LeBron James Decides to Play for KIA in the PBA Next Year

MANILA, Philippines — National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar LeBron James just announced that he will play under the guidance of Manny Pacquiao for the KIA expansion team in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Commissioner’s Cup next year.

In a tweet posted today under his verified Twitter account, the four-time Most Valuable Player expressed excitement playing under recently announced head coach Pacquiao for the expansion team.

LBJ Tweet2

PBA’s Commissioner’s Cup is a tournament requiring teams to hire a single import, and this early, Pacquiao’s team looks to be the team to beat.

Manny Pacquiao sent a tweet reply to James, expressing his excitement and enthusiasm in teaching the two-time NBA Champion the ins and outs of basketball.


Stay tuned for further developments.


35 thoughts on “LeBron James Decides to Play for KIA in the PBA Next Year

  1. “fine intricacies of basketball”

    you should have posted yung pic nya na tumitira ng bola na parang hinugot sa likod:)

    • Please read the site info before demanding something that isn’t theirs to give. This is a SATIRICAL and FICTIONAL news website. Go Google those words if you don’t know what they mean. And please, if you want real news, read the papers, official websites of TV news, or just go watch TV. Please.

  2. chineck nyo na ba twiiter ni Lebron? Tignan nyo kung nandun yang tweet na yan. Hahahhaha fake!! Wala ngang post si Manny ng Jul8. hahaha Fake!!!

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