Trillanes Bares Alien Invasion Plot Against PNoy

trillanesMANILA, Philippines — Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said Friday that some alien lifeforms from the planet Mars were plotting against the government of President Benigno Aquino III.

Trillanes said that the disgruntled Martians were meeting with other inhabitants from nearby planets to destabilize the government.

Pero hindi po ito kinakagat ng mga kapitbahay natin sa ibang planeta, kaya hindi ito nag-progress into anything serious,” he said about the alien invasion plot.

He added, “Milya-milya pa po ang layo para maging seryoso ito.”

But military officials and the administration’s top security official said they saw no signs of interplanetary danger.

“There is no such thing. There is no credible report of that nature,” National Security Adviser Cesar Garcia said.

“It is very hard to imagine Martians doing something like that. What will they gain from us?” he added.

Better be safe than sorry

TRILLANES_ALIENSThe senator shrugged off criticisms that he’s only making up these stories since he wants to be in the limelight.

Trillanes said that he will not gain anything from all these, “Hindi naman po tayo gumagawa ng kwento eh, natural naman po sa Martians na manginvade ng ibang planeta di po ba?

While there is still no definite alien invasion plan against the government, Trillanes said that it is better that this issue be discussed in public to preempt it.

Pag ganito, mas maaga nang napre-preempt. Kasi pag alam nang bistado na, hindi na ho makakagalaw yang mga Martians na yan,” he quipped.


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