PNoy: Government Must Shift to Monarchy System

pnoy_pressMANILA, Philippines — After hinting a few weeks ago his willingness for a possible term extension, President Benigno Aquino III surprised everyone after he expressed on Tuesday his openness to shift the form of government into a monarchic style.

Bago nito, bago nangyari lahat ng ito, sarado… aminado ako (Before all these, before all these things happened, I was not open for it, I admit that),” said Aquino, during a press conference held at Malacañang. “Pero ngayon, napapag-isip ako talaga na napapanahon na gawin natin ito (But now, I’m seriously considering the timeliness of doing this now).”

The proposed Philippine monarchy will have the President as King, and presidential sister, Kris Aquino, as queen.

Natural lang na sya ang gawin kong reyna dahil diba sya na ang Queen of All Media?” said Aquino in jest.

The President, however, expressed concern that changing the form of government from democratic to monarchic could result in some groups crying foul.

“Maaring may magagalit, alam natin yan (There will be others who will get mad, we know that),” he added. “Pero ito lang ang naisip kong paraan para magtuloy-tuloy habambuhay ang nasimulan nating mga reporma (But this is the only way that the reforms we started will continue for a lifetime).”

But, Aquino also noted that it doesn’t automatically mean that he will be sitting on the throne for a lifetime.

Hindi po pwedeng tayo lang ang uupo sa tronong ito (It’s not right for me to sit on the throne forever),” he said. “Darating ang araw na nasa tamang edad na ang aking pamangkin na si Bimby at sya na ang hihiranging bilang King James (The time will come when my nephew, Bimby, will be of the right age and he will be crowned as King James).”


Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda, shows off to the media what the President was binge watching.

After the press briefing, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda made clear that the President’s proposal of a monarchic form of government was a personal view, not a position of the Liberal Party.

“I think he said this based on his personal view that his Royal Highness, I mean his Excellency, has done so well for the country,” Lacierda said. “That and too much binge watching of Game of Thrones.”

“The President’s statements and that of this administration’s, should always be taken with a grain of salt. In both instances, the 2016 elections will push through,” Lacierda told Palace reporters Tuesday afternoon.


Stay tuned for further developments.


28 thoughts on “PNoy: Government Must Shift to Monarchy System

  1. You and whoever came up with this idea as a news article are all idiots. Why dont you report real news and stop making up stories. You just wasted my time and I’m sure a lot of other peoples time. Please give me your name so I can personally send somebody to thank you for this.

    • Newsflash patay na si Marcos balibaligtarin mo man ang mundo patay na siya ilang taon na siyang patay move on
      Philippines WAS under Marcos’ regime

  2. There is already a King and Queen. aquino wants to be King? His arrogance just will not quit. That would make him a full blown dictator. I can see troubled times ahead for us in Mindanao. I don’t need a president,King, dictator to tell me how I should live the rest of my life. All I am seeking is peace to love my wife,her family and enjoy my barangay and the good people that live here.Last word, Aquino need be in prison with many others in his regime.

  3. Pnoy ideas will create chaos as other faction like the UNA will wants to rule. If Pnoy really wants a total change where his legacy will be on pedestal, let’s change our form of government from presidential to federal kind of government. It overhaul the stigma and gives opportunities to others. We have good leaders but were not given opportunities like Lito Osmena, Raul Roco, Cabangbang, Ninoy Aquino, etc…Now is the time, let’s go for the change !!!!

  4. tanga pamilia ng tuazon luna cojuangco yan ang pinagmulan ng aquino cojuangco family from thefamily of ancient thieves who stole the philippine wealth including goldbars

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