Binays’ Newest Ad Campaign Aims to Familiarize Filipinos with Their Face After Dasma Incident

dasmaMAKATI, Philippines — The family of Vice President Jejomar Binay is planning to improve their presence even more via increased “epalness“, after recent events proved that not all Filipinos are familiar with their faces, especially security guards.

Mukhang kulang pa po,” said the Vice President. “Dapat yata nilagyan ko, este ng supporter ko, ng picture ng buong pamilya ko yung mga stickers na idinikit sa relief goods para sa mga biktima ng Yolanda.”

Binay expressed disappointment with his PR team, saying that their epal efforts must be doubled or even tripled so that every Filipino, living or dead, would know their name.

Nung binatikos kami kamakailan, napaisip ako kung sumosobra na nga ba kami,” he added. “Iyon pala, kulang pa. Kulang na kulang pa.

For his part, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay blamed his father for the shortcoming.

Wala kasi ako masyadong exposure papa,” said the younger Binay during the interview. “Dalasan mo kasi yung pag imbita sa akin sa mga lakad mo, lalo na kung may media coverage.”

Junjun Binay thinks that with more exposure, incidents of confusion, coercion, using the umbrella at night, finger-pointing, arrest voluntary vacating of post and miscommunication could be avoided.

“I don’t care how high the security measures of a subdivision, due to increase incidence of crimes are,” added the Mayor of Makati. “When someone tells you they are with a VIP, you should believe them right away and let them pass.”

As a result, the Binays tapped a famous advertising agency to manage an intense advertising campaign entitled “Binay Persons Project“.

The campaign is headed by Eric Wolfson of Eye In The Sky Media, the leading advertising and PR firm in the country and is scheduled to run for 3 years. 

“Under the campaign, names and faces of various members of the Binay family would be emblazoned on everyday items, such as newspapers, canned goods, manholes, billboards, underwear, horse poop, guard house, sky-writing, urinals, ice cream carts, batons and shampoos, just to name a few,” said Wolfson.


Some of the ideas for “Binay Persons Project”

He boasted that Filipinos would be surprised on where they’ll see the mug of one of the Binays next.

The aim of the campaign, according to Wolfson, is to tap into the psyche of every Juan so that whenever they see the face of a certain Binay, they would instinctively bend over and do their bidding.  

“At the end of our advertising campaign,” added Wolfson. “No Binay shall have to utter the phrase, ‘Di Mo Ba Ako Kilala?’“.



14 thoughts on “Binays’ Newest Ad Campaign Aims to Familiarize Filipinos with Their Face After Dasma Incident

  1. Nice one… Hehe, kaunting ideas lang na naisip ko para sa article na ito:

    1) Magkakaroon na din ng mandatory training ang security agencies na dapat makilala nila sa mukha ang mga politicians kahit na ba araw o gabi.

    2) Approved nang maging tambayan ng security guards ang police stations para sa break time nila.

  2. Grabe talaga bow ako sa creativity mo. Eto pinaka nakakatawa para sa akin “…every Filipino, living or dead, will know their name.”
    More articles please, and more power to you.

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