Janet Lim-Napoles is Forbes’ First Filipino Bajillionaire

Manila, Philippines — Alleged coal trader and JLN Corp. president and CEO  Janet Lim – Napoles is the richest Filipino, according to Forbes Magazine’s 2013 Global Bajillionaires’ list.

“Topping the list for the first time is Janet Lim-Napoles. Her net worth is $100 billion to ∞ (infinity), as shares of her company, JLN Corp. coming from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or Pork Barrel allocations reported record profits of over $100 million in 2012,” Forbes said in a statement.

“This list was compiled using common arithmetic equations of division, addition and multiplication (in that order) and financial information obtained from the people close to the family, blog comments, analysts and other sources,” it said.

According to the magazine, bajillion is defined as a number far greater than the normal amount; a concept, like infinity.


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Napoles, the sole entry on the prestigious list, would soon be hopefully joined by others, if and when the authorities’ investigation produces any concrete result.

“It won’t be long before she is joined by other private individuals, elected officials or other corrupt entities that have amassed huge sum of tax-payer’s money for their own sake,” said Forbes’ Associate Editor Bryan Farman.

He added, “With all due respect, no matter what President Aquino says, a bajillion does NOT pale in comparison to the fertilizer fund scam or the NBN-ZTE deal.”

Para mo na ring sinabi na ang kasalukuyang administrasyon mo ay ‘medyo mas matuwid lang ang daan’ kumpara sa nakaraang administrasyon (It’s like saying that your current administration is just a little bit credible, than the last),” added SWN resident political analyst Ramon Christopher Ching.

Forbes Magazine decided to make a new list after the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) announced that they will conduct a thorough investigation on Napoles.

“It would be a no-brainer for a magazine like us not to feature an individual who’s as filthy rich as her,” said Farman.

No word yet whether Janet Lim-Napoles, alongside her attorney Lorna Hapunan will hold another press conference or grant another interview to highlight this latest development/achievement.


Stay tuned.


19 thoughts on “Janet Lim-Napoles is Forbes’ First Filipino Bajillionaire

  1. “This list was compiled using common arithmetic equations of division, addition and multiplication (in that order)” — hahaha! winner!

  2. Re the thought of one person in our society being super-rich but had not contribute anything to the progress of our country, people & humanity as a whole is a very sad one to think about. More so if the money came from the hard work of the citizenry. . a stolen one. .

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  4. What kind of food these people eat, diamond, gold and silver? How can they walk without shame? Are they still human with heart, mind and soul. Baka naman Alien ang familyang ito!

    • There should be a law stating the maximum amount of money one can accumulate and/or spend in one’s lifetime. . .say 100M pesos?.. .at different times it should be re-adjusted, in excess of that, one has to utilize for reinvestment or projects beneficial to society. . It should not go to government. . they will only pocket them. . .these excess should be active . . not static or just store in the banks for centuries. . .for the development of our nation.

  5. 3rd world country lang tayo n yet we produced a bajilionaire… Booom diba. I wanna be a bajilionaire sooo freacking bad….just like jenny napoles tinalo pa si queen…

  6. Let’s not stop at Napoles. She’s only a conduit. The Hard-earned good Filipino tax-paying citizens’ money will have to end up to the pockets of “honorable” politicians. To steal people’s money within a system made by these honorably-looking politicians is a complex one. . only geniuses. . well, evil genuises. . can design such a system. .So an independent private commission headed by a moral genius is necessary to investigate the case. . recover the money and prevent such thing to happen again. . the Philippines needs to progress. . Our political society is producing pseudo-leaders . . they are not big-businessmen. . nor industrialist. . . .but they are super-rich. . doing practically nothing for the progress of our beloved country. . only by signing papers. . they became billionaires. . the money coming from the people. .

  7. Material wealth is NOT infinite. . . .It is a fact . . everybody knows it. . .I view it as just allegory. . symbolical. . If I laugh about it, I shift my allegiance to Napoles. . I become her ‘spinner’….

  8. we could have have at least advance to perhaps few steps higher from the list of poorest countries in the world if only our taxes are managed by honest and competent leader

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