Justice Abad Launches Sex Oriented Website

Associate-Justice-Roberto-Abad1MANILA, Philippines — After suggesting that women should just use the Internet to gather information about reproductive health during yesterday’s RH Law oral arguments at the Supreme Court, Justice Roberto Abad officially launched his own sex-oriented website.

Entitled “Uncle Abad’s Lucky Sex Club: Your definitive guide on ‘how to do it'” (click here to visit it), the site, which is still in beta, contains information about the author, as well as various facts and tips surrounding reproductive health, as well as a conspiracy page detailing the plot of the evil World Health Organization (WHO) (sic).

“My aim is to share the vast knowledge I have amassed when it comes to reproduction,” said Abad on the website’s About page. “Information that my ancestors since the dark ages have passed on to me that I plan to pass on to whoever is interested.”

According to Abad, he hopes to make the site the official portal for everything sex, that age appropriate children can go to.

“Mom and Dad not telling you what they do when the lights are closed? Uncle Abad is here to help.”

Abad pointed out the unnecessary need for the RH Law and offers his website instead as the solution.

“Internet is a human right. This website is vitally important and it will do everything what the RH Law wants to do,” added Abad.

“Except distribute those cancer causing abortifacients you call contraceptives.”

Click here to go to Uncle Abad’s Lucky Sex Club:  Your definitive guide on ‘how to do it’


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