NAIA to be Renamed After Being Tagged as the Worst Airport Again

MANILA Philippines — After being named the worst airport in the world due to poor facilities, security concerns and bribery, NAIA management officials announced a name change to increase its ranking.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s daily operational manager Mark Francisco Tong was in hot water after the controversial airport was named the world’s worst airport by a website just the other day. To counteract the heat, Tong proposed a name change first before splurging money on costly renovations.

“We don’t want to be the worst in the world” Tong said, “We want to show the world that Filipinos are the best, that is why we are proposing a name-change to the airport.”

Airport management officials are mulling the candidates that would be included in the selection pool.

“Currently we have 11 choices in the pool. All are world-renowned Filipinos that are the best in what they do. And we believe that they would elevate our airport from worst to the best by their name alone.”

Below are the candidates: (Voting can be found at the bottom of this article)

  1. Mar Roxas – Mar Roxas International Airport or MARIA
  2. Manny Pacquiao & Piolo Pascual  – Pacquiao Pascual International Airport or PAPAIA
  3. Batista – Batista International Airport or BATIA
  4. Diana Zubiri & Ara Mina – Diana & Ara International Airport or DIARIA
  5. Pork Barrel Scam Personalities – P***ang In* National & International Logistics Airport or P.I. NILA
  6. Dick Gordon and Nur Misuari – Gordon Nur International Airport or GONURIA
  7. Nicole Scherzinger – Pinay Pussycat National & International Airport or PPNIA
  8. Frank Drilon – Frank Drilon National & International Airport or SINO NILOLOKO NIA?
  9. Jejomar Binay – Athirst for Attention Superior International Airport or ATATSIA
  10. Charice Pempengco – Charice International Airport or CHARIA
  11. Congress of the Philippines – House of Plunderers International Airport or HOPIA

The selection committee will be accepting suggestions before next week’s deadline, and would decide on a final name via voting among its members.

“We are very confident that our international airport would no longer be considered the worst in the world after we have chosen a new name for it. There is no place to go but up” added Tong.
An internet definition search for the word WORSTEST yielded this result.

56 thoughts on “NAIA to be Renamed After Being Tagged as the Worst Airport Again

  1. Please don’t drag Charice’s good name in this political sewage they have created for themselves. I don’t think they can ever get themselves out of this hell hole.

  2. What? Re-naming the airport does not change poor facility, security concerns, and bribery that gave that airport the label “Worst Airport in the World”. Re-naming it will be a waste of money. I say start with evaluating the manager and the employees from high ranking to downward.

  3. you can’t stop corruption (Bribery) in there, that’s one reason that place is like a shithole! Changing name will not fix that problem, Firing whoever in charge would be a good start.

  4. OMC! this is hilarious BUT in a great & awesome way!! WAY TO GO CHARICE!
    Welcome! You just landed to the most incredicle airport in the world “Charice International Airport”
    Haha i will totally travel to Manila in a minute to just experience hearing that! LOL! 🙂

    • Oh that’s a crazies idea i’ve heard, but it’s ok, and Also they can put some nude statue by ur self, i think that was amazing! What u do think? ;p

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  6. how about something modern and pacifist. Bantayog ng Ebolusyon at Kapayapaan International Airport. . BEKIA!!! ay bongga!!!

  7. That’s not a funny topic!!! No wonder why we have the worst International Airport in the world.
    It is just a reflection of how we think and act!!!!

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  9. Purging muna tau pwede. ung mga corrupt isama na rin sa papalitan. hindi lang pangalan. saka pala ung mga walang alam sa trabho nila. ang daming nandyan sa airport.

  10. Just fix it you useless manager, The Airport is named after a famous countryman and you insult him by wanting to name the airport after a Lesbian OMG for a Roman Catholic Country that opposes gayness you go from bad to worse. Fix the Airport and do Ninoy proud stopp pissing around like most of you do.

  11. Changing name doesn’t mean it will become good to the eyes of people. Change the management rules, cleanliness, remove corrupt, remove VIP’s, put some change on the environment not on name change. Airports abroad, waiting area are airconditioned, very relaxing with free wifi, toilets are clean, full of water, handwash, tissue and not smelly. No mosquitoes, 24hrs good service, no theft/bribery. Make some observations on other’s Airport abroad, and you see our own Airport’s big diffrence. Yun ang dapat baguhin, hindi ung pangalan lang po.

    • Tama ang dapat palitan yung management rules,ang pag desiplina samga employee ng airport,toilet dapat dagdagan at dapat lagging malinis at laging tissue,maglagay sila ng pagkakainan ng mga passengers na nag hihintay ng kanilang mga flights ,yang mga nag check ng mga hand carry desiplinahin at kakahiya yang mga style ng pagcheck nila pati pitaka inuulirat at halos ayaw na bitiwan o ibalik sa bag ng pasahero,sobra ang dami ng employee pero mabagal pa rin kung kumilos,….yang table ng OEC /POEA mababagal kumilos eh…

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