Filipinos with Brutal and Ruthless Parents Rooting for Bongbong Marcos in 2016

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino children with brutal, ruthless and savage dads all across the Philippines felt a bit of optimism and hope after talks about Bongbong Marcos running in the 2016 elections began spreading.

Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. (born September 13, 1957), widely known as Bongbong Marcos, is a Filipino politician and senator in the 15th Congress. He is the only son of Ferdinand E. Marcos, the former president of the Philippines (1965–1986), and former First LadyImelda R. Marcos.
(from Wikipedia)

Jun, whose father was found guilty of killing a dozen of his neighbors was  in high spirits when we asked him how he felt about the possibility of Bongbong Marcos running in 2016.

Natutuwa ako sa pag-asang naidulot nito sa akin (I am glad at the hope that this development brings),” said Jun.

Nawa’y makalimutan na din ng mga kapitbahay namin ang ginawa ng aking ama, at maging best friends na kami (I hope my neighbors forget what my father did and for us to become best friends).”


Benjie on the other hand, hopes that he could also work at the company his father was previous employed in, after the latter was fired after being convicted of a crime for torturing his colleagues; stripping them naked, beaten, made to eat paper and threatening to shoot them inside the office.

Sana matanggap ako doon kapag nag pass ako ng resume (I hope I’ll get hired after submitting my resume),” said Benjie.

Dream job ko talaga yung trabaho dati ni daddy (My dad’s previous occupation is my dream job),” he added. “At mukhang nagimprove na yung image ni daddy dun dahil sa mga bagong pasok na revisionist dun.

Buti pa daw nung panahon ng daddy ko, mapayapa silang nakakapagtrabaho nang walang takot na bigla kang dudukutin, pahihirapan o di kaya’y papatayin,” said Benjie, quoting an insider from his dad’s former office.

Other children whose father either electrocuted, raped, illegally imprisoned, beaten, humiliated, killed, injured and other atrocious acts to their victims can’t help but feel jubilant and hopeful.

“If people cannot forgive my dad for the heinous and diabolical acts that he did to society, maybe not acknowledging any of those heinous acts in the first place might be the right course to take?” wondered Dodong, son of a serial killer notorious for killing hundreds of people. His dad was never tried in court after he fled to another country to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

He added, “If the son of a former dictator, who detained, tortured and murdered people during his extended term, can just scoff at the idea of apologizing for what his father did in the past; maybe there IS hope for this country nga.”


7 thoughts on “Filipinos with Brutal and Ruthless Parents Rooting for Bongbong Marcos in 2016

  1. Good I hope he wins!!!!!!!!!! lol hahahahahahahahahaha>>..His Parents were the one who brought forward the Philippine to the world…….DOH!!!

  2. Alas, the irony in the above article is lost on so many Pinoys who didn’t have good history books and teachers growing up. The parallelism bet hard-core criminals languishing in jail and the late dictator should be jolting if one has even just an iota of an idea what kind of leader Macoy was. And Mikey, yeah… same mold.

  3. Thinking Class would think the irony and the sarcasm is really amusing. Madaling Mabola class would think otherwise. Anyway, Marcos is so notorious he’s love by many! Can’t wait for him to win as well! BBM for President2016! He’ll trample every corrupt people and will reign over them like the King!

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