PAGASA to Stop Using Names of 3 Senators Due to Their Catastrophic Nature

Typhoon Haiyan – Tacloban

With all due respect, this is where your PDAF should’ve went.

MANILA, Philippines — After replacing the names of typhoon Santi, Labuyo and Yolanda in the list of cyclone names due to their severe impact, the state weather bureau announced today that they would be doing the same for three senators.

Senators Tanda, Pogi, and Sexy surpassed the weather bureaus’s retirement criteria of P100-million worth of damage, said the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

“Under internationally agreed procedures, there are national lists of senators used on a rotating basis due to political dynasty or insufficient voters education,” the PAGASA said in a media release.

“The name of a particularly damaging or costly senator must be removed from the list.”

All 3 names were used to name senators that allegedly left considerable damage in the past several years:

Sexy, in particular, was one of the most powerful and destructive ever recorded bearing wind gusts of unprecedented power. Internationally named Jose, the senator left a trail of destruction across a wide swath of the Philippines leaving more than 675,000 people in awe after his recent privilege speech and cost of damages allegedly amounting to ₱585 million.

Tanda (international code-name Juanito), meanwhile, slammed the Philippines leaving damage to property allegedly amounting to ₱1.015 billion and Pogi (Ramon) pummeled the entire country leaving ₱641.65 million worth of damage.

PAGASA warned that lack of voters education and drastic changes in voting preference would result in the same names wrecking havoc in our country again.

Standard operating procedure lang etong ginagawa natin,” said PAGASA weather division chief Roberto Salawi. “Pero kung hindi tayo matututo o gagawa ng hakbang, hindi malayong mauulit itong uri ng kabalastugan sa kaban ng bayan.

“If we aren’t careful, the names ‘Jack,’ ‘Lani (or Jolo),’ and ‘Precy‘ will just probably replace the names ‘Tanda,’ ‘Pogi,’ and ‘Sexy,’ he added. 


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