Outgoing LTO Chief Explains How Casino Video Was a Setup

virginiatorresMANILA, Philippines — After announcing her retirement early Monday morning after 30 years in government service, Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief Virginia Torres reiterated that the infamous casino video was a setup and she is ready to tell all.

According to Torres, while waiting for the bill to be settled after having dinner with a friend, she started to feel dizzy and queasy.

Saying that her food or drink might have been drugged because she is not the type of person that is easily amazed by bright lights, Torres recounts how she had blacked out after seeing them blinking lights.

“I woke up the next day feeling satisfied and smiling,” recounted Torres. “But everything after the lights and before waking up was a blank.”

The LTO Chief did not give much thought after that incident but was shocked when a video of what happened during her blackout surfaced.

“Right then and there I knew that I was being set up!” she said.

Piecing together a conclusion from what she saw on the video, the first thing that she noticed was her clothes.

“I wasn’t wearing a checkered polo during that dinner with my friend,” explained Torres. “Somebody must have changed it while I was out cold!”

Aside from her clothes, someone also put a hairband on her head, controlled her body so that she is in the sitting position and made her look like she’s pressing the buttons.

She figured that, “they must’ve meticulously adjusted every joint in my body to make me sit in that chair and press those goddamn buttons that I have absolutely no idea what they actually do!”

All this while someone was pointing a camera at her documenting every move that she was unconsciously doing.

“I was even made to switch to a different blinking machine to make it look like I was hoping my luck would be better this time around,” she added.

Torres said that whoever is behind this clearly knows how to make someone look like an avid gamer in a casino.

“So that’s where my money went!” said Torres, referring to the money she was forced to insert into the machine without her consent.

Virginia Torres is set to retire this month.


10 thoughts on “Outgoing LTO Chief Explains How Casino Video Was a Setup

  1. I think if Virgie Torres said that Satan made her do it, she would have gorten away with it. Good riddance.

    Baka she might go into supplying license plates. I heard that the backlog is terrible.

  2. What the hell that she the Filipino’s are, imbeclies. She should be be declared as a persona non grata. for trying to fool the Filipinos and the world. What a jerk!

  3. Well, that’s my girl! It’s her story and EVERYONE CONTRADICTS IT, then something is wrong with her story cause it’s hard to believe. he he he. D ka nag iisa Madam Torres, you’re really one hell of a gunfighter whose bullet return to you. Better not squeeze the trigger! he he he

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