New Bill Seeks to Grant Lifetime “Balato” from Pacquiao Winnings to Porkless Lawmakers

Manny PacquiaoMANILA, Philippines — A bill seeking to grant lawmakers the privilege of receiving balato, money given away from winnings, from boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was filed today at the House of Representatives.

Filed by Valenzuela Representative Magtanggap Guniguni , House Bill 3522 (Balato ni Manny Act of 2013) is a complimentary bill for the lawmaker’s previous resolution, House Bill 3521 (Pacquiao Act of 2013), which aims to grant tax exemption to the boxer, for life.

Section 4 reads, “The state shall confer lifetime benefit of receiving parts of the winning of boxing icon Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, also known as Manny Pacquiao, to members of the House of Representative, who are now cash-strapped after the Supreme Court declared the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) unconstitutional.”

House Bill 3522 (Click to enlarge)

House Bill 3522 (Click to enlarge)

It also states that for granting lifetime tax exemption for an exemplary individual, Manny Pacquiao should be “indebted to all his colleagues and voluntarily handout monthly bonuses to them as a sign of gratitude”.

In justifying the bill, Guniguni cited the Congress’ achievements, or lack thereof, after the SC ruling, which saw lawmaker’s attendance at an all-time low.

“Nothing motivates some of my colleagues more than free money,” said Guniguni.

He added that his proposal could be the first time that such “rare privilege” would be conferred to an elected official.

“His generosity and desire to help us, his fellow politicians, extends even up to the use of his hard-earned money is noteworthy.”


3 thoughts on “New Bill Seeks to Grant Lifetime “Balato” from Pacquiao Winnings to Porkless Lawmakers

  1. I love how you emphasize the word SATIRICAL. But hey, I found that almost anything weird and appalling can be real, so people need to be guided, especially those out of the loop. Great artik.

  2. In a news portion, Mr, Guniguni was so emotional (I thought he would burst into tears) when he said that nobody can deliver a no-crime day but only Mr.Pacquiao on a fight day. He even dared us to produce one such person, may be to be commended also. Wonderful human this Mr. Guniguni.

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