still when they became politicians they didn’t do anything about the irrigation system. Korina Sanchez whoever you are before you open your mouth, think three times because once you spit it out, it won’t be forgotten!!!

  99. everybody becoming self-righteous over a satire, not even checking out the context of the topic. just goes to show how gullible people (pinoys in this case) are.

    at dun sa mga bashers na wini-wish na
    “sana korina ikaw na lang ang bagyuhin..blah blah etc.” anong pinag kaiba nyo dun sa taong pinupuntirya nyo? namimintas nga kayo eh kayo dn naman pala mismo kayang nyo din sabihin yung ganong bagay.



    No Visa Policy for Filipinos to Japan because you are all amazingly entertaining. You believe everything on the internet.

    Effective tomorrow

    Xoxo PM S. Abe

    Noted by the Emperor of Japan


    • Mister Prime Minister Abe sulatan mo lng aq para mafeature kita sa Maalaala Mo Kaya. Pagpasensyahan mo na si Korina medyo naparami ng kain ng wasabi at singhot ng tsinelas.

  101. sure they can handle it better because their government officials serves their country and people unlike here in the Philippines government officials only serve themselves.

  102. yung nagsasabi jan na tao lng sya nagkakamali.. Oh nasa point na tayo na tao lng si korina nagkakamali sa pagsasambit ng mga bagay bagay…Pero naisip nyo ba yung mga maapektuhan ng bagyo kung sakaling sa kanila tumama, naisip nyo ba yung mga victims yung mga what so ever na masisira…

    Whats done is done… Ang nasabi ay nasabi na…kaya panindigan nya na lng yung consequence sa mga salita na binanggit nya..yan nlng magagawa or else make an apology sa Japan..

  103. So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

    • Mister Prime Minister Abe sulatan mo lng aq para mafeature kita sa Maalaala Mo Kaya. Pagpasensyahan mo na si Korina medyo naparami ng kain ng wasabi at singhot ng tsinelas.

  104. please korina if we need a public apology….go head because many Filipino people sacrifice and affecting specially a filipino in japan to our Prime Minister Shinzo Abe i feel ashame and sorry in behalf of all filipino….ごめんなさい……………ごめんなさい……………ごめんなさい

  105. Pingback: Korina Sanchez Reportedly ‘Declared’ by Japan as Persona non Grata in HOAX Article | RachFeed

  106. Guess who didnt use her brain. That reporter. What an insensitive twat. Seriously. Like who wishes for that? What if she lived in Japan and she heard someone wished that it would hit her country instead? Would that be nice? No. Im embarrassed to have the same blood as you. People dont need to watch stupid people say stupid things on tv. Honestly. Just shut up, Korina.

  107. I was disappointed, to be honest. I’m not quick to judge but no one can deny that she made a terrible mistake. As a public figure, she’s supposed to be a role-model and more importantly as a newscaster/news-anchor, she’s supposed to be unbiased. All of us don’t want this typhoon, who would ever want to have this disaster anyway? She should have just wished that this typhoon will vanish instead of wishing for it to hit Japan or another country. It’s not about whether a country can handle or overcome the consequences of facing disastrous natural calamities but it’s about the lives that are at STAKE because of it. Asking for the typhoon to hit Japan is akin to wishing its people to die. Now who in their right minds would ever wish for this? Especially not a public newscaster lol. What would other countries think of Filipinos now?

    I get the patriotism here (the love for one’s country) but for her to wish ill to others, it’s just really low even for her. What she said was the most degrading thing ever and I think that she deserves the punishment (persona non grata) from Japan. Even if she were to apologize, I don’t think Japan will change their decision. It’s sad really.

    Let this be a reminder to every public figure/ news anchor out there to be mindful of what they say especially when making a comment in public.

    And in behalf of all the Filipinos, I sincerely apologize.

  108. baka galit lang si Corina sa mga Hapon…huwag n’yong kalimutan noong nakaraan giyera, WW2…isipin n’yo kung ano ang ginawa ng mga Hapon sa Filipino…kahit ang China hindi nila makalimutan ang ginawa sa kanila…kaya, huwag naman husgahan agad si Corina , sinama pa si Mar Roxas at si Kabayang Noli

  109. Kasi ang ugali nating pinoy sa mga ganitong komento eh joke lang,. sa sibilisadong bansa pinag iingatan nila ang ganitong kumento. Masaya kasi ang mga pinoy pag me kasamang nahihirap kahit siya na ang mismo ang nasa gitna ng delubyo.

    • Ewan ko bakit ganyan ang piniy , as a filipino din nakakahiya yung sinabi nya, not bec shes an anchor, dahil hindi naman nya naranasan yung bagyo last year mayaman sya eh. Tapos sasabihin nya sana sa japan nalng malunta , dami din kaya pinoy dito, d lang pinoy madaming TAO DITO SA JAPAN

  110. Do you have any proofs kung saan sinabi talaga ng Prime Minister ng Japan to?

    If this is true, then she definitely deserve it

    • Nakalagay naman sa description ng site nila na Satire to eh. At dito sa comment box, “blah blah about thus SATIRICAL article?” or wait, search mo muna meaning ng satire. -_-

  111. So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news. Get real people! Hahahaha nice one.

    • I was just wondering….. During GMA”s term, Mar Roxas has always been popular having been tagged as Mr. Palengke by the press themselves. It was the opposite these times when he holds a more sensitive and highter post. Can you guess why?? . . . . The Korina factor. It is now safe to say that Korina is the MINUS FACTOR for Mar not a plus.

  112. “Sa kanila na lang lahat. Parang mas kaya nila.” (Let them have it all. It seems they can handle it better).
    One should really be careful … i think if we get the whole context it is because ” … kaya nila” or that JAPAN CAN HANDLE THE DISASTER BETTER , than the Philippines … because they are better off than us ….

  113. Mga kupal na feeling concern sa mga bastos na hapon…nagpapakatotoo lang si korina parang blood is thicker than water lang yan..oo naman mas pipiliin ko pang maisalba ang pilipinas kesa sa japan japan na yan..naalala nyo ba mga kupal? Na ang gusto nilang kapalit dati sa pagtulong sating economy ay maging tapunan tayo ng mga basura nila? Na may mga toxic at ano pang may chemical waste na yan..buti hindi pumayag si Gloria..

  114. Korina! What if sa bahay mo na lang dumerecho ang bagyo mukhang mas kaya mo!! Yabang mo! Isipin mo nga yan pinagdadakdak mo..

  115. I am very ashamed of our fellow lady (Sanchez). Are there no Filipinos in JAPAN? Are there no kids/babies in JAPAN to be affected?, KORINA you SUCKS this lady is nothing but a coward!, I have a 7yr old daughter living in JAPAN (I was deported back to PH for separation) and I cannot accept Sanchez words I would rather say let the storm hit me just not where my daughter is in GODS will. KORINA SHUT YOUR MOUTH DEAD!

    • Almost all of my relatives are living in japan, and i would rather experience the typhoon than them. To Korina, i know from the start that you are a horrible,manipulative,vindictive woman but did not know you could stoop this low. You should be ashamed!


  117. Not true guys,

    So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

  118. dapat sayo, i.ban sa lahat ng bansa…lalong lalo na sa lahat ng tv stations…baka anu pang lumabas sa bibibg mo na makakasakit sa ibang tao. di mo na lang naisip na sa tuwing tayo ang laging na sa sakuna dulot ng mga bagyo at trahedya…sila at iba pang bansa ang tumutulong sa atin… sino ka para magsalita ng ganyan sa kanila?

  119. she forget to remember that there are lots of Filipino’s in Japan who are working vigorously to help our Filipino men,,did she not thought of how Japan helps our countrymen the times of need,,,she’s a big shame to all our Fil Media,,not being judgemental,,,just hurt me as I have so many relatives and very good friend in Japan.


  121. Korina Sanchez deserves that and I hope for the rest of her life ” she can never step foot in Japan”. Who on earth would wish for a country to be eaten by disasters?! ONLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE SELFISH AND AMBITIOUS enough to hope that not just 1 but a lot of people would suffer JUST TO PRrgaraOTECT HIMSELF.PEOPLE WITH WRONG WAY OF SHOWING HUMAN COMPASSION CAN’T BE CALLED HUMAN AT ALL…. The worst !!!!

  122. Andaming OA dito na mga dunong dunungan. This is a FAKE news site. Once again FAKE. Basa basa din pag may time mga pipz. Yan hirap eh bash ng bash nde naman ginagamit mga utak.

  123. damage is done so i think all of us stop commenting negative things that will prove that we all have the same attitude Filipino like what this people showing to the public. that everybody know that filipinos are kind and respectable and this will be lesson to us that mistake of one person will become mistake of all and everybody suffer for the punishment,

  124. Lahat nagkakamali kaya may disciplinary action. Huwag nman idamay ang buong network ng abs cbn. Marami tayong dapat ipagpasalamat sa mga nagawa ng abs cbn sa sambayanang Filipino

  125. I wonder why ABS keep this two moron as TV anchor…Even GMA will not accept this two as TV anchor..maybe field reporter..I agree. there CV say’s I’m Professional journalist..but there Character are TRASH.

  126. Dear Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe I sincere apologies to all people in Japan….and please don’t be angry of my country……hopefully give her a chance to apologies…..for the sake of the country……申し訳ありませんが、 日本…………..申し訳ありませんが、 日本…………..チャンスを与えてください!!!!!!!!

  127. To Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,
    I posted before a prayer in Facebook that GOD would just melt the cyclone/typhoon Hagupit so that it would not enter into the Philippines, nor in Japan.I care for my country and yours as well. The typhoon is currently weakening so it may probably not damage your country anymore. Please don’t have a negative impression on all the Filipinos because I assure you that there are millions who are good among my countrymen.

  128. my opinion is, posting satirical articles is alright, but there should be a limit…especially if the content can possibly channel a flame between 1 nation to another…my point is every individual have thier own interpretation and some Comprehensive people dont suddenly realize that what they are reading is only satirical and so they express thier opinions and feelings.

  129. Mrs.korina Sanchez Roxas shame on you! Marami kami kamag anak sa Japan, at ang Japan ang isang bansa na tumutulong sa pinas lalo na sa mga nasalanta ng kalamidad..Sana nag isip Ka muna na bago Ka nagsalita, tama lang dika papuntahin sa Japan, sana lifetime na.

  130. Na-bigla lng yan si Ma’am Korina. Parang minsan sa sobrang bilis mag-salita, hnd na alam kung ano yung nasasabi.

  131. Korina Sanchez really deserves these harsh comments …. uncalled for attitude for such a public figure like her . . . bad ETIQUETTE for such a woman at her status. . . Now, i can conclude that her previous scandal …. true or false … ILLICIT affairs with 3 lovers? The true color of Korina ….

  132. Oo mas kaya ng Japan i handle mga ganun klaseng kalamidad, pero it’s still not fair na mas gustuhin natin sa Japan nalang tumama ang bagyo.. It’s not Japan’s fault kung asensado ang bansa nila dahil kahit nung unang panahon pa disiplinado na talaga sila at massipag, unlike here na puro crab mentality mga tao at mga pulitiko at ugali ng karamihan dito na umasa lagi ng tulong sa ibang tao, pero pag usapang malas na, mas hihilingin natin na ang malasin nalang e yung dati din naman na tumutulong satin. At para dun sa nag bring up about WW2, I think you need more reference bago ka mag sabi ng ganun, masyado ka nang outdated. Remember pinagbayaran na ng Japan ung nagawa nila nun WW2 in fact hanggang ngaun pinagbabayaran parin nila yun, think about Germany, marami din naman pinapatay si Hitler pero naka tikim ba sila ng Atomic bomb? at pinagbayaran ba nila un? hindi kasi daw it was just war. Anyway, dun mo makikita kung gano ka determinado mga Japanese. Ang tapang pa nga natin mga Pinoy na hamunin ang China, e pag binanatan tayo ng China kaya ba natin? E malamang isa din ang Japan na tutulong satin e.. The point is, selfish lang talaga ang marami satin mga pinoy, pag kelangan ng tulong ang babait, pero pag hindi muna kelangan ng tulong, laglagan muna. What a shame

  133. It is very disappointing to hear from supposedly veteran journalist to go tactless. I think it’s time for the three TV Patrol host to stop their practice of sharing their opinions at the end of the news program, because this is where they are drawn to sharing their thoughtless views. They should deliver only news base on facts and refrain from making opinions.

  134. i love japan and their culture. I hate korina sanchez even before. She has a bad attitude off the camera. But still the filipino my fellow country men just slip away a person like her. She’s influential person that’ s why they can’t kick her out. ABS-CBN keep such an news anchors.

    • Think before you click and speak especially if your a reporter. Slip of Tongue is not reversible. Choice din ang magkamali. Leave no room for error. Kung alam mo masama ang magiging resulta. Just keep quite.

    • that is not valid dear… mali pa din ang mag hangad ng kapahamakan ng iba… be responsible in everything that comes out of our mouth specially the you are a well known figure…

      • And you’d eat what you’ve just said.. Be proud of yourself coz you’re nothing… Magbuhat na ng sariling bangko.. Batid ko maxado k nag eexpect sa sarili mo Peru walang nangyayare… Umayos k!!

    • It works like this Maria.. ” If you have nothing good to say.. SHUT THE F___K UP!” Nobody should RATIONALIZE these stupid mistakes! Remember, ‘ out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.’

    • Kung ikaw magkamali… walang may paki-alam sayo… Pero, kung ikaw, PUBLIC FIGURE, lalo na at sa news ka, hindi man perpekto, pero kailangan mo maging SOBRANG MAINGAT sa lahat ng binibitawan mong salita… Kasi nirereflect mo kung gaano ka ka-credible at ka-consistent sa pagbabalita. Kaya wag mo ipagmalaki, na tao lang, nagkakamali… kasi hindi na pagkakamali yan.. CHARACTER NYA NA MISMO ang maging taklesa, mashadong maopinyon kahit sa maling paraan na.

    • to think of a particular place na sasabihin is not a mistake. hindi yun slip of the tongue. japan ang pinakamalapit na pwedeng dalihin ni hagupit kaya alam ni korina yun. saka more than once niya winish e…siguro tanga ka rin!!!

    • she’s a public figur and a journalist she should watch her mouth,it’s a disgrace to the Filipino people and to her colleagues

    • Right, and you know what? Mistakes have consequences, that’s why we try not to make them, and as adults we take responsibility for our mistakes.

    • You do realize that this is a satirical write-up right? Coz if you don’t, you guys are the funniest! Did the zombies attacked thy houses? Lo and behold! LOL

    • Kapag foreigners ang uminsulto sa ating bansa sandamakdak na reklamo at at sasabihin ninyo i persona non grata pero kapag tayo ang uminsulto pagkakamali lang…aba matindi…hunghang ka ba tama lang yan kay korina at ng matuto sa mga kamalian niya…

    • A public figure like her and considering she’s a veteran broadcaster. Yea we msdw mistakes but her action is not acceptable. She need to apologise to what she said.

    • Are you STUPID OR JUST BORN WITH NO BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not a mistake!!!! Korina always speak ill of others, you just don’t want to hear it!!!! MORON!!! SHE DESERVES IT!!!!!!!!

    • My gosh, she is suppose to be professional and educated journalist, so dapat alam nya kung ano ang dapat na lumalabas sa bibig nya… And besides, hindi na dapat ginagamit na excuse sa kanya na ” tao lang at nagkakamali” , hindi na ba sya natuto sa kapalpakan nya last year about the cnn reporter na kung anu-ano rin ang lumabas sa bibig nya!!! Masyado na syang kahihiyan sa media broadcasting and journalism, maging sa mga pilipinong kababayan natin sa japan…. Dapat sa kanya na lang magland ang ruby, maramdaman nya naman ang kapalpakan ng bibig nya…

    • to err is human..yeah, pero nd dahilan ung” sori, tao lng” s paggawa ng mga kamalian..isip-isip din kung makakasama ung sasabihin mo bago mo sabihin ksi bka huli n

    • pang ilan n bang mistake yan..remember yung newscaster n si cooper yun ay kung alam mo yung issue about dun..ungas ka ba

    • Sa isang public figure tulad ni Korina, unacceptable yun. Tao nga tayo, ngkakamali, pero naisip mo ba na kaya nga sya News Anchor kasi mas nakapag-aral siya at mas lohikal siyang mag-isip kumpara sa mga ordinaryong tao. At sa National TV pa nya sinabi yun. Kung pwede pala yung “everyone makes mistakes, we are humans after all” na dahilan, eh dapat wala na lang PULIS! Peace!

  135. Hindi ako matatangal sa ABS CBN! Malakas ako sa management! Ang dami kasing tanga dita sa staff, mga iincompetent! Nag papasok ako ng income sa kompanta at kumikita shoes ko sa mga commercial at endorsements. Walang mangyayari sa mga paninira nyo sa akin! Mga leche kayo!

    • Dont worry darling , malakas ka naman sa network , saka wag ka magalala jan sa prime minister ng japan , kumpare ko yan , inaanakan ko yung anak nyan eh , saka malakas ka talaga sa network , khit anong sabihin mo , paniniwalaan ka parin , ako nga dami ko ng nabulsa pro naniniwala parin mga tao na tumutulong ako sa mga biktima ng mga bagyo. mga ulol ba sila. pukingina nyo

  136. Don’t make jokes over other people’s suffering!!! you are comfortable caused you have not experienced those turbulence in life. You Korina Sanchez is a hypocrite!!! Shame on you.

  137. nothing wrong with that b’cause japan is more advanced than ours
    mali lng pagkakasabe ni korina sa tagalog na sana sa japan na lng lahat yun lng mali don kase sa pilipino npaka mean non ng salita na yon salamat….

    • Hahahaha, nothing wrong you say. There are a lot of things wrong with your way of thinking, yes it wouldn’t really hurt their economy as much as ours but it would hurt their people a lot more. Their birth rates have been on a huge decline these past years, that storm hitting them would be a lot worse for their declining population than for our rising one.

    • ganun? paano lung sabihin ko na.. pwede bang sa buong pamilya mo nalang mapunta ang sakit ng mga batang may cancer? tutal mukang mayaman ka naan at kakayanin nyo naman..

      ano na nararamdaman mo ngayon! ok parin ba? isip muna ha?

  138. Are there videos to support both “news-items”…, re: Korina and re: PM Abe.
    In any event…, I do not think for a moment that Ms. Korina was serious nor malicious enough in meaning what she said…, about the typhoon veering to Japan instead of the Philippines.

    IF she was That-SERIOUS she could have made it into some form of a “Prayer”.
    And her body-language and facial-expression just show that
    what she just said was to make “light-of-the-news”.

    Some people readily “believe” what they want to believe.

    • Yes at a couple of websites like Youjizz.com , xvideos.com pornhub.com and redtube.com look it up in there. search it

    • Yan ang problema sa mga Pilipino – para sa mga Pilipino, maidadaan ang lahat sa biro. Kahit walang masamang intensyon, sinabi sa TV. Eh kung may mga Hapon dito sa Pilipinas na kaya umintindi ng Tagalog ang nakakita niyan?

      Tapos kapag mga dayuhan may sinabi na parang ganyan, todo-violent reaction kayong lahat.

      Ang tanga mo rin no?

  139. Well, in my opinion; whether or not Japan can handle typhoons better than any countries, we should not wish other countries ill will. For Korina, it would’ve been her way of kidding aside during a conversation, but she must realize she’s on national television. People look up to her and some idolizes her. I guess this is where we say, think before you speak?

  140. She was definitely joking…but it was not a good joke. Wishing other country of ill will is like a doom to them. Sana natuto na xa nun k Cooper pa lang, heto nanaman xa. Di nya mapigilan ang bunganga nya. Dapat sa ganyan break fluid ang iniinom imbis na tubig.

  141. Ponyetang mga pilipino! Crab mentality! Reflection si korina ng pilipinas kaya di lang bababa tingin ng mga hapon kay korina pati satin! Sinisiraan niyo pa sariling atin kesa itago at ipagtangol! Kaya di umaasenso eh

  142. Ito ang tunay na news. Akala niyo talaga magkaaway si Mar Roxas at Jojo Binay pero ang totoo sila ay may relasyon. Matagal na. Yes, bading sila at yan ang totoo. Front lang ni Mar si Korina at ni Jojo si Elenita.

    • Pakialam mo! Nagmamahalan kami ni Mar at yan ang totoo. Panahon na upang magkaroon ng LGBT na pangulo ang Pilipinas para gumanda ang buhay ng mga Pilipino at umunlad ang mga mahihirap.

    • Nag kakamali ang tao hayaan niyo sila mind your own bussiness kung gusto niyo maki then go walang titigil kung gusto niyo madamay parang mga bata e maliit na bagay pinapamalaki ETO tandaan niyo
      Walang perfecto na tao kung sinsabi mo perfecto ka o sya di ka tao maliwanag?

    • Masyado ng nanghihimasok ang mga taong to sa pribadong buhay natin Jojo. Wala silang magagawa kung tayo ay nagmamahalan ng tapat at tototo. Maiiwasan pa natin ang paglobo ng populasyon Jojo at yan ang dapat nilang ipasalamat sa atin.

    • Huwag Korina, sa akin ka. Maraming plema sa lalamunan ni Mike at malaki ang ilong niya. Baka mapasok ka diyan.

      Akin ka na lang gagawa tayo ng trending na Video. Naalala mo ba? Di ba tinext mo pa nga ako at sabi mo natuwa ka noong napanood mo. Ngayon, tayo na ang gagawa.

    • Wala akong pakialam kong totoo man ito. Aaminin ko na rin ang totoo. Anak ko at ni Mercado ang inaakala mong mga anak mo Jojo. Anak namin ni Mercado si Abigael, Junjun at Nancy. Alam ko naman kasing nandidiri kang hawakan ako Jojo dahil iba ang gusto mo. Ngunit hinayaan ko dahil akala ko ay magkakaroon tayo ng Mansion at Hacienda, yun pala ay ginawa niyong parausan ni Mar kasama ang mga baboy na binabanatan niyo. Kaya alagang-alaga sila at naka-air conditioned pa.

    • Oo, matagal ko ng alam. At next year ako ang witness ni Dad Mercado laban sa iyo Jojo. Halata naman eh, mas magkamukha kami ni Dad Mercado kaysa ikaw. Nahawa nga lang ako sa iyong balat.

    • Huwag kang mag-alala Nancy, hindi natin hahayaang manalo si Jojo o Mar, ang mga bading na yan na planong gawing color pink lahat ng government buildings at roads. Lahat ng gwapong boys gagawin rin nilang merienda.

      • Tumahimik ka Ninay! Hindi ko pa nakakalimutan noong inimbita mo ako sa Malacañan at nilasing mo ako. Habang umiikot ang ulo ko sa kalasingan ang pang-ibabang ulo ko naman ang pinagfifiestahan mo. At enjoy na enjoy ka naman kahit parang hindi na magkasya sa bunganga mo. Mga bakla kayo. Magsama kayo nila Jojo at Mar!

  143. Wag po tayo maniniwala sa mga article na ‘to. SATRICAL NEWS, this is just work of a fiction. Maybe the instance is real pero hindi lahat ng content… Bago tayo mag comment nang kung ano-ano read the whole I MEAN WHOLE CONTENT para hindi naman tayo mag mukhang tanga. (No offense intended)

  144. read the about of this site.
    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

    “So, What’s News’ news are news that won’t make you depressed to read the news”

    So, What’s News? was started and founded on September 11, 2011 as an outlet for the author’s “humor”, “opinion” and “creativity” on different topics surrounding our everyday lives. Please note that the three words mentioned above are in quotation marks, so as to imply that it is up to the public to judge the quality and scope of the content on this website.

    News on this website should not be taken seriously and to be taken with a grain of salt. We are here to provide laughter to the public as an escape to our depressing world.

    “A laugh a day, keeps the white hairs away.”

  145. So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news. – hindi po ito totoong news ok?

  146. I just wish Korina would be more careful and prudent about what she says especially over the news because one word or one sentence can have different meanings and interpretations from different listeners.

  147. Yes, we are humans and it’s inevitable for us to make mistakes. But in this case, Ms Korina Sanchez is a Journalist, TV anchor, an important public figure. She should have been a lot more careful with her words. As a journalism student, we are being taught to have fearless opinions but only if it’s in an appropriate situation. Korina Sanchez’s opinion is unnecessary and truly insulting. This is what happens when one doesn’t observe the right choice of words.

  148. Sana si korina na lang kunin ni RUBY. Di ba dati ganun ginagawang offering pag may malaking trahedya na parating. Ayan ialay na yang bansot na yan.

  149. di kasi naiisip si korina kung may masasaktan o wala sana sinabi nya sa himpapawid na lang dumaan wag na sa lupa para wala ng masaktan o mapinsala

  150. I feel bad for former VP Noli de Castro though. I’m sure he only meant to lighten the statement and to give Korina a hint to stop. But, I suppose he also said it in a wong way.

  151. My apologies to the Japanese. Not all Filipinos have such low level of dignity and respect for others to joke ill wills against others. I’m truly ashamed of former VP De Castro and Korina Sanchez did while on air while watching TV Patrol. It was really insensitive and done in bad taste. My family and I are very fond of the Japanese Goverment and people for helping our country in so many ways through aid and investments.

  152. Media people are stiff and most often than not doesn’t considerate what others might say or affect them in anyway. Mrs. News anchor might have said that, in her thought of her kababayans. But it is obviously disturbing, most specially for our co-asians which is Japan. We have to look at it both ways Mrs. News anchor said it for the affected area of the Philippines. On the bright side of it she just thought of her kababayans. The worst side of it is why does she need to involve other countries just to protect her own. Either way, she just need to apologize and all of us needs to respect her apology. Also, im not on her side. This is in general so to speak.

  153. bakit kasi pinababalik balik pa yan ng abs cbn sa news e .. ilang beses na gumawa ng kahihiyan.. Wake up abs cbn wag nyo namang pamihasain yang babaeng yan kaya lumalaki ng ulo e isususpend nyo lang tapos okay na ulit .. palagi na lang tayo napapahiya sa buong mundo sa ka taklesahan nya e .. ang taong masama ugali lumalabas talaga kahit anung tago …

  154. The author of this satirical article is worse than any of those who believed the contents and a lot worse than the persons being placed in hot water because of it. Why? Firstly, because the article appears to be against the canons of journalism. Secondly, it seems to have created emnity between nations, never mind whether it was misunderstood or not. Thirdly, the persons concerned are public figures holding important positions and to deliberately taint their reputations in an article seen globally is tantamount to irresponsible journalism. On the other hand,if indeed those words were spoken as alleged, then even as a joke it is terribly unacceptable and shameful and I apologize for the irresponsible comments made by my countrymen.

  155. Siguro nga nagkamali si Korina sa part na yun. Sometimes we ourselves are careless sa words naten. Pero yung magcomment pa tayo na kapwa pilipino na nakakahiya sya at kung anu ano pa, there’s no good to it. Let us pray for one another instead.

  156. What a stupid news anchor korina & noli mag resign na kau..!!pati mga ofw dinamay nyo, ba,,.. bka mangyari nyan pati kumukuha ng working visa para mag trabaho sa japan eh mahirapan na ,, god,,? ksi dhil sa stupidohan nyo..!!

  157. C KriS aquino ng sabi din nman na sana sa japan nlng pupunta ang bagyo ruby. Sa A&A. Ky mas kaya nla mka recover ng madali

  158. There’s a saying that words can only be forgiven and not forgotten. Yes, everybody makes mistakes but for a person of her stature she should’ve been more careful about what she says. After all if this has been the other way around for sure we would also backlash a foreigner who makes inappropriate remarks to our country.

  159. No matter how stupidly she acts, she will still make it to Malacanang. Song and dance number lang ang kailangan. Knowing her in typical Korina fashion, “Who cares?” Japan lang yan, I can still go to all the remaining countries around the world. Laki kaya ng ego na yan and even kahit mag-mali mali pa yan or kahit pa bobo at mayabang din ang asawa nyan, they will still be voted into office. It’s a win-win for her. She truly doesn’t give a shit bothways.

  160. Hindi naman tama na mag sabi ng ganyan. Dapat ng just pray nalang mawala ung typhoon na parang bula. Not sabihin sa iba nlng. Nxt time b careful. Wag mag biro ng ganyang bagay kc d nakakatuwa.

  161. Yan feeling magaling? ano nangyare sau Korina? nganga? Pinapahiya mo laging Pilipino,
    Pati tong si Noli De casro kala mo magaling e? naging vice president ka lang nmn dahil sa pang DADAYA!
    balik news kna? NGANGA KNA KASI! kayong dalawa dapat dito sa pilipinas “Persona non grata narin kau”
    kahiya hiya! mga news caster tlga sa channel 2 mga mapangmataas! wew

  162. Be practical guyz…lahat nman kayo nagpray na sanay humina o lumihis yung bagyo..so if lilihis sa kanila din ang punta..

    • di ba pwedeng sa TAIWAN NALANG?? SANA?? may space sa pagitang ng japan at pinas.. pwedeng lumsot nalang doon ang bagyo ^^,

  163. sir admin di naman po sa pagmamagaling, Concern lan po, napansin ko lang po ung description ng picture ni Prime minister eh prime mister ung nailagay, natypo error lang po ata. peace to everyone

  164. Alam niyang napapanood sya nation wide tapos di maingat sa mga sinasabi atsaka di tama yung sabihin na sa japan nalng sana tumama ang bagyo.

    • Oo” nga hinde nag iisip basta maka pag salita lang yan si korina, hinde niya alam kong may masasaktan damdamin!!!!! Para sa ABS CBN, mag isip na kayo alisin na ninyo yan si korina bago kayo masira sa mga tao nag titiwala sa inyo

  165. Guys…hoax ‘to…di totoong dineklara si korina na persona non grata…(kahit deserve nya in my opinion)

    Tingnan niyo sa baba ng page. Satire raw ‘tong website.

  166. Hilig nating tumingin at tignan at hanapin ang mali ng ating kapwa…tayo ba hinusgahan na ang ating mga sarisarili?? Nagkamali sya,at tayo rin nagkakamali…hayaan nating ayusin at maisip nya ang kanyang pagkakamali,gaya rin natin..di naman tayo perpekto..magtulungan tayo para iangat ang ating bansa..peace and love yan ang kailangan ng ating mahal na bansa.

      • She can admire the ability of Japan to handle any crisis.. but wishing for Japan to be hit by the typhoon itself is different.. Though she has the right to her opinion.. she should have been more careful.. since she is one of the public figure in the Television.. I am a Filipino.. and I am a shame of what she said… Maybe she need to take a leave of absence.. and apologize later on…

      • Anonymous your right i think she is stupid and you melv. I think you need to watch or read more news papers so that you can understand why other pilipino against to what ms korina said to japan..the situation now in japan is really difficult and i think you dont know that! Haa~