Lawmaker Files Bill Banning All Two-Seater Motorcycles

MANILA, Philippines — A party-list lawmaker filed a bill today declaring a nationwide ban on all two-seater motorcycles to deter unlawful activities committed by riding-in-tandem criminals.

Party-list group Anti-Motorcycle Philippines (1-AMP) representative Yasmin Maricel Halili is seeking the passage of  the “Anti Two-Seater Motorcycle Act of 2014” to promote public security and welfare.anti_motorcycle

“This bill will prohibit the sale, purchase and ownership of any two-seater motorcycles that criminals have been using in their illegal and unlawful activities over the past years,” Rep. Halili, author of HB 9472 said.

“This bill will make it harder for lawless elements to perpetrate their plans,” added Halili. “Kung hindi makaangkas ang partner-in-crime ng driver, eh di walang krimen.

When passed, the bill will have 3 stages, which is detailed below:

  • Stage 1 – Mandate all manufacturers to stop the production of all two-seater motorcycles and start the production of single-seater motorcycles.
  • Stage 2 – Prohibit the sale and usage of two-seater motorcycles nationwide.
  • Stage 3 – Require existing owners to trade in their old two-seater motorcycle in exchange for the single-seater model.
  • Stage 4 – Total phase-out of all two-seater motorcycles.

According to Halili,  top motorcycle manufacturers in the country were consulted during the drafting of the bill and they expressed willingness to comply when the law is passed.


Suzuki & Kawasaki’s newest line of single-seater motorcycles.

“I can confirm that brands such as Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kymco are now starting production on the one-seater models,” revealed Halili. “They are also ready to phase-out their existing inventory the moment the bill is passed into law.”

This measure, Halili said, is intended to strengthen or at least, lends authority to certain counter-measures already initiated by the PNP in order to stem the tide of such serial street crimes or increased notoriety of criminals or their syndicates in bigger or more high-profile crimes.

Those who will be caught still back-riding once the law is enacted will automatically be linked and tried to an unsolved crime perpetrated by unknown riding-in-tandem criminals.

Kung wala ka namang masamang balak o krimen na gagawin, eh di wag ka nalang mag-angkas sa likod!” exclaimed Halili.


5 thoughts on “Lawmaker Files Bill Banning All Two-Seater Motorcycles

  1. “Kung wala ka namang masamang balak o krimen na gagawin, eh di wag ka nalang mag-angkas sa likod!” exclaimed Halili. – so ang nagsasabay sa motor para makatipid sa pamasahe sa araw2 eh kriminal na? ganun ba?

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