Movie Review: “Si Agimat Si Janet At Si PDAF “

Si Agimat Si Janet At Si PDAF is the latest movie offering of actor-turned politician Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. It comes in the heels of the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival.

SIAGIMATSIJANETATSIPDAFRevilla continues his tradition of offering fantasy-based movies annually with the trademark style of humor this franchise is known for. What’s new with this year’s entry is the infusion of other genres such as drama, documentary and horror. Joining him this year are former actor-turned politician-turned actor and father, Ramon Revilla Sr., as well as actress-turned-politician and wife, Lani Mercado and  actor-turned-politician and son, Jolo Revilla.

The idea of 3 generations of family in public office could send any horror movies such as Insidious to shame.

Philip Salvador also joins the cast but not as his make-up heavy character Lizardo and was  instead relegated to a supporting role.

What has changed from Revilla’s earlier entries such as Ang Panday and Exodus  is the absence of any fantasy settings or locales. In its place are fantasy notions that the viewing public will mistaken this movie for the truth. Computer-generated (CG) monsters are also missing from the movie, and real life monsters, who were elected into office, are instead substituted in their place.

The movie started with Agimat summarizing what he will do in the movie, which is basically to prove the allegations against him are baseless. Spoilerphobes would cringe by the artistic direction that the movie has taken, possibly revealing to viewers what could have been a climatic scene.

The writing in this movie was impeccable, with big and memorable words such as ‘pagyurak’, ‘katotohanan‘ and ‘Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus“. It was obvious that this movie does not look down on its viewers intellect, with only a single ‘Anak ng Teteng‘ as an exemption.

The movie oftentimes mimic Shake Rattle and Roll‘s anthological structure, as it segues into various plot points with a different set of characters for each. One scene could be a Pinocchio-inspired story about a signature’s validity, starring Benhur Luy as Boy Pirma and then switch into a driving scene involving a character named Boy Pickup the next. Other scenes resembled a Yearender you see on TV as is blurred the lines from fantasy to reality. Viewers who are not attentive enough might get confused with the plot-hole-filled anecdotal approach to this movie.

Also worth noting was the protagonist’s line, “I will do what is right. Kailangan manindigan sa tama at gagawin ko ang tama para sa bayan,” after he was confronted by villains PNoy, Boy Pickup and A-Bad to betray the Justice League. It reminded the public that this is still a fantasy/superhero movie locked in a fictional world due to the fact that no one talks like that in real life.

tonka truck

The lone product placement in the movie is a breath of fresh air.

Following in the footsteps of Jinggoy Estrada’s movie Katas ng PDAF last September,  Si Agimat Si Janet At Si PDAF features only one product placement. If the former had Jollibee, Bong Revilla had a Tonka toy truck.

Ramon Revilla Sr. made a not-so-surprising cameo as the titular hero’s father late into the movie and is the main driving factor for the movie’s dramatic content. Only one word can describe the scene where  Agimat responded with a, “Daddy, ito na po. Ipinaglalaban ko na ang katotohanan,” to his father’s plea to defend their family’s honor, as the camera focuses on the helpless, weeping father.


Before ending the movie, our hero blurted out a bible passage so as to remind everyone that anybody who reads the bible is automatically the good guy.

I was surprised when the audience inside the movie theater that I was in, gave the movie a huge applause as the credits rolled. Didn’t they realized that this movie was hastily produced, like only five months? Aren’t they outraged that they wasted money making this film and time by watching it?

But come to think of it, I would give it a huge applause too or even a standing ovation if I was related to Ramon Bong Revilla Jr.

As for the spoiler at the beginning of the movie, spoilerphobes went home happy knowing that Bong Revilla Jr. never proved that the allegations about him were wrong.

I give Si Agimat Si Janet At Si PDAF a rating of 4 out of 5 tissue papers.

4 TPs


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