CBCP Asks MTRCB to Suspend ‘My Husband’s Lover’. GMA to Replace it with ‘My Father’s Lover’

MANILA, Philippines — After receiving a barrage of complaints, mostly from members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) decided to suspend the GMA 7 program “My Husband’s Lover” indefinitely.

This after the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth (CBCP-ECY) urged television networks to be sensitive to themes being tackled in their programs.

CBCP-ECY executive secretary Fr. Kunegundo Garganta said TV producers and writers must study themes presented in their shows and make sure they are based on moral standards.

He said guidelines regarding themes followed by TV networks are important, especially for television shows with controversial content. Garganta urged networks to consider how the shows impact young viewers’ consciousness.
(from Rappler)

As a result, GMA7 will stop the airing of its widely lauded primetime show and instead replace it with a different show that they hope and pray, is  “morally correct enough” in the eyes of the CBCP.

“We are proud to present ‘My Father’s Lover‘, the first church-themed series in Philippine television,” said Katherine Galvez, the show’s executive producer, during its announcement.

my fathers lover

The series still stars Carla Abellana,  Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo as the main characters. Carla and Tom retain their roles as Lally and Vincent Soriano respectively but Dennis Trillo now plays an older Father Eric Del Gundo. Fr del Gundo is Vincent’s first romance when the latter was an altar boy during his elementary years.

The show has multiple continuing story lines that tackle sensitive yet relevant issues like child molestation, ivory smuggling, deception, homophobia and the church’s discrimination against homosexuals, corruption within the Catholic institution and the consequences of blindly following what a priest says.

 The forty-five minute scripted drama chronicles the life of a woman, who belatedly discovers that her husband has been carrying on an affair, but not with another woman, but with their church’s priest.

It also tackles the importance of family, integrity and love;  hence a new character – another priest, who has fathered 3 children from two different women, would be introduced midway into the season.

mtrcb_PG“We hope that this show, depicting the morally-correct lives of the Catholic church, would be enough to appease the righteous and non-hypocritical hierarchy that is the CBCP,” added Galvez.

Contrary to the show that it is replacing, which got a Strong Parental Guidance (SPG) rating from the MTRCB, “My Father’s Lover” is rated PG, which stands for “Parochial Guidance”.


207 thoughts on “CBCP Asks MTRCB to Suspend ‘My Husband’s Lover’. GMA to Replace it with ‘My Father’s Lover’

  1. This issue on homosexual and phidophile priests has been with us for centuries.
    Brave are those boys who reveal what their Father Priest done to them while their in their innocent years; with their parents being so much trustful and worry-free having their children be with a holy demonic MAN in a secluded fortress called Church! Children become sex toys to sex maniac men who hide from themselves through clothes of Church!

  2. the holy men are seeing themselves in the characters of the story… that’s what the CBCP is all about… they sugarcoat their lives… they pretend to be holy when they are hogwash inside their spirits…. are the gay priests among them hurt by this?… or namamatay sila sa inggit because they can’t reveal their gayness?

  3. Umepal na namanang mga epalistic holy daw. Ano ba ang masama sa program ng gma? Buti nga hindi paring bakla ang tema na nagre recruit ng mga bagets na sakristan sa kanilang parokya tapos inaabuso at binibigyan ng mga pangako.

    Marumi ang utak ng mga paring bumabatikos sa nasabing programa. Di ba may may mga pari na nakakabuntis sa kanilang parokya? Ano naman ang ginawa nilang hakbang para itama ang ganitong klase ng imoralidad.

  4. Grabe naman ang mga “pari”!
    Pati ang show ay pinakikialaman!
    Hanggang ngayon,d pa rin nila matanggap na may mga bading na nagexist sa mundong to!

  5. I was molested by a priest during my elementary years… and that’s the truth! This article should be widely published so that the public should be aware of the dark practices of the Catholic church leaders.

  6. News informs people of political corruption, ambush and massacres, incidents of holdup, rape and kidnapping but why don’t these shows get suspended? Kasi kailangan isiwalat ang katotohanan. Okay, I get that part. Pero why ask for suspension of MHL when it is equally “morally wrong”? Sensitive ang theme ng MHL pero kaya nga Rated SPG diba? ‘Dun papasok ang role ng parents. So kung may conflict man sa beliefs/cultures, conservative family man o liberal, nasa pamilya na lang ang issue. MHL only mirrors the fact na nangyayari talaga ang ganyan. Same sex relationships exist and happen in real life just like how corruption, massacres and rape occur in this reality.

    Grabe, these are my thoughts when I read the title. Little did I know, troll article pala ito hahaha Nice one!

  7. Punyetang CBCP!!! Inaabangan ko na nga yung next tapos ganun!? Pakialamero talaga, righteous ba talaga kayo? Wala namang sex sa same gender nagaganap eh, minsan nga mas brutal pa at rape at nangangabit sa ibang pelikula at may witchraft minsan, tpos eto dahil gay themed lang iba-ban? Kawalang hiya gagong CBCP

  8. I’m not against the MHL team,the gayness,the M2M relationship nor with the catholics,its just that before the CBCP will react to morality issues within this drama,they should make a guidelines on what is the boundary of morality and immorality?When do you consider moral as immoral?Seen in all dramas created by the 3 networks,CBCP don’t consider corruption,slavery,murders,rape,adultery,kidnapping,theft,cult,illegal possession of guns,suicide,medical malpractice,switching identities and blah blah blah as immoral????which is the plot of almost all the dramas in philippine television.I’m gonna throw your idolatry statues of your saints in your head you priests so you’ll wake up in your senses..

    • you got a point…tho I don’t think they should have a part in regulating the shows any networks publish. 🙂 CBCP is an ass all the time. Kailan nakialam ng ganito ang ibang religions? I can’t remember anything. To think Catholic ang kinalakhan kong religion. Parati nalang silang nakikialam.

    • Oo nga.. Nagmamahalan lang naman sina Vincent at Eric..Ano bang masama dun! Ang totoo, napaka inam nga ng pagkalahad ng estorya kaya kahit mga lovers na bading ang bida, nabibigyan nito ng katarungan ang bawat eksena. Sa kadahilanang de kalidad ang mga lahat ng aspeto ng nasabing tv drama. Gusto pala nilang maging bida ang mga pari.. E gumawa sila ng sarili nilang tv series at ipalabas nila sa kanilang tv station. 🙂

  9. anut-ano p man……
    basta maganda ang takbo ng story…..
    at least alam ng lhat s mga nkranas man o hindi… mkka kuha k ng aral d2…
    ang mhalaga d2 nsa mga magulang p rin ang tamang guidance kung papaano nila gagabayan ang kanilang mga anak s ganitong sitwasyon….

  10. if the tv show be changed, let the title be “THE PRIESTS’ ALTAR-BOYS lover”. . . . hehehehe. . . . actually THESE “morally upright” priests are just afraid of the truth, that there are devils wearing cassocks, or the so called WOLF in a sheep’s fur. . . . SHAME ON THEM!!!

  11. both themes of the series are taking serious issues … though it’s up to the viewer now how he would take his morality regarding this MY HUSBAND’S LOVER or MY FATHER’S LOVER show..whatever!

  12. Anong klasing CBCP iyan? pwede ba tingnan niyo muna sa SALAMIN ang sinasabi niyong MORALLY APPROPRIATE..review your moral standard parang kayo na yata ang nag-deteriorate. . . . kaya dumadami ang tumitiwalag sa congregation dahil sa walan kwentang stand niyo.

  13. ahahaha pati ivory smuggling talagang kasama sa issues hang cute huh…

    e2 nmang CBCP ang KJ kainis, ganda2x ng story, ano ba mali sa palabas??

    or palabas lng nila na may mali…?? hmmmpfs…

  14. i have nothing against the story itself, because it is really realistic…BUT i think putting it into movie will strictly control the young generation to be involved in this king of story…
    dapat before airing p nga lang nakita na ng MTRCB yan eh…imagine, singer wearing lover Vneck dress lang kino-call agad sa office nila, tapos itong ganitong story that may affect the thinking of the youngGEN hinayaan pang ma-AIR..?!

  15. REPOST: 🙂
    i have nothing against the story itself, because it is really realistic…BUT i think putting it into movie will strictly control the young generation to be involved in this KIND of story…
    dapat before airing p nga lang nakita na ng MTRCB yan eh…imagine, singer wearing LOWER Vneck dress lang kino-call agad sa office nila, tapos itong ganitong story that may affect the thinking of the youngGEN hinayaan pang ma-AIR..?!

  16. Ugh Jesus, ugh. Ugh… Jesus, it’s coming out! Ahh heaven. Thanks, father. I really lover your lovin’.

  17. satire ini, pero hanga rin ako sa punto niring artikulo. bakit kapag tayo ang narereact sa Team Patay posters, wala tayong karapatang makialam sa kanila. pero kapag telenovela, libreng libre silang makialam.

    wag silang selective. maraming kasalanan sa mundo. kung iko-condemn nila ito, i-condemn din nila yung mga telenovelang walang ginawa kundi pag-awaying ang kayang pag-awayin.

  18. goes to show, that we have the mentality of a third world and we are in the third world, how convenient is that! and we will not progress because we cant even accept change. i thought they said, they understand homosexuality? where is that understanding now? how can u empower people here who are DIFFERENT if u dont support them, IT IS NOT THE CHOICE OF A PERSON TO BE GAY, IT WAS NEVER A CHOICE? WHO FREAKING TOLD U ITS THEIR CHOICE? UR FEAR? U R BORN WITH IT, THEY DIDNT CHOOSE THIS, u think that gays will infect the viewers if they watch this? this is an eye opener, people need to see whats really happening in the real world, yet CBCP chooses to keep them in the closet forever! outside, there are already gay couples who raised children like any other straight couple and records show, they they even raised them better than the NORMAL COUPLES, no offense to the straight ones, but it what i have read. this is third world mentality it freaks me out on how narrow minded some people are. seriously. it goes to show, that gays here are better off somewhere where they are accepted. im just thinkin, DO U EVEN KNOW THAT THEY ARE WALKING AMONG U, it could even be ur family member. open ur mind, IT CUD BE EVEN ONE OF U. just a thought, FYI, I DONT FIND THIS TOPIC SENSITIVE, U CHOSE IT TO BE SENSITIVE. reality check gays have been here the whole time, they just came out of the closet, because of the hundreds of years that they stayed there they were fed up, being bullied, discriminated and disowned by the family who raised them but chose to believe that being gay is immoral and shud not be accepted. its u who is responsible of this.

    • Kasama din sa dahilan kung bakit tayo third world ay ang mga tulad mo na bobo. Simpleng ‘di paglalagay ng basurang komento, ‘di pa magawa.

      • Alam ko ang mali mo! Nagmamagaling ka kasi! Mas magaling kaya sya mag comment. Hala kayo ng lahat sa entablado. Hahaha. Dami palang pro gay na pinoy ngayon ko lang nalaman. Kaya pala maraming baklang nilalait at kinakawawa.

  19. This CBCP are bunch of hypocrites. The mere fact na maraming malalaswang nangyayari sa marami sa kanila. Walis walis lang muna sa sarili nyong bakuran mga Padre Damaso. Tignan nyo yung mga kalahi nyo na nangmoolestiya sa kabataan, mga kalahi nyong nangbubuntis, kalahi nyo na may mga asawa at mga anak. Kayo ang mga nakakadiri, kayo ang malaswa.

  20. I think this piece captured the absurdity of the situation perfectly! And you almost got me there! Haha. But I think your idea is way better. 😀

  21. aus din ang simbahan anu kayo DIKTADOR??? wala na tayu sa lumang panahon . . . move on nman sana nman maging malawak ang pagiisip nyo nmn pls

    wag tayo msyadong KJ po . . . open at free country nmn tayo bakit kayo msyado KJ db

  22. akala ko ako lang nakaka pansin,dati rati mataas ang tingin ko sa mga Priest,pero ng maging active ako sa Church nakita ko ng mga kababuyan nila. minsan nagpa massage ako sa malaswang massage parlor ung katabi ko napaka lakas umungol rinig na rinig ko ang potah kasi tabla lang ang pagitan,ng aking makita yun palang Priest sa aming Parokya,bwa ha ha araw ng Mon day off nila, dala siguro ang donation ng Church namin.

  23. ..ito ang batas ng katotohanan… CBCP must face the reality… sila na rin ang nagsabi na life is a mystery by itself… palagay ko sila ang nangangailangan ng maigting na pagninilay-nilay

  24. Maganda naman yong original title and the story kaya lang sana hwag sa prime time. Kawawa yong mga batang nanunuod. Bakit naman natin igigiit yong mga tema na medyo mahirap intindihin ng mga bata. maski di sila manunuod pero mey mga masilang esena na dapat yong mga matanda lang na nasa sala ang makakita.


  26. di na kasi kayu nagsisimba kaya ganito na lang kayu mag-comment… GMA is GAY-Empowerment channel… YUN NA YUN KAYA PURO WALANG KWENTA MGA PINAPALABAS NILA>>> FROM JOKES TO DRAMA… ITS ALL GAY…

  27. parang walang nabago sa tema.. ganun din.. lover’s na bakla naiba lng.. pari…pa.. xado nila sinisira ang kredibilidad ng mga pari.. take note parang okei pa yata… lolz! :p mas okei na nga ung my lover’s husband…. accept the facts homosexual and bisexual are existing.. 😛

  28. ganun pa din…
    kabastusan pa din ang tema…

    if gagawa ng ganitong mga palabas, sana tanggalin nlng yung wife or yung priest…

    sanay na tayo sa LGBT…but do you really want to encourage a young boy to wear a dress?

  29. Ang issue naman dito yung VALUES na napupulot natin sa teleserye. Hindi katulad sa mga palabas sa TV noon na Home Along D Riles at etc na may family values tayong naaaral.

    Syempre may mga pagkakamali din ang mga pari natin ngunit tao din naman sila na nagkakasala. What kind of “entertainment” ba naman yung palabas na may kabit2?! Sadly, GMA network is lowering down the quality of the programs they produce.

  30. give and take ,,,,,, edi palitan about priest movies ,ayaw kasi ng mga pari pang himasukan mga buhay nila ,,,,

  31. On the other note, I don’t think GMA 7 can do such theme (My Father’s Lover). The picture above is edited. Didn’t realize that this article is a hoax.


  33. Were not in the OLD times now. We should all be into modernization. Yes, we are thankful of how much the Church cares about its people. But, ahould we be blind for whats really is happening in this modern times. We should open our eys and minds to these kind of changes. If the concern is with the TV series, then they should not judge it on the one night show alone. They should understand that the whole story cannot be delived with that one night. Why not wait until it is cocluded and comment if what happened in conclusion is not within the moral standards that they are pertaining to..

  34. Hypocrites. Hypocrites everywhere.

    These people allow TV shows that tells about having an affair, how to kill a human being, how to be greedy, how to treat people like a dog and what not. They dont even give a crap about it. Now they’re bringing these things up? Paano maapektuhan ang pamumuhay ng isang tao kapag nakakakita sila ng gays and lesbians?

    OMG, grow up people! I am a lesbian, and I do have straight friends. They live their own lives, I live my own. Being gay wont hurt anyone Yes, it’ll hurt your beliefs. Kung may paniniwala kayo, sa inyo na yun. Wag na kayong epal. Hindi ba’t simula’t sapul ang usapan eh, pwedeng mamili ang isang tao kung san sila maniniwala? Why dont you just treat it like normal friggin shows you usually watch?

  35. Way to go!! Slap it’ll to their faces. For all we know, most of these guys are also gays. they actually hide watching the show on their iPhone/Andriods with Philippines TV application installed just to see this well thought of and amazingly written show. OHMEGEEEZZZ!!!


    Hindi kayo itinatag upang DIKTAHAN ang BANSA NAMIN.


    Pakialamero kasi kayo.
    ginagawa niyo yan para umepal kasi obvious na mas maraming tao na nagsasabi na KRISTIYANO sila kaysa KATOL-LIKO.

  37. hopefully we would also see the point kasi hindi naman siguro masama ang gustong ihatid na mensahe. Hope we could examine our values on this also

  38. The height of hypocrisy. The Catholic church has once more proven it’s hypocrisy and ignorance of things prevalent in our society. Replacing it with another gay-themed soap where a gay Catholic priest is the principal character and whogets involved with. his sakristan is a slap on the Catholic church. Everybody knows such things happen inside the church and I wonder how the church would react to it.

  39. Mas true to life ito… lolz!!!

    Mga ipokrito kasi eh…. Pretending and assuming to be saint!!!!

    Mga tao lang kayo!!! And no amount of religious study could change that!!!!

  40. So this is just satire? Wow I wish could air a TV drama on the goings-on inside the Philippine Catholic church and the sinister cold of silence with which the Church covers them up. Pedophilia, lavish lifestyle, violating celibacy, mishandling of funds. All these missteps have been dealt with decisively by Catholic churches in other countries, but not in the Philippines. Erap coined the phrase, “hoodlums in robes” referring to corrupt judges. He could well be referring to priests.

  41. I am just wondering, sa television shows kapag ang mag asawa at ang asawang lalaki ay nambabae nang ilang beses at kahit magpakita ng sex scenes ng ilang beses. hindi nasisita ng CBCP at walang cticisms na maririnig from majority of viewers.. DO YOU THINK THE THEME OF THIS KIND OS SHOW IS MORALLY CORECT???? Sa may MY Husbands Lover naman tackles about the other side of the real world… para lang syang narrative na binibigyan ng kulay sa pamamagtan ng dula,, wala namang mga eksena na masakit sa mata nagkataon lang na marami ang makikitid ang utak at bobo sa pag intindi. The truth is, many of us even our church is acting like having the purest soul…
    On my opinion, stopping the airing of MHL is a silent way of discrimination. Sabi nga nila, kung sino pa ang humusga ay siya pang may itinatagong langsa –make sense 🙂
    Now, if CBCP will ask to stop again the airing of the new show, eto lang ang masasabi ko GUILTY KAYO 🙂 hehehe

  42. Nice, hope to see my father’s lover. Suggestion sa GMA labas kayo series na MAY EDAD NA SI FATHER o kaya ANG ROSARYO NI FATHER

  43. ayan CBCP, ayaw nyo ng basta man to man , o mas baka lalo kayong mag ingay ngayon, man to priest na yan, hehehe, though im not watching this serye,coz i usually watch ch. 2 seryes, i think the former serye is happening in real life, now latter one, im sure in some instances, happened also..

  44. Yang nga ang dahilan bakit nawawalan n ng gana ang mga LGBT n magsimba kasi once nasa simbahan n sila what they can expect from the prist discrimation for being gay at delegatory words, the MHL shows the reality in our society. Actually hindi naman kailanagan ang simbahan para set ng morality before the spinards came to our we have our own set morality already existed…..May naniniwala pa ba s CBCP they bunch of hypocrites! Juice ko!

  45. sa katoliko hindi kasalanan ang pagiging bakla, ang kasalanan ay yung pakikipagrelasyon sa same sex. Pinoprotektahan lang ng simbahan ang moralidad, kahit sabihin niyong sa reality nangyayari yan hindi pa rin maganda kung tutuusin kasi may mga batang nakakapanood. About sa issues ng mga pari hindi nman porket nagkakasala na ang isang pari ay masama na lahat, isa sa layunin ng CBCP ay protektahan ang turo ng simbahan.

    • I think you’re missing the point. One of the most pressing questions raised is, “Why this particular issue?” We see all other aspects of human “imperfection” every day in the media – wars, killings, violence, greed, corruption, etc. – but the CBCP has never acted as heatedly with any particular show such as this. Oh, let’s not go farther from MHL. How about, The Temptation of Wife, or similar shows that showcase infidelity? Oh, I know. The main difference is, we’re talking about HOMOSEXUALS in MHL. That’s a completely different thing, isn’t thing? A “straight person” can commit the same kinds of sins but it won’t be picked on that much. Please, we’re not zeroing out a single priest’s sins here. Contrary to that, we’re attacking the general hypocrisy that is so easily missed out by a lot who refuse to truly see.

  46. yung iba nman dahil daw modern na tayo kahit alam namang labag na sa moralidad like same sex relationship go pa rin ng go, so sad majority of this country pa naman ay Kristyano. Kahit kailan hindi magiging tama ang mali.

  47. CBCP, pasalamat kayo at walang series about your pedophile ways. Kaya nga hindi open-minded ang karamihan sa aming mga kababayan is because you keep us blinded by lies. To think old women regard you as the next best thing to God.

    Please don’t pretend as if you’re holy as fuck because you’re actually not. I’ve lost respect in you ever since a priest, one of your own kind, almost molested me and my cousin when we were kids. Ka-edad niyo nalang yung patulan ninyo. Si Lolo Father at si Tito Father nalang ho, ha?

    Hindi ninyo pag-aari ang sambayanang Pilipino. Democratic country po ito. Hindi rin kayo ang nagpapakain sa amin at nagtatrabaho para mabuhay kami. It’s our own TV, we can watch whatever we want. Go buy your own nalang po and watch your own shows. Sabong Channel, po? Gusto niyo?

  48. Ang pakikialam ng CBCP sa MHL ay patunay na ito ay isang “SCAPEGOAT” at “blame-tossing” sa tunay na issue na hinaharap sa Katolikong simbahan ngayon. Matandaan natin na ang child and sexual abuses ng mga pari at relihoyoso ay ang numero unong problema ng simbahan ngayon na sya ang isa sa mga dahilan na nag-resign si Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. Try nyo mangalkal ng mga impormasyon at balita na ang simbahan sa Pilipinas ay nahaharap din sa malaking problema ng kanilang kaparian tungkol sa child-sexual abuse, heterosexual and homosexual relationship scandals. Mga paring may inaalagaang pamilya at mga anak sa labas, etc. May alam ako ang tungkol sa dating Archbishop ng Manila ay bumibisita sa isang ma-sekretong rehab kung saan nila tinatago ang mga biktima sa mga rapist na pari. Hangang ngayon malayang-malaya pa ang mga abusadong paring ito na nagmimisa kung saan-saan. Ito ba ang moral standard ng CBCP?

  49. Kudos for the people behind this “My Father’s Lover” – lahat nalang pinakekealaman… once this primetime aired, they’ll definitely shut their hole up!


  51. hate it!!! why does the church dictates what people should do with their lives, what show they should watch. it’s so frustrating that the church is preaching about moral values, while all over the world this holiness are the one who is breaking their own law, see all the child abuse case involving priest what so moral about that?

  52. Haha. You almost got me there. But I’m really saddened that CBCP have to tag his great teleserye as falling under immorality, well in fact, it’s just based on reality. We should open our eyes to what’s really happening around us. So, CBCP, stop being hypocrites.

    • sa dami ba nmn ng bakla di lang sa pinas kundi sa buong mundo, its normal to read such numbers of prejudice..the priest cannot blame if some men failed to identify the role of their gender.

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  54. dapat ipa stop n yong show n yan. ndi magandang aral ang makukuha natin. mali tlaga sa mata nga tao at mata nga paginoon…

  55. Na review na nang MTRCB ang teleserye na yan wla nman daw silang nakita na paglabag, yan po ay napapanood ko sa startalk ngayon lamang. Sana tuloy tuloy na yong palabas kasi napakaganda, puro magagaling ang gumaganap at talagang marami sa ating mga kaybigan, kamag-anak, kapuso, kapamilya at mga mahal sa buhay ang nakaka relate sa kwento. Ito na yata ang pinakamagandang teleserye na napanood ko. Salamat..


  57. Just one question for all those who insists that “wrong values” is the issue here:

    “Why not bash shows that showcase human violence and barbarianism? It should receive way, way more heat. We kill. We maim. We destroy. However, when it goes live on TV, in the movies, or in other forms of media, people enjoy it and we don’t get a lot of people crying FOUL. That, guys, is called hypocrisy and selective “in”attention.

  58. I am a not that religious.. i respect the views of the catholic church.. the media is not doing their part in educating the people especially the young ones with their shows.. too many gay people everywhere.. Gay Media Personalities are no different with the so called Gay Priests

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  60. I didn’t expect to like MHL but unfortunately the story, the directing and the acting are really good so . . . I got hooked. I just hope it will be a short teleserye ending with Lally and Vincent still as a married couple and Eric with David. Or Eric death due to AIDS. As to My Father’s Lover . . . Thou shall not use God’s name in vain . . . even as a parody or satire. Our priests are God’s instruments for us to know God better through their homilies or get closer to God through the church na ang bantay ay mga pari.

  61. The TV companies have really covered their ar–s with this one. Even it’s a simple cartoon they say “Parental guidance is recommended”.

    I certainly don’t agree with this program. But how can the government disagree when they have just passed the law that man can marry man and woman can marry woman.

    The church keeps getting involved with politics, which is against the constitution. This is supposed to be a secular country and no one complains.

    I haven’t heard a single official complaint from the church regarding this program. Why? Begs an answer.

    I certainly wouldn’t like my children or their friends to watch it in our house.

    I have watched the ” Miss Serena contest” on channel 7 and the presenters continually laughed and made fun of the contestants. NO ONE COMPLAINED! To me it just proves that the majority don’t take this seriously and they just see it as a joke.

    I know bakla and lesbians who me and my family and friends consider as friends. But i don’t agree with this program. Peace be with you.

  62. Funny… those bishops need to lighten up… If the bishops are so against this show why do they keep watching…. lol…

  63. The Church is telling us to live out the Word of Christ. And that is to forget ourselves and live for others. MHL is doing violence to others. And that is only thinking of themselves and not others. Resorting to the unrighteousness of the priest does not solve the problem at hand. But rather facing up the immorality of homosexual relations goes to show how disruptive and selfish it can be.

    Things to think about.

  64. do you see why cbcp exactly wants to impose morally accepted series, it is because you are now immune to these gender taboos that makes you mock Roman Catholic leaders. I wonder how old you are…

  65. the DO WHAT THOU WILL motto is ANTI-CHRIST. For the uninitiated, now YOU KNOW. Remember the artist who was plagued by protests by elderly Roman Catholics in PICC? Shoving a genital organ to Jesus’ mouth in what he called ART.

    A GENERATION WHERE 666 sign is a dance craze;selfishness is a good moral value;drugs are candies and LGBT is the norm. God bless our future S and G in the bible.

  66. Sex-abuse scandals have rocked the Catholic Church since the 1980s. One of the earliest to garner national attention involved a priest who molested dozens of boys at the diocese of Savannah in Louisiana. The scandal ended with Gilbert Gauthe being indicted for 34 counts of sex-related crimes against children.

    “In nearly three decades since the Gauthe case, more than 6,000 priest were, by the Church’s own definition, ‘credibly’ or ‘not implausibly’ accused of raping or sexually abusing children and adolescents. Lawsuits and criminal charges were brought against nearly every Catholic diocese in the U.S., and nearly 500 clerics were jailed,” Michael D’Antonio, author of the forthcoming book “Mortal Sin: Sex, Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal,” wrote in the Los Angeles Times.

    In Los Angeles, the charges led to a settlement in 2007 between the church and 500 victims.

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