12 Reasons Why You Should Join a Fraternity

1security1. Fraternities gives security when faced with situations like bullying, just as long as you survived the strenuous hazing process that is not whatsoever considered as bullying.



2outoftown2. Being able to go on out-of-town trips while being blindfolded by your brothers; that will also gladly bring you to your preferred drop-off point after, whether that be at your residence or at a nearby hospital.



3tradition3. Continue a life long tradition of initiation rites that leads to physical harm, death & cover-up that have been passed down by multiple generations.

4camaraderie4. Fraternities foster brotherhood and camaraderie by helping one another beat the crap out of pledges every year.

5moralvalue]5. Moral value development through violence and humiliation of pledges.

6crashtestdummy6. Fraternities provide employment opportunities, particularly in the Crash Test Dummy industry.

7privilege7. Members of fraternities can avail of privileges that one couldn’t otherwise receive from other non-violent membership programs like SM Advantage or Aling Puring’s.

8pbb8. Being able to call someone your “brother” after surviving his multiple blows to your body with a wooden paddle.

9mlm9. Compared to Multi-Level Marketing, fraternities are less likely to get you into financial trouble, just as long as you don’t incur an expensive hospital bill after your initiation.

10hospital10. Sense of belonging as you and your fellow pledges spend months in a hospital recuperating from your life-threatening injuries.

11bruises11. Gain valuable knowledge on how to disguise that nasty bruise on your leg from your parents.

12judge12. Guidance and assistance from senior frat brothers; one of which is hopefully the judge to your homicide case.



** The article above does not intend to malign the various contributions to society and philanthropic efforts  of various respectable fraternities in the country. It only aims to shine a light on the violence that permeates in these types of organizations, that could have otherwise saved the lives of others and the agony of their parents. 


3 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why You Should Join a Fraternity

  1. The brutal murderers of the recent victim of hazing must be punished. A law must be passed to make sure these killers be brought to jail even if minor age.

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