‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Cancelled in the Philippines Due to Kris Interview

asm2MANILA, Philippines — Columbia Pictures Philippines announced today the cancellation of the screening of their upcoming superhero movie, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, due to fears that it would not do so well at the box office.

“We have decided to not show the movie in the Philippines due to fears that it would not be up-to-par with Filipino’s  standards in film quality,” said Jon Arbuckle of Columbia Pictures.

Arbuckle confirmed that the decision to cancel the screening was due to Kris Aquino bragging to Andrew Garfield about her son, Bimby, beating his first ‘Spider-Man’ film in the Philippines in terms of earnings.

He said, “After the interview, Garfield became so worried that if a locally produced movie could beat an international blockbuster, what are the chances that the sequel would fare better.”

The actor immediately consulted the director, Marc Webb and asked if they could add scenes to the movie to mimic elements from ‘My Little Bossings’.

“Garfield suggested adding a scene where Spider-Man would take a break from patrolling New York and eat a bowl of Lucky Me Pancit Canton,” narrated Arbuckle. “Or another scene where he cleans his costume using Ariel.”


A sneak peek of what ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ for the Philippines would’ve looked like.

Webb turned down the idea saying that adding blatant product placements to a movie you already paid to see would be a huge insult to the viewers.

“Garfield debated with Webb that the same formula was employed in Bimby’s movie and this is the only other way for them to beat ‘My Little Bossings’,” said Arbuckle.

“He was so scared the movie will tank that he even suggested Mr. Webb to dumb down the plot of the movie just for the Philippine market.”

Marc Webb was apparently not too keen on a superhero movie about how Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborne and Electro would get along under one roof while shilling products to viewers, hence the decision was made to cancel the movie’s screening altogether. 

People who already bought tickets for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ need not to worry as Columbia Pictures has a special treat for them.

“Viewers would instead get a free upgrade and be able to watch a remastered ‘My Little Bossings’ in IMAX 3D,” said Arbuckle.


374 thoughts on “‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Cancelled in the Philippines Due to Kris Interview

  1. or maybe a cameo of Bimby na tinuhog ni Rhino, kinuryente ni Electro at pinasabog ni Green Goblin sigurado papatok yan, Amazing Spiderman 2 : Philippine Edition

  2. “Fake!!!! You fool!!!!!”
    -Arlene Ann Sarenas Goco

    REALLY???!?? I didn’t know. Wow. You are so smart.
    Being fake doesn’t make it any less funny. YOU FOOL!

  3. She.. That Bitch, That Kris Aquino slut, it’s all here fucking fault! What an idiot! I never liked any of her movies, some people can’t handle their mouth

  4. She.. That Bitch, That Kris Aquino slut, it’s all here fucking fault! What an idiot! I never liked any of her movies, some people can’t handle their mouth

  5. This is one of the reasons why Kris Aquino is a fucking bitch. Always ruining the good stuff.. Seriously, My Little Bossing is trash as shit. I don’t care if she says how much it earned, it’s still a shitty movie.

    • Epal at tanga naman kasi talaga ung babae na iyon, kaya may mga tao talagang maniniwala dito. SHE AIN’T ALL THAT GREAT!!

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    • number one sa commercial endorsement, di ito nakita ng mga pilipino,akala nila ay part ng show yung commercial. yung spiderman ay walang commercial sa show

  7. Holy crap,it’s a reboot and came out after Spider-Man 3,they might have expected that the film was going to suck but it didn’t. This why I hate her for all her bragings. The Amazing Spider-Man has been part of the Big 3. (Super,Bat and Spider-Man). Also this article is fake. Stop posting sahit articles in this website you fucktards

  8. Wtf!!! This is so fuckin Lame… When are this authors gonna stop fuckin lying… None of them Hollywood actors and film directors would care about what Kris would say hahah silly… Them in the Hollywood scared of nobody? A kid? A shitty movie here? Are you guys freackin serious? LAME!!!

  9. for all those people who are dumb enough to believe this article.. just please shut the eff up.. this is a satire article for crying out loud..

  10. Agreed. Spiderman needs more cup noodles and cleaning products.

    If I may suggest something, I think adding some dialogue related to the right way of cooking and eating instant noodles depending on the occasion will be a good addition to the film. Whether patrolling the streets at night or going on a date, there’s always a lucky me for the right time.

    However, this will be nothing more than a copycat of the more successful My Little Bossings. No Hollywood film will ever be able to top our local films, especially those from up and coming director Dyzal Damun. It doesn’t have the box office success of My Little Bossings but the good acting, great production, engaging plot, wonderful writing, and awesome soundtrack makes it an extremely enjoyable film.

    • Suggestion denied. I’m not against the idea of advertisement, but what stays a filipino-only advertisement, stays a filipino-only advertisement. And “copycat”? It’s good to have pride and all, but seriously, not everybody is just gonna see this and agree with you, I might be a really proud Filipino, but seriously though, people are gonna criticize you if you think that way

  11. Sigh…. (all this are a PINOY’s opinion, just hear me out, cuz I can’t take anymore of her crap)

    To anyone who like Kris Aquino:

    Get a new idol!! Before everything, she was a good actress. But she thinks she’s the “best” in the Philippines and got it in her head. Now, she looks pretty stupid in front of educated people. Here’s some concrete proof : (1) in a talent show, she doesn’t know what she’s judging and only judges vaguely (2) the way she talks makes people want to slap here, due to the slutty spoiled kind of way (3) she interviewed people, only to talk about herself

    Just an opinion, but seriously…. why would anyone still like her? =.=

  12. it was funny…but other comments are more fun to read…big laugh to…., you know who you are!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Alam mo dapat c kris wag na masyado pa-epal eh.masyado nya binibida anak nya.Hello! spiderman kaya yan hollywood film kaya yan.manahimik ka nalang kris.may katok ka talaga sa ulo.oh pano yan e di wala na showing spiderman.alam mo kris kaw sisira sa bayang pilipinas.pati si mayor herbert ano ba yan.

  14. the first 3 paragraphs seems believable… hehehe! but I am more amused to the people who argue in the responses what a loser! lolz

  15. This is stupid. Why the heck would they cancel the screening of a good film coming here in the Philippines. They shouldn’t mind about a local film beating an international film. The first film did well here. If I were them, I wouldn’t give a single $*it about Kris’ bragging. I would go on and release the film. And btw, screw my little bossings it wasn’t funny even for a single bit. The movie wasn’t that great for my tastes.

  16. Na troll nanaman kababayan natin sa isang satire article. Yung iba pa-english english pa mali naman. Naaliw naman ako kaya ayus lang. Lol!

  17. The article’s funny, but the comments of those who believed this article is true were even funnier!!!

    READ FIRST BEFORE YOU REACT KASI! Pero kung mapilit ka, manood ka na lang ng ‘My Little Bossings’ in 3D para may mapala ka naman hahahaha!

  18. kung makareact naman tong mga to…… if i know now nyo lang nalaman meaning ng “satirical” “satire” thru google kung makacomment kayo.. anyways!!! all of you are pussies!!!!

  19. Screw the My little Bossings!, they fool the viewers who is deserving to watch a good movie, the movie was only an advertisement and not even funny, if i would choose to watch My little bossing and Horror movies, I will choose to watch a Horror movie…

  20. If this is true, it’s their loss. Kris may have expresses her opinion in an overly dramatic way but seriously, they shouldn’t have cancelled the movie’s screening. I, myself, was looking forward to seeing the sequel in the big screen. Also in my opinion, what Kris say isn’t really something to worry about. There are a lot of other movies that got criticized and got compared to another movie, but it never stopped them to show their work. The amazing spiderman is an international movie blockbuster, and tons of people around the world had seen the movie and they loved it.

  21. Hilarious. Potshots at Kris, Jon Arbuckle… (LOL) Does he still have time for Garfield & Odie now that he’s with Columbia Pictures? Even funnier are the suckers who can’t seem to figure out the article.

  22. Garfield is a bit naive. You can’t just change the storyline to a countries liking. The only thing Filipino people can do is brag about their locally made movies.. But that gives no reason for people to be more than influenced not to like international made movies.. And besides.. This is Spiderman.. The people will be more than angry if they do not release this in the country..

    • Yey! All Hollywood films should be banned and they should show only movies from kris aquino and bimby. Dapat gawing teleserye ang my little bossing at Ipalabas sa lahat ng channel. *winks* *rotfl*

      • Anuver reverend, seryosohin bako? Kaya nga may winks at rolling on the floor laughing yung comment ko eh hehehe. If u can’t beat them join them. 😉

  23. It’s sad to know na some people fall into these kinds of Satirical articles. Ang ironic naman yata kung sinasabi nilang napapahiya na naman tayo dahil sa mga kagagawan ng ibang tao, eh heto nga silang nagrereklamo at madaling ma-uto ng mga ganitong “news”…. hahaha.. XD

  24. The only REAL reason why my little bossings were so succesfull was it was because it was advertised to be funny. It was never a good movie compared to this movie. You know what! I already hate kris. But now she could just go to hell!!!

  25. The only REAL reason why my little bossings were so succesfull was it was because it was advertised to be funny. It was never a good movie compared to this movie. You know what! I already hate kris. But now she could just go to hell!!!

    • Tehhh isa ka pa. Wag ma high blood, at mag curse kc ang napupunta sa hell yung mga tangang di nakakaintindi na itong news na ito ay only meant to be funny at hindi ito totoo. Kalma lang tehhhhh. 😉

  26. Funny and well written article. Pero funnier yung comments. Ang dami tlgng Matatalinong Pinoy nakaka-proud hahaha at kung Maka – English wagas. Hayyyy. 😦

  27. Like mother like son Kris may be a tactless host but certainly she. Is a lousy starlet, ALL HER MOVIES AND THAT OF HER SON JAMES ARE ALL BOX OFFICE FLOPS

      • ganyan mga PILIPINO anmbobo sa english nakakabuisit, hindi lahat, pero MOSTLY! STUPID FILIPINOS when will we grow up? HAHA

      • what the fuck are you doing criticizing a FILIPINO for being unfamiliar with certain english words. that person is a FILIPINO therefore it is very much likely that his/her first language is of tagalog. and i sure bet that if it were some person from the united states that were unfamiliar with a certain english word you wouldn’t be telling him his dumb which is weird since english is suppose to be his first language.

  28. “Viewers would instead get a free upgrade and be able to watch a remastered ‘My Little Bossings’ in IMAX 3D,”


    • . . . . . . . . /¯/)
      . . . . . . . ./¯ ./
      . . . . . . . /. . / ..
      . . . . /¯`/’. .’/¯¯/..
      . . . /’/. /. . /. . //¯\…
      …..(‘(. . . . . .¯/’. .’)….
      . . . \. . . . . … . . ./.. HAHAHA

  29. Filipino crap movies, no quality laging tubong lugaw di na nag improve.
    lagi nlng iniintidi ng watcher yung scene ng tagalog movies,
    ex. scene na gusgusin- pero naka make up pa rin ung gumaganap
    scene na taong grasa- ung itsura halata nmang dinumihan lng ung gumanap


    The Game of Thrones TV Series will also be cancelled in the Philippines to be replaced by… My Little Bossing: The Series

  31. The funniest thing about this article is not that it’s meant to be satirical. Not even that some people believe it. But how people treat the word “satire” as if it’s such a foreign word. “This is A satire.” “This is A SATIRICAL.” Hahahahaha panalo amp. Yes. Troll much. :))


  33. thats just bullcrap.. im from the philippines i would rather watch ASM 2 than any local film,me & my friends are waiting for this movie..Im a marvel fan

    • YES THANK YOU! I hate all our stupid local films (no offense) I love marvel movies. Now that stupid Kris Aquino had to ruin it for us. WHY COULDN’T THEY JUST FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO INTERVIEW HIM GAHHD PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID.

      • Ay shunga lang kayong 2? Di ba kayo nakakaintindi ng satirical article? English naman yan at english naman ang reply nyo, sus!

      • people tends to say stupid things when they are emmitionally affected. there might be not-so-good films but it doesn’t mean that all local films are not good at all. its a shame that your fellow countrymen ridicule the efforts of the film makers. aside from that, they are not able to help in the advancement of the local film industry

  34. Palitan nila si MJ, gawin nilang si Ryzza Mae…. Tapos a whole lot of recycled jokes… Bentang benta na yan sa Pilipinas

  35. Watched the Andrew Garfield interview done by Kris Aquino. Isn’t it about time the Philippines send someone who is a bit more professional when inyerviewing international actors? To have her son interrupt while the interview is ongoing is a bit unprofessional, to say the least. To start off the interview with bragging that Kris Aquino’s son’s movie earned more than Spider Man 2 is a bit adoescent/puerile. If the Philippine entertainment industry is to keep up with international stsndards, its celebrities/artists/hosts have to step it up a bit in terms of professionalism and ‘maturity’

    • Excuse me sir, sometimes it happens that when we type something, we didn’t give a damn what was being typed as long we keep writing to bring out what was inside. thank U (pl’s don’t attack my U short for you)

  36. Hahahaha. This is one of the funniest reads I have had so far. It’s a good satire because sobrang tawa ako dun sa product placement ng pancit canton and ariel. Pakshet. Lupet.

    The comments of gullible readers are also amusing. They’re so angry hahaha. Aamin ako na nainis ako after reading the title pero after I read “Jon Arbuckle” tangina tawa na lang ako.

    Guys chill. Satire po ito. Learn not to take these things seriously. Trust me. Hahaba ang buhay nyo. 😉

  37. My sons have been waiting for the Amazing Spider Man 2 movie since it was advertised last year. It is very disappointing to know that it won’t be shown anymore. I have seen My Little Bossings with my sons and they did not find it amazing and entertaining. They instead told me that they will wait for ASM2. They have been dreaming to see it since last year. Hope it would be shown here in the Philippines. Many would love to watch it.

    • So it says at the bottom…

      What is So, What’s News?
      So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

  38. I know this is satire but it’s poorly made. I think you can do better next time. Never watched and not a fan of “Little Bossings’, by the way.

    • Basa basa din. Satire to. Search mo kung ano ibig sabihin ng Satire. Nakasulat na nga “Satirical article” bobo ka

  39. Never even watched My Little Bossing, considering my experience of Vic Sotto’s 20’s movies, where it just blatantly advertise products and tells stupid plot, all hopes lost on mainstream movies. Come on, mainstream Filipino movies now are either bullshit drama focusing on love triangles, broken families, or teen adolescent movies, or stupid slapstick comedies. Gone are the days of mainstream movies where the story is relevant to all our lives, in all aspect, or with compelling story. Well better go off watching some Filipino Indie movies, much more kudos in all respect, on par with International movies.

    Advise to mainstream movies, could you just make a movie about the struggles of a filipino and how they became successful, career wise or family, inject some humor, and maybe I can still hope for you.

  40. Putang inang yan nakakabadtrip nmn yang news n yan kala ko she would be better host rather than an actress what a bitter old hag Kris Aquino

  41. what a shame! kris where are your brains nowadays? talking about maturity blam bang wam bam. you can never have it. you’re getting worse as you get older! and beating the blockbuster movie with your son’s movie? what the fuck! shame on you! what the hell! bipolar aren’t you? you just think the world rotates around you and only you. degrading and disgusting. shame!!!!!!!!!

  42. Ba’t ba ang tamad tamad ng ibang tao’ng magbasa? Mas nakakainis kayo kay Kris. yu’ng totoo, ano bang binasa niyo, Title lang o ang buong Article? may pagka choosy rin to’ng mga to ha….. hahahaha LOL.

  43. Did she really had to say that? Did she really had to brag? And to think that she said that against The Amazing Spider Man 2? Damn its no-brainer, Spider Man will be a big hit! ugh

    • Pst. Wag ka ngang mag English kung di ka naman Marunong. Mas nakakairita kp Kay Kris kc Bobo ka. Tsaka comment ng comment di mo nmn naiintindihan ang concept ng satire. Nakakaawa mga Pinoy sobrang tanga!

      • Wag po kayong magmumura at baka kayo makasuhan dahil patented ni Mar Roxas iyan.Dapat mag bayad muna kayo ng royalty bago ma public

  44. that sucks.. been waiting for this for a long long time you know. and someday i hope they’d bring a MORE professional person to interview FOREIGN and INTERNATIONAL stars. and also a bit ashamed that i’m a filipino because of what kris bragged about.. Aaah.. it sucks..

  45. Why Kris act like a stupid? Filipinos love Holywood films. Kris Aquino is soo “MAYABANG”. We don’t care if your son get the higher percentage of earnings. No doubt why many people hate you lol

  46. No offense but i dont think an international succesful movie would even bother losing market in the philippines if its even true.. Plus the fact that The star do not have the right to suggest marketing strategy to what country will they not show it…

    Try nyo lang ulit na gumawa nung? Anung title. Ung movie nila ng anak nila?
    Magkano revenue internationally? Vs This sequel..

    Tham…. Idiocracy..

  47. bobo talaga ng ibang pinoy eh inuuna daldal bago mag-isip. tangina din nitong si kris eh, Oprah daw ng Pilipinas? ulol.

  48. someone’s got to put a sock in chris’ mouth. i mean only the bakya crowd watch that crappy movie. i for one dont watch tagalog films simply because i find the story line if not immoral, or its full of bullcrap.

  49. oh man! I’ve been waiting for it here in the Philippines. I’ve watch the trailer for more than 10 times since the first trailer was released. FYI – We, Filipino people, loves Foreign Movies, especially teens and young adults.

  50. ei dont be judgemental naman po… Pakiusisa ung article na ito si JON ARBUCKLE ay amo ni GARFIELD (ung pusang comics strip sa inquirer)… Someone is hyping up sa ginawa ni Kris.. Don’t get me wrong.. what she did is unethical as an interviewer… Di naman interview ng job screening yun eh.. Interview on a movie. Which is entertainment… Medyo naging straight forward po si Madam Kris… Ang SATIRICAL dito ay ung gumawa ng article na ito.. Actually nkakatawa kasi ang dami na nagcomment and ung pinaka una ang nakakatawa… JON ARBUKCLE AND GARFIELD? HAHAHAHA…. Sya ang nakaka alam…Basta ako panonoorin ko and Spiderman 2…Be good guys…

  51. Fuck you Kris Aquino. You just made a fucked up situation. Why in the world would you brag about your son’s movie earning more than the ASM movie in front of the guy who MADE the movie? You are such a bitch. I was waiting for that movie! All my friends were so eager too but you just had to ruin it, didn’t? I hate you!

    • Yeah good on you guys for telling to that woman Kris Aquino the truth what you really think of her…it’s about time that filipino people noticed Kris’ attitude she is so loving herself …I think Kris A. needs help seriously something wrong with her …she is getting ruder to people things she say are so unethical and uneducated …..she aint normal.

  52. Dahil dito nasisira pangalan ng ibang tao… di kasi nagbabasa tapos mga utu-uto pa. gumamit pa kayo ng internet madali nmn pala kayong maloko.

    Sana mawala na tong article na to kasi nakakasira nmn tlga ng pangalan ito

    • Korek ka dyan!

      Nakakaawa naman ang mga film producers kung may mga ganitong mapanirang article na lalabas.

      Naglalabas sila ng malaking pera to produce and promote the movie tapos sisirain ng isang article a day before the opening kasi galit kayo kris?

      Sa totoo lang, di kayo nakakatawa! Dapat sa inyo idemanda. Tawa ko lang hahaha

    • binayaran ng opposisyon tong sinasabi mong article,basta against sa mga aquino and yellow,yan ang laging sagot. Yung pumatay kay nonoy still at large at walang ginagawa ang 2 naupo na para magka alaman na kung santa at hero ang mga aquino. Kung ako ang magiging pangulo, una kong ipapangako ang tatapusin ko ang unfinished job ng mga aquino,iyong murder at hacienda luisita

  53. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that you had to over emphasize SATIRICAL on your blog. Hahaha. But it’s a sad necessity, I understand.

    Sa mga di po nakaka intindi ng SATIRICAL – ibig pong sabihin non- joke-joke lang po yung article. Hindi po totoo pero hango po sa totoong pangyayari. Kung kulang po kayo sa critical thinking skills, malamang po, isa kayo sa mga napaniwala neto.

  54. LOL. Parang hindi binisa nang maigi ang article na ito.
    It’s so clear that this is a hoax.
    Grabeh naman ninyo, pero – still I hate her.

  55. Nice try, dudes. But this highlights the quality in which the interview by kris Aquino with the Spiderman cast was conducted. The actors had been through 20+ interviews already and Kris was the last one. It was inconsiderate of her to have to throw that into the mix by boasting to the interviewee that her son’s movie beat an earlier version of spidey at the box office? It also reveals Ms. Aquino’s overvalued and misplaced sense of self. She should never be sent to interview an international cast again as there’s the risk that she’ll forget to play her real role, that of an interviewer, not the talk show host. She comes off as very uppity and immature.

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  57. This is a hoax. But regarding Kris’s interview, somehow it feels like she ashamed as all.
    Of all people why Kris. It could been Jessica Soho.

  58. i really dont like the idea that they would just cancel the movie because of what kris did in the interview. my god… i really dont like the way she talked to them. psh. i really hate here na .. Y_Y

  59. This article is not true but still bad3p c kris, sobrang rude. Tsaka iyayabang nya un di naman movie ng anak nya un, movie ni raiza un. Pinanood un ng tao dahil kay raiza di dahil sa anak nya. So unprofessional.

  60. This article is not true but still bad3p c kris, sobrang rude. Tsaka iyayabang nya un di naman movie ng anak nya un, movie ni raiza un. Pinanood un ng tao dahil kay raiza di dahil sa anak nya. So unprofessional.

  61. My sister has been waiting for a long time to watch this movie!!! Tapos yun lng ung mang yayari dahil kay kris!!!!!???????? Sa totoo lng nasayang lng ung pera namin nung pinanood namin ung movie nung anak nya eh!!! Wla ksing kwentaa!!! Puro endorsement!!!!! Putcha naman oh!!!!

  62. Eh kaya lng naman malaki ang earnings ng movie ng anak ni kris kase binili nya lahat ng tickets!!!!! Dapat gumawa na lng sila ng 1 hour na commercial!!!! Hndi ung bawat minuto may lucky me at ariel na nakalagay dun sa movie ng anak nya sayang lng pera namin. Ang tagal kong hinintay ung ASM2 tapos cancelled!!!! Letcheng yan!!!!

    • Haha. Mas sayang ang perang pinangpaaral sayo ng magulang mo kasi tatanga tanga ka. Satire ito. Hayyyy 😦

    • kalma ‘teh. ang puso! haha! sayang po talaga pinang-internet mo at yung effort mo magalit. di mo pala naintindihan. panu kung inatake ka sa puso eh di sayang pampa-ospital ng magulang mo. hahaha!

  63. You almost had me. I’m eager to watch Amazing Spiderman 2 pa naman.

    “The actor immediately consulted the director, Marc Webb and asked if they could add scenes to the movie to mimic elements from ‘My Little Bossings’”

    That one’s actually funny..

  64. aw that sucks i was waiting for the movie and something like this happens there are spidey fans here you know that makes me mad, she doesn’t know anything about the story of the spider man movie she should stick to her own thing not to mess with someone’s own work.

  65. Jon Arbuckle, the supposed Columbia Pictures spokesperson, is a fictional character in the Garfield comic strip according to David Emery of About.com Urban Legends. Clever. Andrew Garfield plays the lead in Amazing Spider Man 2.

  66. dumb…they try to scare the audience,i thought it is real but thank god i found out that is super fake…i’ve been waiting for a long time for this movie then other people make their way to broke up this much awaited movie…what the f**k..this site is a dumb..what the matter wih them?

    • Bago ka mag accuse ng dumb ang mga
      Tao, ayusin mo muna English mo! Dapat talaga magkaroon ng saligang batas na ang English ng English na wrong grammar naman ay ipapabitay! Such a disgrace to our country!

      • Hahaha! I like your hirits, smart cookie! 🙂
        Sobrang tawa ko dun sa mga nagcomment na hoax ito at yung mga halos atakehin sa puso sa galit kay Kris dahil hindi inintindi ang article. Hahaha!!!

      • There is a website called it Grammar and spell. you can copy and paste there, will correct any small mistake.. so people will not laugh at you.

  67. Tsk..nkakahiya nmn.,buti sna kung nakakagawa tau ng ganung kaganda na superhero movie..eh kaya lang hindi eh.,inaabangan pa nmn ng mga tao yan..sayang…

  68. So, What’s News? is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

  69. ..stupid chris aquino why does she need to interfear with the movie, she’s not the writer or producer of the film..she should just shut up and watch don’t interfear on what’s in the film its not her movie or anything..i’m waiting for the movie and now its been cancelled because of her stinkin interview that she likes to put a stinkin product in the movie.
    boo u aquino

    • naku po! sakit sa mata ko mga sinulat mo ‘teh. eeeehhh!.. katakot! maiba lang ako, nung elementary ka ba nagtuturo teacher sa inyo ng spelling? or sadyang synonym talaga ng interfere ay interfear? hmm..

  70. kaloka ang mga comments. di naman ganun kababaw mag isip ang “spiderman family” oy. hahaha yes kinancel, pero dahil sabi ni Kris mapapanood and Spiderman sa Pinas 2 days advance keysa sa kanila at sa iba pang mga bansa…


    • Baket ang movie na gawa sa pinas ay madilim o out of focus.. sobra bang pagtitipid,pate storya ay parang copy and paste.. Me dumalaw lang na famous star sa atin ,in less tha 3 days buo na ang pelikula..wow galeng talaga ng mga pinoy

  72. muntanga yung ibang comments. Hello. HALATANG SATIRE PO ANG ARTICLE NA ITO. PLEASE lang gumamit na critical thinking sa pagbabasa. PLEASE. gamitin ang utak. Shet kastress

  73. Nashock ako sa mga comments. Halos naniwala naman! Hahaha! This article is satirical and funny! It’s a joke, obviously the author wanted some attention and is not a Kris Aquino fan. But still…good job on the comical contents of your blog! It’s so funny i almost peed (I didn’t).

  74. i can’t imagine where i will put myself, am i to believe that we can surpass a million dollar effects movie, or be greatful there’s a local movie that can make a big time movie production shake in fear? Even if we have the talent, we can’t outsmart their technology when it comes to movie productions, that’s why we are bound only to mostly produce a drama, comedy, action and love story based movies. Because having a production like this one will cost a lot of money, considering a lot of software based production etc.

  75. Kris Aquino is the most annoying interviewer I have ever watched. Why did she allow Bimby to take a part in such interview? What a brat! She did it for herself and her son. How selfish! Such a bitch! Mahiya ka naman. I hope she reads this!

  76. Great post. Loved reading it.
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  77. alam ko naman na hindi totoo itong article nato pero paano kung na cancelled tlga ung The Amazing Spider Man 2 dito s PH pano na yung mga bata/mga tao na gustong panoorin ung The Amazing Spider Man 2 mdaming tao ang nghintay ng April 30, 2014/May 1, 2014 para lng panoorin tong The Amazing Spider Man 2

  78. if i had a peso for every moment people get victimized by so what;s news, i’ll have money for dozens of cornettos. the people behind swn must be laughing their asses off. they’re so good at this. i do hope that people never learn and get victimized again and again because that’s more entertaining than the actual satire.

  79. Why is Columbia Pictures scared from a comment of a cast whose son one of the prime stars of locally produced movie not even worth watching? Why people packed at that movie simply because during the film festival you can’t watch a foreign film. And people who paid for that movie can’t withdraw the money. So, satisfied or not it is already part of the Gross Sales. She brags about her son whose acting is limited only.to commercials with short dialogue.It was Ryza Mae Dizon his partner in that movie that people loved to watch.

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  81. “Our movie holds the record for the highest first-day gross. It’s called “My Little bosses. It’s a comedy shown on Christmas day.” are we suppose to be proud about that..?? its a very shitty movie!! and.. there goes spider-man 2.. pull it off..!! filipinos love to watch stupid movies!!

  82. JUST A THOUGHT: one thing i hate about locally made movies is that there is always an advertising of products which I seriously think is GAY…movies like “sisterakas” with the downey’s rabadabango theme song, “my little bossings” with ariel and lucky me, etc I mean I just think it’s too CORNY and GAY to insert scenes wherein actors like Kris Aquino or Ai-ai Delas Alas would say lines from their commercials like “I rub it!” or “nasa kamay natin ang tunay na magic” it’s just so irritating! another thing is local movies itself have bad camera effects I mean it’s horrible! it’s like they’re just shooting a movie using an ordinary video camera…what’s up with that??? I can generalize that Filipino directors, scriptwriters and film makers should be the ones to level up…they should try to achieve Hollywood film quality rather than just stick to plain shitty Filipino film quality. I am a Filipino but I have to honestly say and admit that I am NOT proud of Filipino films…I would rather recommend Hollywood movies to my friends rather than local movies…

    • for me not all Filipino film makers should level up. i think they already know how to make films that are more presentable to the eyes of their viewers and good story plot.the only problem is they still stick on that shallow story lines because they know na maging “patok na patok sa mga Pinoy”. If you want Pinoy internationally claimed standard film, just watch Independent film. 🙂 , mabuti pa ung mga films nang cinemalaya, nominated pa sa oscars and cannes. 🙂

    • Same thought here! you’re definitely RIGHT! those things are really stupid! it really pisses me off!

    • Thank goodness! And I thought I was the only one who thinks like this. I NEVER WATCH Filipino movies. 98% is just plain trash! Same old shitty plot, same old shitty acting. And a friend of mine once said “This something something movie is soooo good! I’ll pay the tickets so you could watch it!” and I actually told her, “You know, I’d be happier if you’d buy me fishballs outside. Trailer pa lang, it’s like, ganung plot na naman???” Pathetic! Maybe the only decent Pinoy movie that I was able to watch (and didn’t really meant to) was Magnifico. And yeah, two words I would use to describe Pinoy movies and teleseryes: PATHETIC and TRASH

  83. they been beaten because they plot the movie before the Metro Manila Film Festival, its because of the season its not about the quality of the local movie that score it high its her mom and uncle, same on kris telling that “my little bossing” is better than “the amazing spider man” maygad… allow me to say this in tagalaog “ala nmn un kung di nya magulang si kris”
    maygad…. so kapal…

  84. lol if this is true then this just proves how much Philippine media sucks and how Kris is just a bitch :v

  85. Great post. Loved reading it.
    I would be obliged if you could also check out my blog DoubleThink. I’ll drop its link below!

    DoubleThink is an up and coming blog that is extremely satisfying for every kind of a person, be it the thinker, the optimist, the pessimist, the poet, the musician, the couch-potato, the bookworm or the photographer.We are a bunch of people with different backgrounds, contradictory opinions but one voice. And this blog is our voice.
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  86. Is this for real? Jon Arbuckle is the guy who owns Garfield the cat and Odie the dog in the cartoons! This can’t be real!

  87. Hayyyyyyzz Kris should really keep her mouth shut!!!! GEEEEEEZZZ she never stops talking…she is annoying, disgrace and embarassing she’s putting the Philippines thru and to filipino people.

  88. Jon Arbuckle—> Garfield’s human pal. Nice way to link it up. 🙂 Andrew Garfield and Garfield the cat.

    • Though not authentic…this is great satirical work! It makes me reflect how could possibly one uncontrolled tongue and careless mind affect the lives and events in one nation.

  89. I’m a Filipino and I completely hate Kris Aquino.
    If she becomes the vice president here…. I will seriously move to another country.

  90. there’s nothing wrong with endorsing products in a movies (Dolphy’s and Jackie’s movies had those) it’s the way they are integrated that’s bad.

  91. ain’t actually good…coz some people who are living peacefully put into shame..most of you judged quickly and tendency other people get bullied without even knowing it..It promotes cyber bullying

  92. Suggestion lang: Dapat limitahan ang makakabasa ng mga satire articles. May IQ test muna and if one fails then they shouldn’t be allowed to read the article. We never know baka sa sobrang paniwala nila meron ng inatake sa puso dyan. Concerned citizen ang peg ko today 😉

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  94. Asus. ang iba naman dito porket nakaintindi lang ng ibig sabihin ng SATIRE kung mka panlait parang hindi ever ngkamali sa pag react. Hinay hinay lang po. A little kindness to those whose first time it is to encounter this style of writing surely won’t hurt.

    • Uyyyy. Na hurt ka? Hahaha. Kasi naman pa no magiging kind eh nabasa mo ba mga reaction nila, they were attacking even the child. They don’t deserve kindness, they deserve correction for being utterly stupid. And ako personally, never ever nagkamali sa pag react, kasi I use my common sense. Hindi nga intelligence ang required dito, common sense lang. Kindness begets kindness. And go through all the stupid comments, and then tell us if they showed kindness to kris and bimby for them to deserve kindness for their stupidity 😉

      • Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t get “hurt” by random people’s assumptions. And please, however full of common sense you are, it’s difficult to believe you’ve never been wrong in your reactions unless you’re a robot.

        kung lahat ng tao katulad mo na unkind sa lahat ng stupid and unkind people, aba naman, uunlad talaga ang buong mundo. if you truly have common sense, then you would know that in any conversation (and i count blogs and online forums as such) mas malayo ang mararating ng maayos na pakikitungo. just because others are unkind or stupid, doesn’t mean you have to go down to their level and be equally stupid and unkind.

  95. Sabi nga nila, di bobong pulitiko ang problema kundi ang bobong mamboboto na naglalagay na pulitiko sa pwesto. Ganun din yun sa pelikulang Pilipino nitong mga nagdaang tatlong na dekada. Bumebenta ang mga walang kwentang pelikula dahil sa mga tao na nagpapaloko. Kelan kaya magkakaroon ulit ng Filipino film na gawa sa orginal na screenplay at di pinagtagpi-tagping ideas lang from older movies and Hollywood films? Lahat na yata ng Filipino films na pinalabas dito sa Dubai eh puro linya ng mga lumang love songs ang title. Ano yan, fanfic na ginawang pelikula? Sayang pera, ipampagawa nyo na lang ng bahay ng mga nasalanta ng mga bagyo at baha.

  96. Kris Aquino is fake! Fake president, fake actress, fake news reporter and fake mother! You’re the worst than your brother and Andrew Garfield. 😡

  97. Alam kong satire itong article na to pero pag na cancelled talaga yung movie, at nagkaroon ng rally na ipalabas ito, sasali ako sa rally because Kris A. is a bitch!

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