DMCI to Advertise Projects on Philippine Banknotes

MANILA, Philippines — DMCI Homes announced today a joint collaboration between the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) that would see the release of new banknotes promoting various projects of the real estate developer.

“The media exposure of Torre De Manila that resulted in widespread public awareness of our project prompted us to look for more unique ways to desecrate national figures,” said DMCI president Isidro Consumi.

“What better way to do that than on Philippine banknotes?” he said.

Consumi points out that compared to regular flyers and brochures that they hand out in malls, banknotes are easily circulated and is widely used by all Filipinos everyday.

“People in the province might not be aware of the detestable act and disrespect that we have committed here in Manila,” he added. “But through this collaboration with the BSP and especially the NHCP, siguradong magiging kilala nyo na kami (you will definitely know who we are now).”

The NHCP said that the new banknotes took only a day to complete, from conceptualization and printing.

The newly announced DMCI sponsored Philippines Banknotes

The newly announced DMCI-sponsored Philippines Banknotes. (click to zoom)

Opo, isang araw lang po (Yes, it took only a day),” clarified NHCP Chairperson Marina Serena Dioklang. “Ganun po kadaling lapastanganin at bastusin ang heritage ng ating bansa (That’s how easy it is to desecrate and disrespect the heritage of our nation).”

She added that the new bills will make it “difficult for counterfeiters to copy while making it easier for people to dishonor the significance of these national figures.”

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada also lauded the launch of the new banknotes, saying that these banknotes will help boost the city’s economy.

Estrada said, “Dito hindi lang busog ang mata, makakatulong pa ito sa kapakanan ng mga mahihirap (Not only will this please the eyes, but this will also help the welfare of the poor).”

Pera lang po ang pwedeng bumastos sa kasaysayan ng ating bansa (Only money can defile/degrade the history of our country),” he said. “Pera lang.”

The newly announced banknotes would be released into circulation this December, just in time for the holiday season.


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