Claudine Barretto Excited with Upcoming Scenes in Her Ongoing Tri-Network Teleserye

Claudine Barretto on the set of her Tri-Network Teleserye.

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Claudine Barretto revealed to showbiz reporters that upcoming scenes from her latest teleserye will get more intense, during a story conference held earlier today at a posh restaurant in Greenhills.

Barretto, who plays as a character named after herself in the Philippine’s first ever
“Tri-Network Courtroom Drama Teleserye”, portrays a woman who is undergoing an emotional roller coaster with her estranged husband and sisters.

Maipagmamalaki ko na isa na akong Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid, kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng aking kapamilya, kapatid at taong malapit sa puso ko laban sa akin,” said Barretto during the event.

Claudine’s real-life estranged husband, Raymart Santiago who plays the actress’ on-screen estranged husband ironically named Raymart.

She was referring to the real life issues surrounding her longtime feud with her sisters as well as the legal battle between her and her husband.

Before the topic could segued to the actress’ personal life, the moderator of the event reminded the press to focus on the television show, which she emphasized could be seen on all major networks’ prime time blocks, unlike Raymart’s upcoming afternoon show.

“The show also has replays during the late night and noontime blocks the next day,” added the moderator.

The show features a unique narrator for every network, who chronicles the latest happenings in the life of Claudine’s character in a riveting, provocative and edge-of-you seat manner. The narrators are Mario Dumawal, Lar Santiago and Shawn Yao for their respective networks.

Describing upcoming episodes as intense, controversial and must-see, Barretto told reporters that “they ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Kung akala nyo kapana-panabik na yung rebelasyon ng kapatid ni Claudine na kung saan eh isiniwalat nya na ikinulong daw  yung bida sa basement ng ospital, eh abangan nyo na lang ang susunod na mga episodes (If you thought that the revelation of Claudine’s sister where she bared that the protagonist was confined in a hospital basement was exciting, wait till you see upcoming episodes),” said Barretto.

The actress teased about an upcoming episode where Claudine figures in a fight with her sister while her lawyer tried to pacify the ladies.

Napaka-intense nung shooting namin nung scene na ‘yun (The filming of that scene was very intense),” she said. “Aakalian mong totoong nagaaway kami. Pati nga si Attorney nagtamo ng kalmot habang kunyaring inaawat kami (You’d think that we were really fighting. Even Attorney suffered some scratches while pretending to pacify us).”

Writers for the show are coming up with more imaginative and engrossing episodes to keep viewers coming back for more.

“We’re gonna infuse the story with different elements taken from all three networks’ shows,” said one of the writer.

One of the ideas being pitched is a scene where Claudine is accused of being a half-aswang by no less than her on-screen estranged husband ironically named Raymart, played by the actress’ real-life estrange husband, Raymart Santiago.


Sneak peak of an upcoming plot twist.

“In that scene, the accusation of the husband is made public when he and his wife agreed to guest on a  reality tabloid talk show,” chimed another writer. “Sparks begin to fly when Claudine accuses Raymart of having an extra-marital affair with another man.”

The writers promised other twists and turns including a shocking revelation that Claudine’s eldest sister is actually the daughter of Zuma and that she’s hiding twin snakes on her neck; as well as an episode where the protagonist’s legal counsel saved his client from her pyrokinetic sister, Marjorie after the latter tried to burn down Claudine’s home due to extreme anger.

“We try to spice up the show for fear that the courtroom drama might be too boring and to keep viewers interested as well,” said Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, who plays as the protagonist’s legal counsel in the show.

Be sure to watch the latest episode of the continuing drama, right after the PDAF scam, Zamboanga crisis and the crime of the day coverage of your favorite news program.

Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Claudine Barretto Excited with Upcoming Scenes in Her Ongoing Tri-Network Teleserye

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  2. I hope the real life of Clau will get resolve soon! New Year na! If they r going to take out pride and put in humility, it will happen soon! Blood is thicker than water, in the end of the day they still need each other, bec. they r family!

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