SWN’s “The Apparently Worst Company in the Philippines” is Now Open for Nominations! #TAWCP

MATAWCPNILA, Philippines — Inspired by the Consumerist’s Worst Company in America, we are proud to announce that SWN’s first ever “The Apparently Worst Company in the Philippines” is now accepting your nominations, in order to determine which company deserves to receive the coveted “Golden F*** You!” award.

Here are the mechanics:

  • Nominate your ‘favorite‘ company via the comments section below (no need to identify yourself).
  • Feel free to write a short explanation on why you think they should be nominated (optional).
  • You can send your nominees via email at sowhatsnews@gmail.com.
  • Or tweet with the hashtag #TAWCP.
  • Finalists, number of which would depend on amount of nominations, would be selected via a poll.
  • Final voting will determine who will be awarded  SWN’s first ever “The Apparently Worst Company in the Philippines”.

Please share with your friends on social media so that they could nominate their pick as well.


37 thoughts on “SWN’s “The Apparently Worst Company in the Philippines” is Now Open for Nominations! #TAWCP

  1. CD-R King. For coming up with a “pirated” version of almost every house hold item and their three-month long life span. LOL

  2. I nominate Globe Telecoms. First because of the bad and slow LTE signal they provide, one of the slowest in the world. Second, for the data cap they placed for their “unlimited” data plan. Reason they gave is their infrastructure gets overwhelmed by 1% of their data subscribers. (Stop spending billions in advertising and invest the moeny to improve their infrastructure). Third, for never reverting on a request for a replacement for a defective mobile phone they provided us as part of their retention program. It’s been 3 months and no feedback whatsoever from them.

    L-sLow Internet Connection
    O- over charging
    B- Bitch Customer Service Agent
    E – Ewan!

  4. I nominate Globe telecom for:
    1. Their intermittent LTE signal, even in places where the infrastructure should be set up
    2. Putting me on hold for an hour to resolve a billing concern
    3. Making it impossible now to talk to a human being when you call their customer service

  5. MERALCO – for ripping off people.
    SMART – slow bro
    ABS-CBN – Kris Aquino sa umaga, Kris Aquino sa gabi. Teleserye sa umage, teleserye sa gabi.

  6. PLDT-Smart. PLDT for having the very best internet disconnections. and Smart for their smartbro with blazing speed a turtle can compete and win.

  7. Meralco…don’t ask me why because everybody knows why. And all telecommunications provider…their customer service/after-sales service is the worst!

  8. Pier one bar and grill holding corp. Coz they cheated all their franchisees that’s why almost all branches closed or are closing down.

  9. ABS-CBN: Two people: Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda.
    Cebu Pacific: (1) “Go late by 1 minute, just buy another ticket. We go late by 1 day, sorry ka na lang,” (2) “Stranded due to flight delay? Why we have an accommodation in the boarding area! First come first serve basis in the benches.” (3) “Our employees are very dedicated to work, they even lose sleep and skid thru the runway!”
    Zest Air (Now Air Asia Zest) – Their actual slogan: “Now everyone cannot fly.” Madalas mag-cancel ng flights for no apparent reason.
    Globe Telecom: “No signal? Blame it on the repeaters. FUP? Blame it on the pr0n watchers.”
    Meralco: “Nandidilim na ba ang paningin mo? Okay lang, may liwanag pa rin naman ang buhay~”

    And all those MLM companies (UNO, Nu Skin, USANA, etc.) that demands payment or endless recruiting to earn; if you think you’re earned that big thru MLM, try computing how much your downlines have spent after you’ve lied to them, and how much you’ve spent for your periodic purchases and for your attempts to recruit. Butthurt pro-MLM peeps posting “you’re a failure”, etc etc etc in 3… 2…

  10. PLDT 150 emails since Oct 2013 over as yet unresolved issues can’t be wrong 🙂

    Oh if anyone has contact info for anyone in senior management in PLDT please please publicise it.

  11. I nominate SM for successfully keeping off 99% of its workers under contracts for 6 months, letting them rest for at least a month and then re-hiring them again for another 6 months as contractual. Credit is also due to them for setting the standard on how to squeeze worker’s wages while earning billions of pesos in profits.

  12. Globe what a 5 star bad company the Philippines is held back by bad internet .To grow as a country and compete in business around the world we need good internet.

  13. QUBE the worst company ever. 11 hours work, 45 minutes lunch break, no holiday, no double pay even if holiday may pasok pa din even xmas. if hindi pumasok ng 24, and 26 double salary deduction. wala man lang pakonswelo kahit konting pamasko..walang bunos, walang 13th month pay. san pa kayo mas lamang pa ba company ninyo dito?panalo na to!!!!

  14. i nominate ABS-CBN,UNO and CD-R King 1.ABS-CBN: A 100% Bias Station because of flesh eating report ,cheap teleseryes and its F**KTIME (Showtime parody) Also….. An ideas Of EJK (Extra Judicial Killings). 2.UNO: Mabahong damit,panti at laruan and We’ve got you fu**ing service forever! #EndUNOnow 3. CD-R King: Makers of Fake Stark Appliances Explosible Cellphones like KS-7 and Cotto X Smartphone and a maker of pirated DVDs. Thaks. TO:SWN

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