Jinggoy Also Confident of Pardon In Case He is Found Guilty

JINGGOY_SEXYMANILA, Philippines — After expressing confidence that he would be cleared of charges hurled against him before the Office of the Ombudsman earlier this week, Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada expressed confidence again, believing this time that he’ll be pardoned if ever he is found guilty.

“I’m not saying that I did all that, but given the odds that this administration is treating us, it’s a possibility that they’ll find a way to pin it on me” said Estrada.

But the son of former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is not scared to face the music, saying that he is optimistic at his chances of being granted a clemency or pardon down the wire.

Kung ang kasaysayan ang pagbabasehan, hindi malayong papatawarin din tayo ng kasalukuyang administrasyon, o ‘di kaya’y sa susunod (If history repeats itself, it’s not far-fetched that the current administration would pardon me, if not the next),” added Estrada.

The senator also reiterated that he and his colleagues are not the worst thieves.

“A worst thief would’ve responsibly checked the legitimacy of the Non-Government Organizations (NGO) first, pocketed all the money and then flee the country,” said Estrada. “Clearly we did not do any of that and therefore should not be portrayed as the worst thieves.”

“Maybe bad or worse thieves, pwede pa.”

Guilty or not guilty, Jinggoy Estrada is already looking forward to becoming a future president of this country, following the footsteps of his father. And possibly a stint as a mayor after that.


7 thoughts on “Jinggoy Also Confident of Pardon In Case He is Found Guilty

  1. I can’t believe this. when you’re a bad thief, not the worse or worst, does it mean you’re a better person? How can that reasoning be a legit one? he points finger, childish!

    magnanakaw ay magnanakaw. period.

    when people are busted, sh!t comes out from their mouths.

  2. Of course — the article’s funny as always but it saddens me that you have to put up a disclaimer with a ‘keyword’ in ALL CAPS to remind people that this is SATIRE.

    Magma-mature din ang lokal audience one day, I’m sure kahit saan naman may mga di agad maka-gets kung ano yung ibig sabihin ng lahat ng ito. Sayang lang kasi it takes away a bit of the humorous edge.

  3. There should be no way in this world that your confidence of getting pardon will be achieved in case of conviction!! Your offense is so grave! Stealing money from the poor (thousands of people lived in slum areas) is virtually equivalent to killing them by hunger or heavily jeopardizing them with their human basic needs!!

  4. I would say, “The cock has come home to roost..” after similar posts have been continuously posted defaming PNoy and the rest of the Aquinos.

  5. Gago talaga yang si jinggoy estrada, mana mana lang naman yan. Mga tanga lang ang nakararaming pinoy at uto pa kaya nananalo sila sa election. Marami lang talagang perang nakurakot ang kanilang ama e kaya yumaman ng husto. Pero mga bobo naman ang mga iyan. may gana pang mag speech hindi naman niya gawa. Mahiya ka naman. dapat sa iyo kaponin at itali sa langgamang pula. Umaasa ka pang papatawarin ka sa kaso mong plunder? Ang dapat sa inyo, sunugin ng buhay sa isang pang publikong lugar.

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