BIR to Conduct Lifestyle Checks on All ‘One Direction’ VIP Ticket Holders

1DMANILA, Philippines — The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) announced today that they will conduct a lifestyle check and audit on all One Direction VIP ticket holders, after they posted on various social networking sites their recent achievement.

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares said that her office has started to look into all VIP ticket holder’s financial records to determine if they were paying the correct amount of taxes.

According to Henares, these individuals caught the eye of the BIR after they posted online about being able to purchase VIP tickets worth P17,000 each, with some even purchasing 15 tickets amounting to P270,000.

“So we have to satisfy our curiosity… Anytime someone posts online about huge amounts of money, we naturally look at the tax compliance [of the person involved] because it also says a lot about the character of a person whether they comply with laws, including tax laws,” she said.

So far, their initial findings revealed something interesting: Some buyers ask their parents to pay for the tickets, after asking them to pay for their increased tuition fees. While some who waited in line for days just to be able to purchase said tickets, wouldn’t be caught dead falling in line for Commission on Elections (COMELEC)’s Voter Registration.

Naiiyak ako sa nakikita ko“, said Henares. “Mas malakas pa ang iyak ng isang commissioner na tulad ko, kesa sa iyak ng isang ‘Directioner‘”.



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