Pacquiao Also Considers Becoming an Astronaut, Eating His Booger & Wearing High Heels, Among Other Things

MACAU — Sensing that the media will publish anything that comes out of his mouth, Philippine boxing icon and Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao let loose other tidbits that was on his mind, during an extended interview with SWN.

Alam naman natin na nakatutok ang sambayanang Pilipino sa akin dahil sa nalalapit kong laban sa Nobyembre (Everyone knows that all eyes are on me for my upcoming fight this November),” said Pacquiao.

Kaya nung tinanong ako kung balak kong tumakbo bilang presidente, natural oo ang sagot ko (That’s why when I was asked if I plan to run for president, I naturally answered in the affirmative).”

Napaka unrealistic naman kapag sinabi kong hindi (It would be unrealistic if I answered no),” he added.

So when this reporter asked him what else was on his mind, the eight-division world champion did’t pull any punches.

pacquiao_astronaut“Actually, I also wanted to be an astronaut since I was a little boy,” he revealed. “It’s just that nobody bothered asking me that, kadalasan kasi tungkol lang sa politika at boksing (most of the time, the topics are about politics and boxing).”

The boxer dreams of becoming the first man on Mars and thus give more pride to Filipinos.

Kung ikukumpara sa pagiging presidente, sa tantya ko, mas maipagmamalaki siguro ako ng mga Pilipino kung maging astronaut ako, hindi ba (If compared to becoming a president, I think Filipinos will be more proud of me if I become an astronaut, is it not)?.”

Wandering off to other topics, Pacquiao also revealed that he has always wondered what his booger would taste like.

Isa din yan sa mga bumabagabag sa akin dati pa (That’s also one thing that has perplexed me for a long time),” said Pacquiao. “I always wanted to try it, but Coach Freddie Roach always dissuades me for fear that it might affect my conditioning and health.”

Although the ‘Pambansang Kamao‘ is harboring thoughts of disobeying his coach, he would probably wait  until he finally hangs up his gloves, saying that eating his booger is probably “God’s will” as well.

At this point in the interview, Pacquiao was evidently becoming more comfortable as he let loose more information; including his desire to wear high heels for a whole day, wondering how the signal in WiFi works, preferring Android over iOS, and also the fact that there are exactly fifty-four (54) holes in a Skyflakes cracker.

Gutom ako at walang magawa at that time (I was both hungry and bored at that time),” explained the lawmaker on how he came to the information.

Other stuff he talked about includes the age until he was potty trained (7 years old), how he was misquoted that Tinola was his favorite dish, his desire to sing the national anthem for other boxers, as well as that one time he injured his hand while pressing ‘ctrl+alt+delete’ on his keyboard, being lactose intolerant, actually being afraid of flying cockroaches and as well as how he felt after being knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez during their last bout.

Ang naisip ko nalang eh sana magising pa ako, kundi baka makickout na ako sa House of Representatives dahil sa dami na ng absent ko (The only thing on my mind was how I wish I could still wake up, or else I might get kicked-out of the House of Representatives for being absent too often),” revealed Pacquiao.

Nakalimang mat yata ako ng Alaxan FR nun kinabukasan (I approximately consumed 5 mats of Alaxan FR the next day)!”

Before ending the interview, Pacquaio mentioned that due to his immense confidence in securing a victory against Brandon Rios, his Team Pacquiao brand of apparel will have a clearance sale with discounts upto 50%, as well as a buy-one-take-one promo.

Resident SWN sociologist Ramon Christopher Ching thinks that the recent news about his presidency is a ploy by the boxer, or even the media in order for the Filipino people to support him.

“By coming out with news about his presidential dreams, Filipinos would be forced to say that he should just concentrate on boxing,” explains Ching. “Negating the fact that what he should be really concentrating on in the first place, is his constituents in Saranggani.”

“Clever, right?” he added.


2 thoughts on “Pacquiao Also Considers Becoming an Astronaut, Eating His Booger & Wearing High Heels, Among Other Things

  1. That’s not nice to Manny Pacquiao, swn, stop belittling him. Now He what swn is about damaging reputation you better stop it. You make me sick reading your article. Its no laughing matter.

  2. I will vote for Manny for POTROTP, and he will win, then I would also go back and have a religion and actually believe, then I would fight to abolish LGBT rights and the RH Bill, name it… if I am not doing it now I will eventually do it soon.

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